Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Sujatha: Part 1 - Introduction

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Where are you from Sujatha?
I'm from Hyderabad. It is a city in the south of India.
In fact it is one of the biggest five cities in our country.
Do you work or are you a student?
Well at present I'm studying at the TAFE campus but I also work part time. I do some work
at the restaurant and sometimes I do care work shift.
What subjects are you studying?
Well I'm studying a lot of subjects as a part of my Diploma of Horticulture, but basically
we have Botany and soil and weeds and about chemicals like pesticides and insecticides.
Is it difficult? Sometimes the practical aspect is difficult
as it involves a lot of hard work and physical stamina and sometimes you're in the sun or
very cold and you still have to work in your garden, but the theory part is quite easy
for me because I've done bits of it before previously in my schooling days so.
What will you do when you finish?
Well I'm thinking of going into management of landscapes or maybe parks or botanical
gardens. I'm more interested in the management side
because I wouldn't have to put in a lot of physical labour into it and just manage people
and use my knowledge in the theory instead.
Do you like gardening?
Oh yeah, I've always been interested in gardens and gardening since childhood. We used to
do a lot of gardening at school and that is something I've got from my family I'd say
because my parents and their forefathers have always been into gardening and farming and
stuff like that. What's your favourite plant?
It's quite difficult to pick one favourite but I would say I'm in love with orchids right
now because I have one at home and I'm taking care of it every day.
One word answers won't show how well you speak so try to use full sentences when you answer
questions. Good luck.