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Tae Guk Gi The Brotherhood of War
Memorial Site for Souls of the Korean War
We're contacting the families of those we've identified.
We'll call you soon.
Who received the file for Lee Jin-seok, number B-38?
I did. Why?
I checked the list of remains and the photos.
He's not on the KIA or MIA list.
Not even on the survivors list?
Lee Jin-seok.
Veteran's list.
Still alive?
The army headquarters is on the phone!
I'm with the Korean War Excavation Department.
I'm calling to confirm some information.
Are you Sergeant Lee Jin-seok, who fought at the Battle of Dumillyong?
That's right.
We've identified some remains as Lee Jin-seok's.
Oh, you did?
But I am Lee Jin-seok.
Is there any chance...
it is Lee Jin-tae?
No, it's definitely Lee Jin-seok.
I'm sorry to have bothered you, sir.
It's probably someone with the same name, or we made a mistake.
What did they say? Was it about your brother?
I thought it would be...
since it was a call from the army.
Grandpa, can I help with the garden?
I think you'll have to drive for me.
I tried to stop him, but he won't listen to me.
I can drive him. Don't worry, Mom.
Mom is really worried.
The site is on a mountain, and you aren't well.
I'll call her later.
You got sick after your trip to China to look for your brother.
It's okay.
Why don't you go start the car?
Make sure you've got an ID. It's a restricted area.
Don't worry. I've got enough IDs.
Okay, then.
You're not going to wear your sneakers, are you?
I'll shine your shoes instead.
Jong-Ro, Seoul - June 1950
The middle ones are made of Italian leather. They just came in.
- They're beautiful. - It's a work of art.
The heels are high, and the stitching is superb.
Well, I like low heels better. They look more comfortable.
But I bet you can make shoes much better than those.
It'll take a few more years.
I'll be so proud...
when you make shoes at a shop like this someday.
What did you buy this for?
You wanted one.
You look great!
Thanks, bro.
Ice cream!
Hey, ice cream! Give me the most frozen one.
There are two of you. Why don't you buy two?
One is enough.
Okay. Here's one. It's nice and frozen.
Take it.
You've already spent too much.
Take it.
What about yours?
I don't want my teeth to rot.
- How much is it? - It's 2 won.
- Thank you. - Have a nice day!
- Take a bite first. - No way!
- Take a bite. - You eat it.
Come on, it's melting!
Jin-tae! Tram!
Where are you going?
We have to go home!
I've finished the math homework.
- I'll teach you something new. - You promise?
You haven't finished yet?
What does it look like to you? We're busy.
- Jin-seok's here, too. - Hi, Young-Shin!
Stop that. I'll put some on a plate.
It's okay.
I told you not to use your clothes. Come here.
Come on, I'm not a child.
Thank you.
Come again.
Where did you get this barley?
I got it for signing up to attend some kind of rally.
I think getting barley for my name is a good deal.
If I'd known ahead of time, I would've taken Mother, too.
Nothing's ever for free.
I could kill for free food.
Hurry up and close the shop. Dad's waiting.
Dad, Jin-seok got the top score again in his last exam.
Aren't you proud?
He'll make everything you ever dreamed of come true.
Please help him enter the best university next year.
And please keep him healthy.
He was very sick last spring.
No, but I'm fine now.
Young-shin, Mom says to come in!
Dad, you remember her, don't you?
Jin-tae is going to marry her this fall.
Mom's worried about him giving...
a nice girl like Young-shin a hard time.
We would have made you so proud...
Mom, the kids must be hungry.
Jin-seok, let's clear the table. Why don't you go help Mom?
Open the pot!
Here, use this from now on.
I made it from my skirt.
Don't lose it.
- What did you like the most? - The meat!
- I liked the cookies. - I liked the fruit!
Let's go for a swim in the stream.
No, it's too late. We have to go home and sleep.
But tomorrow is Sunday. We don't have school.
It's too hot to sleep.
- No. - Please, please...
You look really happy.
I wish every day were like this. No more, no less.
I know.
Jin-tae is a little rough around the edges, but he has a warm heart.
Don't worry. I'm okay. Shall I show you?
Jin-tae, I don't want to swim.
Why are you changing the heels? The high ones look great!
Wow, they look really great. Are you going to sell them?
Why? You want to buy them?
If the price is right, I just might.
You'll never have enough money to buy those shoes!
why is this pronunciation different from the spelling?
Didn't I tell you not to ask me about spelling?
You don't know this? It's second-grade stuff.
Shut up and go get more shoes.
Okay. I was going to.
You're teaching me math today, right?
Why aren't you at the library?
You haven't heard?
A war has broken out.
Any soldiers on leave are to report to duty right away.
This morning, the puppet government of North Korea attacked South Korea.
But our brave soldiers are fighting courageously...
and pushing their forces back.
Citizens should not be deceived by the groundless propaganda of the North.
