Weight loss exercises for women with resistance Bands | Circuit Burst exercises to burn calories

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Shannon: Hey guys, I'm Shannon Denton. I'm a personal trainer and I'm here with KBands
today and I'm going to show you another weight loss work out that I want you guys to do.
You're only going to do a 30 second burst and I want you to go through it six times
and honestly, if you want to make a great circuit workout, go through the weight loss
section, and figure out, maybe, put together a couple workouts and make your own little
circuit. If you guys have any body parts that you really want to burn or peel, or you have
any ideas or just any question, just comment underneath.
Start off with... we're going to do all our circuit, right now, these exercises are going
to be all on the floor. If you have any problems with you wrist, you can grab dumbbells and
hold on to them or if you need to put your hands on pillows, that's fine too. Whatever
it takes to do the workout, that's all I want from you. When you do these exercises on the
floor, you're not only working your legs and your core, you're working your lower body
to hold your body up, but remember you don't want to let your body sink in and hurt your
spine. I want everything tucked and nice and tight.
I want you to just push your legs. With these bands, when you're doing these, then these
bands, when you're done, it helps, it really helps me and my clients, be able to do it
faster even without the bands. Let's go ahead and get started. You're going to do this for
30 seconds. The first one, I'm just going to show you real quick, is going to be mountain
climbers, but they're not typical. They're going to be nice and wide, so the bands are
working. Just like that. Then you're going to flip over and then I want you to touch
your toes, kind of lift up with your arms and lift your legs up and open them up. Just
like that, and you do feel it a lot in your arms because you're holding your upper body
up. I'm going to go through it with you guys once,
and you guys keep going through and see... try to get through six sets the first time
and then eventually add this on to your own little circuit workout. Let's get started.
Remember to keep your stomach into your spine. Make sure you're breathing. It's really...
I feel this in my abs a lot and my hips because I have the bands on, for sure. Flip over.
Keep going. Make sure that when you lift up, squeeze those glutes and every time you touch
your toe, you don't just reach for it. You want to lift with your body also. You're just
going to keep doing this, both things; 30 seconds, through and through. Six times, like
I said. It obviously gets your heart rate up because
I can't catch my breath. All you have to do to get these awesome bands to make your circuits
more intensified or make your weight loss more intensified is head to myosoucrce.com.
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