What is all this? Are we moving?
This is all the stuff we're taking.
I told you! Only food and clothes.
Don't worry. You won't have to carry it.
Uncle's house is too far. Put that back.
- Don't. I'll carry them. - We can't carry all this.
I'll carry them! I'll carry them all!
Don't be stupid.
I told you, I'm taking all this.
We'll be back soon, I told you.
How do you know that? No one knows what will happen!
The shop was just starting to do well.
Somebody's going to take it while we're gone.
What about the kimchi pots buried in the yard?
And the vegetables I planted in the spring?
They will all be fine until we get back.
What if you're drafted?
Only if they need their boots shined.
We have to hurry. The Northern soldiers are getting close...
and the streets are packed with refugees.
Hurry up, Young-ja. Let's go.
Mom says we must stay together the whole time.
Put Young-min on here.
Hold on tight.
We won't be long, okay?
Jin-seok, come on!
Hold hands tight!
Dae-gun - July 1950
What the hell is that train just sitting over there for?
I told you, civilian trains are not in service!
Where's a pharmacy?
I don't know.
Let's go to the frontlines and destroy the communists!
We must protect our country!
We have to give up on the train.
- What about that one? - It's leaving for the front.
- Is Jin-tae back? - Not yet.
Jin-tae will bring you some medicine in a minute.
Excuse us, but we're on official business.
Men between 18 and 30, step forward.
Between 18 and 30!
If you qualify, please step forward.
- It's nothing serious. Just step forward. - What's going on?
- What year were you born? - I was born in 1921.
Step forward, then.
This will only take a minute. We need your cooperation.
Men between 18 and 30.
How old are you?
- Step forward. - What's going on?
Men between 18 and 30, step forward.
Don't go. You don't need to follow their orders.
Don't worry. It's just some questions, I guess.
- It'll be okay. - Come on, let's go.
Don't worry. It's nothing serious.
Everything will be fine. I'm still a student. I'll be fine.
- No, Jin-seok! - You aren't allowed to go.
Don't worry. It's going to be okay.
Give this to Young-min.
- What happened? - Jin-seok...
What happened to Jin-seok?
The soldiers took him and all the young men.
He still hasn't returned.
Student Militia! Fight for your country!
We'll go, we'll fight, and we'll win!
We were brave students...
but now we're brave soldiers.
We love our country
That's why we leave to fight
Stop. Where are you going?
I'm looking for my brother.
You're not permitted in here. You'll have to leave.
Let's go. This isn't the train to Uncle's house.
We're leaving soon. Sit down.
My brother got on the wrong train. We're getting off.
I said, "Sit down."
You must be mistaken.
We're refugees, not soldiers.
You've just been drafted, too.
Then who's going to look after my mother? You?
Sit down! That is an order.
Save the orders for your soldiers. We're leaving.
I told you to sit down!
You must be mistaken.
Why can't you understand?
Jin-seok, get off now!
Jin-seok, go, now!
My brother has a problem with his heart.
- He can't even run. - Tell them at the training camp.
Only those without arms or legs or the mute or deaf...
are considered patients during war.
- Mom! - Young-shin!
Jin-seok! Jin-tae!
Mom! Over here!
Mom! Over here!
Go to Uncle's home first. We will meet you later.
Don't worry. I'll take care of Jin-seok.
What happened to your face?
Take care of Mom.
Don't worry about us. You take care of yourselves.
You must come home!
You must come home!
Help me.
Fucking commies!
- Kim Ki-tae. - Yes, sir!
- Lee Jin-seok! - Yes, sir!
Excuse me, sir.
May I have a word with you, sir?
Go ahead.
This is my younger brother. Please let us stay close.
He's just a student and knows nothing about fighting. I'll teach him.
All right.
Here, Nakdong River, is our last line of defense.
If that's taken, then Busan is next. After that...
we have nowhere to go but into the sea.
If you retreat, I'll kill you myself.
This is where we live or die.
Write your wills and whatever you want to leave...
then put it in here. Got it?
Attention. Salute.
Damn young punk.
What does he know about death and wills?
- Okay, let's say hello. I'm Yong-man. - I'm Lee Jin-tae.
Let me ask you something. Are you two related?
He's my older brother.
You're brothers? Damn!
I thought they were only supposed to take one per family!
Who's going to carry on the family name? The country?
Those bastards. Forget the will!
Forget it!
You never know when the next meal will come.
Eat this shit. Just call me Uncle Yang.
He's the eldest in our platoon.
He's a self-proclaimed fortuneteller, but he's never right.
Don't ever take your helmet off.
Many get their heads blown off while sleeping.
I'm Sergeant Lee. I hate anything red...
especially commies.
I'm Tae-soo. I escaped from North Korea.
But don't mistake me for a commie.
I'm Seung-chul.
I was a student, but I volunteered to fight.
Introduce yourself, Private Jo.
Whatever for? We'll all be dead soon, anyway. I'm Private Jo.
I'm Yong-goo.
Just call me Radio Man.
I'm Kim Cheol-soo. I go by Ban.
They are asking me to fight, eating this?
No water or soup at all? And mine's so damn small!
You don't want it? Give it to me.
Eat it.
Look at me! Are you okay?
You stay here.
Do you want to die? I told you to stay here!
Jin-seok! Jin-seok!
Hang on, Jin-seok!
Please keep breathing! You can do it!
Now breathe out.
More, more!
Now breathe in! You can do it!
Deeper, deeper, Jin-seok!
You're okay!
You're fine.
Please send my brother to the hospital.
I'll blow up their tanks or bring you their commanders.
I'll even carry a bomb into their camp.
One soldier has epilepsy. Another has pulmonary tuberculosis.
One in 3rd Platoon has rheumatism. Another has heart disease.
And one with pulmonary tuberculosis. Need more?
Should I send them all to the hospital? Who'll fight, then?
Life and death crosses here every second.
If you truly can do what you claim...
I can send your brother home.
I'll do whatever I can to send him home.
That's the spirit we need.
You have to give to your country before asking for something.
Just for your information, it's been done before.
There was a father who sent his son home.
Want to know how?
Wills are for dying people.
You've got to be strong.
I wish all this were just a dream.
I want to wake up in my room.
I'd tell you about this over breakfast.
I would tell you that I had a strange dream.
Then I would go to school...
and you and Mom would go to work.
Don't worry. We will be just fine.
Urgent call from the battalion bunker, sir!
What is it?
The 2nd and 3rd have lost their positions.
- Wake them up! - Yes, sir!
Everybody, wake up!
Everybody, up! Up!
Area 721 and area 734...
have fallen into the enemy's hands.
Additionally, our supply route has been cut off.
This means we're isolated.
Remove all the rocks. They're shrapnel waiting to happen.
Area 731 and 732 are gone. We're next!
The bastards are going to hit us hard, like dogs.
There won't be anyone left to bury us.
Let the commies come! I'll kill everyone I can!
Attention! Sergeant Huh, Koh Yong-man, Lim Tae-soo...
Yang, Jang, Lee Seung-chul. Get armed and come with me.
What's going on?
There's an order to plant mines on the defense line.
Shit, that's right under their noses.
So what?
I have to go there?
I'm going, too.
Yong-man is out. Jin-tae is going instead.
The rest of you get back to what you were doing.
Yes, sir!
Damn. I always get the shit.
- Jin-tae! - Hurry up!
Those commies are going to take over.
They slaughter the families of soldiers and cops.
That's why we've got to win this war!
I'm going to kill all the commies, including little children.
Win to live.
Win how? Eating mud?
Get back to work!
Get down!
Don't move!
Be careful, Seung-chul!
Yang and I will go get him! Cover us!
Don't move! We're coming to get you!
Fucking bastards! Don't come down!
They'll kill us all! We need to go!
Where's Private Lee?
Only a few left! Let's finish them!
No, retreat! Now!
He took one in the stomach and stepped on a mine.
Hold him tight!
Calm down!
We must take him to the hospital.
There's no way to carry him out. Sew him up right now!
- Hurry up. - Sew him up!
You okay?
Lee Jin-tae.
I'll kill you if you do that again. I mean it.
One more minute, he would have died.
Got it?
Why the hell did you go for that mission?
You weren't on the list, but you volunteered for it.
I don't understand why you did that.
Forget it. It was my decision.
What if it was you laying there with your guts open?
Promise me you won't do that again.
All right.
All I need is just water.
Why the hell are they playing that music?
They know we're isolated.
They're trying to drive us crazy.
Remember the ice cream?
It was so good.
When we go home, I'll buy you enough ice cream to numb your teeth.
I wonder what Mom...
and Young-shin are doing.
I bet...
Mom is really worried about us.
Uncle is taking good care of them.
I miss them all.
Young-guk, Young-ja, Young-min...
I should've set the dog free.
Seung-chul, what's wrong?
Make him lie down.
Uncle Yang, my stomach hurts.
Don't worry. You'll be okay.
Where's my leg?
You call yourself a doctor?
Don't you see the maggots?
What are you good for?
What's that? Food?
Damn! It's about time! Give us more!
Stop, you bastards! My ears are exploding!
You want to give up Nakdong River?
Seung-chul. Put it down.
What did you do? All you had to do was wait a little longer.
Go back to the trench.
Are we to die here like dogs?
Starved to death or shot to death. One or the other.
Who says we're going to die?
They haven't given us food or water in days.
We'll die an honorable death.
Soldiers are human, too! What's the honor in starving to death?
- Shut up! - You'd go to them for a piece of bread.
It's better than starving to death.
Go join the commies. I'll kill you before you get there.
Surrendering is better than starving to death like animals!
Who gives a shit who wins?
Is that ideology important enough to kill each other over?
You finished?
This is totally different from our fight against Japan!
You damn communist!
- Take it easy! - Let me go!
I'll kill you!
Go ahead and kill me. We'll all end up dying anyway.
The communists slaughtered his entire family.
I didn't do it!
This ain't a circus. Go back to the bunker.
This is it?
Let's attack them.
We're so weak we can barely lift our guns.
One more day and we'll be eating corpses.
Or surrendering to the commies.
They wouldn't expect us to attack them.
We've got nothing to lose, do we?
Let's go in and wipe them out.
- I will fight! - I will, too!
- I will fight! - I will, too!
Hey, count me in.
One mistake can kill us all.
Let's go kill them all!
I don't understand why I'm out of the mission.
You're not qualified.
I am! Let me join them!
- I have to be with my brother. - It's too late.
I beg you. I want to fight with the others.
Your brother begged me to sit you out, and now you want to go?
What are you risking your life for?
- You need a medal, too? - What medal, sir?
Please don't kill me.
I'm only 15.
I just got drafted. Please don't kill me.
Watch out! They're coming from the side!
Jin-tae, where are you going?
If they take this bunker, we are finished. Got it?
Yes, sir!
How can those starving bastards attack us?
Hurry up!
You are lucky to be alive.
Are you okay?
Good. Let's go get some water.
Why do you volunteer...
for every single risky mission?
For a medal...
to send me home?
What the hell are you doing? You think you're bulletproof?
Every second, I see someone killed! Are you mad?
Suppose you get the medal!
You think I'd be happy to go home with you dead?
How could I face Mom and Young-shin?
You're still young and ill.
But I'm a soldier now.
Don't ask them to sit me out again.
You and I should be together.
We live and die together.
If you do this again, I won't forgive you.
Now, listen to me carefully:
No one knows who's going to die next.
If I can live staying behind, I will stay behind.
- Please understand me. - No way!
You want me to watch you die?
I won't die until I get you back home safely.
- Let's go. - Jin-tae!
You know I want both of us to live.
But if only one of us gets to go, I want it to be you.
You all right?
You all did a great job!
Besides our victory, there is more good news!
The U.S. Marines made a successful landing at Incheon.
We'll push in as they make the second attack into Incheon!
Your bravery exemplifies...
the men of this battalion.
Raise this flag on Mt. Baekdu by the Chinese border.
Yes, sir!
Seoul - September 1950
Mr. Lee, could you look at the camera?
Why did two brothers join the army?
I had no other choice but to volunteer along with my brother...
Lee Jin-seok, in order to protect our country from danger.
We heard you did a great job at Nakdong River.
Any other motivation for fighting so bravely?
My only motivation as a soldier...
is to fight to prevent my family from suffering...
under the oppression of the communists!
I'm going to send a letter home.
Tell me what you want to write.
We have to send it with a local.
Do I have to do it now?
I'll do it later. I have to attend the reception.
We have to hurry and ask someone in the crowd.
Yes, sir!
You write something for me. See you later.
Give me some eggs!
Behave yourself!
Come on, an egg!
Is there anyone from Manridong?
Who lives in Manridong?
I don't remember the last time I ate like this!
Nothing but vegetables. Where's my egg?
Is Jin-tae really going to be on TV?
Didn't you see Private Lee...
with the American officers and the cameras flashing?
That's Sergeant Lee, as of today.
And he's squad leader of the 1st.
He was articulate, too. "For the families oppressed by the Reds..."
A hero is born.
You envy him? Then kill the communists!
He sure does have a face for TV.
What do you know about faces?
Having big, round eyes only catches more dust.
He's nothing compared to this.
Damn, what a knockout!
How did you get a wife like this?
I told you to look at my son, not my wife.
I saw you looking at her breasts!
My son'll be a general like MacArthur someday.
- MacArthur! - When'll this damn war be over?
I thought it'd last only a couple of weeks.
You want to go back to school, don't you?
- It'll be soon, since the U.S. Has joined. - Yeah, right.
Your home is near here, isn't it?
If your mom's back in Seoul, I bet she's still looking for you two.
Everyone gets one each!
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
You know what this is?
This is the chocolate you always wanted.
Just tell me if you want more.
They will give me more anytime I ask them.
Yes, I drank a little.
Don't worry. You'll be home soon.
It's only a matter of days before I put this flag on Mt. Baekdu.
You should be sleeping.
Starting tomorrow, it will get rough.
- Did you send the letter? - I asked someone, but I'm not sure.
They're probably not back in Seoul.
It's getting cold at night.
You should go inside.
You felt like a stranger today.
It made me worry about things.
Well... Too many thoughts.
There's one thing I want you to do.
Please forget about the medal.
It's not worth it.
You're the only brother I have...
and we have to go back alive.
I was so scared when Dad died...
and Mom couldn't speak anymore.
But you helped me get through it all.
The day after tomorrow...
you were supposed to marry Young-shin.
I hope you're always thinking about Young-shin...
and all our family.
Pyongyang, North Korea - October 1950
3rd Platoon forward!
The leader has not escaped yet.
2nd Squad! You must capture their leader!
Capture him alive!
The commies are hitting back hard!
Where's their captain?
Cover me.
A few more up there!
I saw them!
- Cover me. - It's too dangerous!
Jin-tae is in danger!
Get down.
Follow me!
Yong-man and Kim, come with me!
- What's going on? - The captain is escaping.
The 3rd Platoon is here for that!
3rd Platoon's got them cold!
This is an order.
Don't go.
Come on!
Sergeant Lee!
Sergeant Lee!
Sergeant Lee!
Jin-tae, get him!
Don't move! Freeze!
You son of a...
Don't move!
- Shoot me. - Not now!
You think I'm going to say a thing?
Get up!
I'm bleeding like hell.
Yong-man, hang on!
Am I going to die?
Kill me now!
Yong-man, don't give up! I won't let you go!
Yong-man, come on!
Get up!
He is the captain!
I got him!
- Yong-man, hang on! - Come on!
We'll continue over to Aprok River near the Chinese border.
I hope every one of you gets there safe and alive.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
That medal... Who is it really for?
You love being a hero, don't you?
Promotions, parties, interviews...
Who knows? You might even be battalion commander, right?
Keep this in mind:
Yong-man's son, Min-seok, will grow up without a father, just like us...
and bear a grudge against us forever.
Stop it.
If you'd listened to me back there, he wouldn't be dead!
Do you know why he died?
Do you know what you were doing while he was dying?
What good is the medal when people are dying?
Not another word.
What the...
This is Seagull One.
The communists slaughtered over 100 villagers during their retreat.
Report to headquarters.
Let's take care of the bodies.
Help me. Please find my mom.
Please find my mom.
Don't cry, I will help you.
They even left traps!
Don't let even one of those bastards live!
You dirty pawn of American imperialism!
Please, don't kill me.
Against the wall, line up!
- Hey, you! - I surrender.
- How many are in there? - There are five.
They'll come out, too. Please don't kill us.
You killed them, right?
No, they were dead when we came.
One more lie, you're dead, got it?
You killed them?
Don't shoot!
Don't lie to me!
What happened?
I was forced to join the North Korean army or be killed.
It's okay now, don't cry.
Drink this.
Should I report?
Report that all the enemies were killed in battle.
- What are you saying? - They're excess baggage.
This is Yong-seok! He was like your own brother!
All I see now is a communist.
I am Yong-seok, your friend!
No friend of mine slaughters our people.
Step aside!
We're not communists.
He was forced to come here!
You step back!
Did you kill them?
No, we didn't! Really!
He says he didn't!
- I don't believe a commie. - They are animals!
Please don't kill me!
Get your hands off!
Kneel down!
- You dirty pig! - Don't kill me.
Go ahead, and I'll report that you killed unarmed soldiers.
You're no different from the commies!
You are all crazy! They're hostages!
You saw what they did! They're animals!
If we kill them, we are animals, too.
It was them who started the war!
We're the same. No better, no worse!
Okay, kill them. Shoot.
What are you waiting for? Shoot!
Today's your lucky day!
Hye-San-Jin, North Korea - November 1950
Take it.
Boys! Have some.
Are you okay?
I feel fine.
Take your time.
I filed a report about you with the regimental office.
Thanks a lot.
Jin-tae is a totally different person.
He's so changed.
Just before I left, I met your mom and Young-shin.
How are they? When did they come back home?
Just after you were drafted.
She wanted to be home in case you came back.
She asked people about you.
Whenever she saw me, she cried. I reminded her of you two.
And the noodle stand?
she isn't well.
What's wrong?
Is she very ill?
I don't know exactly...
but she couldn't move well.
Young-shin was having a hard time...
Iooking after everyone.
The commies wouldn't let her run the stand.
She attends rallies all day long.
It's the only way to get food.
Don't worry, though.
Things may be getting better.
I miss the noodles your mom cooks.
The loser doesn't eat for two days!
Do it right!
Kill him! Kill him!
Do it right, bastards!
Two days aren't bad enough? You want five?
You ain't hungry?
You see now?
Think of him as a South Korean pig.
Fight until one gets knocked out.
If not, I'll kill both of you. You got it?
Who's going to be the damn South Korean?
You do it!
You don't need to.
You don't have to. It's you and me now.
- What the hell are you doing? - Isn't this a game?
Fight, or you'll die of starvation.
Stop it!
Come on, son of a bitch!
There you go, that's the way.
We're not done yet!
We fight until one of us can't get up!
- You're killing him. - Let go!
Anyone tries to stop me, I'll kill you, too!
Get up, or you'll starve to death!
Fight, or you're dead.
Do you want to die?
I said, fight, you pig!
I said, fight, you pig!
Many of our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives for their country.
And the long-awaited victory is very close.
- Just stay still! - It hurts!
Stay still! It's supposed to hurt.
When the hell can we go home?
And General MacArthur has ordered U.N. Forces to advance to the North.
The victory is ours.
We kicked their asses!
It looks like the war may be over soon.
I wouldn't be so sure. I heard the Chinese will back the North.
That's just commie propaganda.
Uncle Yang, what do you think?
The Sunspot...
and Great Bear are losing energy now...
and we will be home before the New Year.
- You really sure this time? - What the hell!
Okay, I believe you.
Sergeant Lee!
Sergeant Lee!
Jin-tae, congratulations!
He'll get the Medal of Honor!
I was hoping you would get it. Congratulations!
You got it for catching the captain alive.
The commander is really pleased.
- What is the Medal of Honor? - You idiot!
Any time "honor" is in the medal's name, it's good.
Tomorrow, the commander will award it himself.
Let's give him a big hand!
We need to celebrate!
Sergeant Lee, you can be a soldier forever.
Let's talk.
Make it short. I'm on duty.
You can go home soon.
Then go back to school right away. You missed a lot.
You're the one that needs to go home. You're sick.
I'm not going home.
You'll do what I say.
- I don't want anything from you. - Listen to me.
What's wrong with you?
I worked my ass off for that medal!
This is a great chance for us!
For you, not for me.
Have you thought about what the medal means?
I don't care. I needed one to send you home.
That medal cost Yong-man his life! I won't go.
- You have to go to college! - What good is college now?
I hate you and everything you stand for.
- Don't tell me what to do. - Do you really mean that?
I will make my own decisions. Don't tell me what to do.
Do you really want one of us to die?
Then you go home instead!
What did I risk my life for?
I didn't ask you to!
I want you to go home alive.
I also want to go home, you know.
But you are our family's hopes and dreams!
I never regretted giving up school and shining shoes for you.
Mom happily broke her back for you.
Do you know our sacrifices?
Of course I do. I know all of it.
Why am I the only one you think about?
If you had thought about Young-shin and Yong-man, you couldn't have done it.
I don't care what you think, as long as you can go home.
The command post will leave first.
Take the classified documents and burn the others.
Yes, sir!
One more telegram.
"Retreat to second rendezvous point. Date of order: 0900 hours."
Regiments 12, 13 and 25 are already retreating.
The U.S. Army is retreating, too.
How many Chinese reinforcements are coming?
For Woon-san city alone, at least 100,000.
They'll fire on us any minute, sir.
Hurry, they're getting close.
Sergeant Lee, what are you doing?
What the hell? Everything was going so well.
We'll never get home before New Year!
We're just going to leave? How stupid!
Shouldn't we die here?
This is wrong! We should be fighting.
Stop bitching and hurry up!
I wanted to believe your shit, but look at this!
Get the jeep ready!
How far are we going to carry them?
Don't move!
Get him!
- Sergeant Huh! - I'm all right. Retreat.
Sergeant Huh!
Where's my arm?
- Stay back! - Put the dagger away!
I'll kill him!
Kill them all!
Don't come any closer.
Hurry, just kill them!
Step away.
If you come any closer, this bastard is dead!
Yong-seok, come on!
Are you crazy?
How could you? How could you kill Yong-seok?
You're crazy! You're mad!
Stop this!
Bring him back! You're a murderer!
What the hell are you doing? You two knock it off!
We've got to get out of here!
How come we're retreating without fighting?
Jang-Dan, near the 38th parallel December 1950
"Staff Sergeant Lee Jin-tae.
"You're awarded the Medal of Honor for your actions in Pyongyang...
"your remarkable bravery and actions at many battles...
"and for going beyond the call of duty.
"December 1, 1950. President Rhee Syngman."
Staff Sergeant Lee Jin-tae!
Congratulations, you've finally made it!
Thank you.
This should have been a formal occasion. Sorry.
1st Battalion, proceed to the third rendezvous site.
2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalions to the fifth rendezvous point.
Be at your locations by 1800 hours tomorrow.
All forces will be reorganized there. Dismissed.
See you at the next site.
- Sir, may I have a word with you? - Go ahead.
Sir, it's about my younger brother.
I'll make the official request with the division commander.
Thank you, sir.
I'm afraid we'll be pushed down to Seoul.
I'm afraid we're going further to the south, across Nakdong.
You know where Jin-seok is?
He left a minute ago.
- By himself? - Yeah.
He said he was going to see your mom. She is sick.
Thank God.
You're alive. This isn't a dream, is it?
I'm on my way to reassemble.
I ran into Yong-seok. He said Mom is sick.
She's feeling much better now. She's back at work.
How is Jin-tae?
Why didn't he come?
He's fine. He's really busy right now.
That's good.
Mother is so worried.
Are you Kim Young-shin?
Yes, I am. Why?
Come with me. You're under investigation.
For what?
- What? - Who the hell are you?
- Tell me what this is about. - Step away!
Shoot, if you dare. Put her on.
Take the son of a bitch, too! Check if he's a communist.
Young-guk, go home! Don't follow me!
Get off!
What is this place?
It's where we investigate commies like Young-shin!
You're making a mistake.
We'll see about that.
Get in there!
Lee Jung-ja, Jung Kook-sup, Kim Young-shin.
Get up!
Don't even think about it.
Let's not hurt each other.
Get up, Young-shin.
Where is Jin-seok?
He was taken into the front building.
What's going on?
They just said I was under investigation and took me here.
We're executing traitors according to the law.
I don't care what you're doing. I'm taking her.
- Then you're a commie, too! - I don't think so!
Kim Young-shin, 23, signed up for the Communist Party on June 23.
We have her signature!
I did it only for food. I didn't know what it was!
She worked for the Communist Party 35 times...
and participated in numerous communist rallies!
We were starving. I have to get food somehow!
The South Korean government gave us nothing!
Shut up. You step away.
- Don't be stupid. - You're dead, too.
Touch her, you're all dead!
This is the last warning. Step aside.
Don't move...
or you won't walk out of here in one piece.
Do you know what you are doing?
I'm stopping you from killing innocent people.
Get her out of here!
You want to save a whore?
She was with every single North Korean officer!
Shut your mouth, or I'll blow it off!
That's why she isn't fleeing.
That's not true.
There's no use in denying it.
- No, that's a lie. - Go now!
Last warning. If you take her out of here, you two are commies, too.
Jin-tae, believe me.
Get the hell out of here!
Young-shin, hold on!
You still have the handkerchief.
You don't know how much I missed you...
how long I waited for you.
I didn't do anything shameful.
Believe me.
I can't die now.
How can I die now?
My young siblings...
Why did you question her?
You're the one who killed her.
You killed Young-shin.
You're responsible.
You killed her, you murderer...
You shot members of the Anti-Communist Federation?
The Medal of Honor doesn't give you the right to shoot anyone.
How can we fight this war with screwups like you?
Are you able to contact headquarters or not?
I'm still trying, sir.
How can we hold out for 72 hours with these losers?
Send my brother home!
My former commander promised to.
What kind of bullshit is this?
You earn a damn medal and your brother is discharged?
You only have to report it.
I don't believe this!
I don't give a shit what he promised you!
You think this is a business deal or something?
He made the offer.
How dare you talk back? Think of what you've done!
Lock him up! How could they give someone like him a medal?
Urgent message from 1st Company!
Put him in the cell!
I don't give a shit about the order. Just retreat!
I'll take responsibility. All companies, retreat!
Open the cell.
You're crazy!
Give the order.
Those commies will kill you first.
I only want my brother out.
Not until we finish examining your heads first.
Give the order. Now!
One more thing. The hostages...
Burn them!
- Change the order! - Put the gun away.
- I said, change the order! - This is an order. Remove the gun.
Change the order!
Order to burn the hostage cells confirmed!
Military Hospital, Tae-Jeon, South Korea July 1951
You look well.
Thanks. You saved my life.
I thought I was dead in that cell.
I did, too, when you got shot as we were coming out.
Someone up there likes you.
- When do you get out of here? - Next week.
How nice to be discharged.
I bet your mom needs your help.
This damn war should be over.
The battle around the 38th parallel is still bloody.
So many lives are lost every day...
fighting over more land.
I bought them on my way.
Thank you again.
And your brother sent this letter home...
but it was returned to the camp.
You keep this.
I doubt he retreated then. I've searched everywhere, but...
I don't want to know.
I don't care.
PFC Lee Jin-seok! You're wanted in the counseling room.
Thank you.
Our decorated hero...
turned into a communist.
It's a serious problem for us and a good propaganda tool for them.
At first, we didn't believe it.
But his fiancée was executed as a communist.
That must have affected him.
He doesn't know what communism or democracy is.
Then how come he turned into a communist?
He wouldn't have done this if he had thought of his family.
I suppose there must be a reason.
You, too, are a suspect unless you give us a good explanation.
I don't care about Jin-tae anymore.
The Jin-tae I knew was just an innocent shoeshine boy...
who loved his family, especially his brother.
The decorated man leading Flag Unit...
is not my brother.
What happened to Jin-tae? I was questioned, too.
Did you have lunch?
How can you eat right now?
I can't believe it. How could Jin-tae become a communist?
He was probably devastated...
after seeing his fiancée shot to death.
He must have thought you were killed in the fire.
He loved you so much.
I don't care about him.
His only concerns are for medals and promotions.
Maybe the commies offered him a better post.
I don't even care if he dies.
Don't speak to me about him ever again. Do you understand?
Dear Mother, I miss you every day.
Please be well until we return home.
And don't worry about Jin-seok.
I will definitely keep him safe.
Please say hello to Young-shin. And tell her not to worry.
When I get discharged and return home...
I'll open a shoe store and make you proud of me.
It's getting cold. Take care of yourself, Mom.
Until our family reunites, please stay healthy.
All these patients came from the battle near the 38th parallel.
You are crazy to go back there.
How can you be sure that you'll even find him?
You'll be discharged in a week. Think about your mom!
For God's sake, listen to me.
See you soon.
Think of Young-shin's brother and sisters.
Jin-seok! Private Lee!
Take care, you bastard.
We'll attack up the middle of hills 931 and 851, diverting the enemy.
Once the artillery attack ends...
1st and 2nd Battalion will flank the hills from both directions.
We have to take out Flag Unit...
at all costs.
Don't forget we've modified our operation plan. Any questions?
When will PFC Lee join the mission?
His mission has been canceled.
Since the Americans moved the attack up 24 hours, there's no time.
Instead, we'll have him speak over the microphone.
- Sir. - What is it?
I'm PFC Lee, Lee Jin-tae's brother.
It's an honor to meet the brother of the traitor.
Unless he sees me, he won't believe me. Please let me join the mission.
We start the attack in an hour. There's not enough time.
If he sees that I am alive, he'll come back for sure.
Out of the question!
Sir, please.
Answer me one question:
Is this for your country or your brother?
Just read the script over the speaker.
Forty minutes to go!
No enemy movements detected, sir!
F- 86 Sabres are standing by. Artillery units are standing by.
- Where is the script? - It hasn't been delivered yet.
Wait a moment.
Check personal arms, daggers, grenades and extra ammunition!
Sir, PFC Lee is running towards the enemy.
What's going on?
- He just surrendered. - What? Surrendered?
If you're lying, you're dead. Why are you here?
I came here to see my brother, the leader of Flag Unit.
- What? - Please let me see him.
I'll kill you if you're lying. Check it out!
A yellow dog is here saying he's the brother of Mother Owl.
Let me talk to him! He doesn't know I'm alive!
Shut up!
Negative. He says his brother is dead.
Please, let me talk to him. Jin-tae, it's me, Jin-seok!
You're a damn spy. What's your mission?
Spit it out before I blow your head off.
Let me talk to him. He'll know it's me!
Stop screwing with me!
- I'm begging you! - What are you here for?
- Please let me talk to him! - Speak up!
I'm begging you.
Sir, we've got an order to bring him to the security unit.
Get him out of here!
Fellow comrades, it has been several months since the attack began.
Our military is still overpowering the South. The total death toll...
- How far away is Flag Unit? - Ask the security unit!
The growing numbers of informants will only result in more innocent deaths.
Incoming! Air attack! Air attack!
- Hurry up, let's go. - You're goddamn crazy!
Where is Flag Unit?
Attack! Attack!
Where the hell are you going?
He's a dog from the South!
It's Flag Unit! It's Flag Unit!
It's Flag Unit! It's Flag Unit!
You Southern bastard, die!
It's Jin-seok. It's Jin-seok! Snap out of it!
- I'll kill you all! - Jin-tae.
Jin-tae, please. Please.
You Southern piece of shit. You piece of shit!
Jin-tae, please.
Come to your senses!
Look at me. I am Jin-seok, your only brother.
- I'm your brother! - I'll kill all you bastards!
Retreat! Retreat!
Jin-tae, get up. Get up.
We have to go. We have to go now!
Let's go. We have no time!
Get up. We have to go.
We have to get out of here.
Please, get up!
Don't you want to go home and see Mom?
You have to visit Young-shin's grave.
What about the shoe store and making Mom proud?
You can't die here!
You worked your ass off just so I could go to school.
You have to live to see me go to college. Come on!
- Jin-seok? - Jin-tae.
You're really alive?
I won't go alone.
Just go.
No way!
Get up and come with me!
Listen, I will surrender and come home after the war.
I've been making your shoes for college.
I haven't finished them, so I won't die. Now, go!
- I won't! - I'm okay.
Do as I tell you. Go!
- I won't go without you! - Then we'll both die!
- No! - Listen to me!
Look at me. Trust me.
I found this after the fire.
Give it to me...
when you see me again.
You have to come back.
You have to come back.
You promised...
to come back and finish the shoes.
But what are you doing here?
I've waited for so long.
What happened to your promise?
Say something!
I've been waiting to see you for 50 years.
Please say something.
I shouldn't have left you alone back then.
Let's go get some water.
How have you been? You all got so big.
We are going back to school, you know.
I want to go to school, too. How about you?
Of course I do.