Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial

Uploaded by kutrendSIM on 23.03.2012

By all means I don't look like Taylor Swift, but I sure can do my makeup like hers
My name is Faye Smith. I am an makeup artist and today I'm going to show you how to do Taylor Swift makeup
So I always begin with skin. Taylor Swift always has a clear, dewy looking complexion. Very natural looking, nothing too heavy, something that's really going to show her youth
So today I'm going to start with a tinted moisturizer that will match my skin tone
I like to use a tinted moisturizer that have a SPF in it
This one has got an SPF 15. This one is going to protect my face from the sun as well as moisturizing it when I wear my makeup
When I'm applying it, I make sure that I apply it evenly with my fingers and blend it all the way down to my neck. So there're seamless edges
So now that my skin is not only protected by the sun and moisturized for the day
It's looking more even in colour
But now I need to get rid of the blemishes that I have
Then I'm going to use a concealer by Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics, my favourite concealer
I'm going to put it on my blemishes, under my eyes to get rid of the dark circles and around my nose to get rid of that redness
If you can get away without concealer then you're very lucky. But for me, I've had a huge breakout. I need to use concealers to cover all of this blemishes, as well as hiding the dark circles under my eyes and around my nose
I'm using my fingers to apply it, the warmth helps to melt and blend easily into my face
If you're struggling to blend the edges around your blemishes, try using a q-tip
So now that my skin is looking nice and flawless, I just want to take away the shines that the tinted moisturizer tends to give
To do that I'm going to use a HD translucent powder from Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics
I'll just show you how that one looks like
I'm applying the satin powder using the kabuki brush, but you could do this with any powder brush
I like to apply in a press and roll motion and then spread it out in a circular motion, for an even application
And there's a little something that Taylor Swift always has to keep the youth in her skin is a beautiful glow
To create that, I'm going to use a highlight
I'm going to pop it onto my cheek bones, and dust it all over my face
Use a contour brush, or a blush brush to apply your blush. It's a bit of a tongue twister.
Apply it to the cheeks, apples of your cheeks and blend it out
I want to add just a little bit of colour to my cheeks, just to break the face up and add a little bit of rosiness. I'm going to use a blush bronze or something mixed together to create this look
Use any large eye shadow brush to apply the neutral colour to your eyes
The way I always like to begin my eye shadow is by neutralizing the eyelid
I do this when I'm using a foundation at the start. I go over the eyelids with a little bit of foundation instead of with the powder afterwards
But I found that using a neutral cream eye shadow as well all over the eyelids just gives a nice base for other eye shadow colour to blend in to, much easier application
In my Taylor Swift eye makeup, I'm going to use a bronzy coloured eye shadow to use in the crease of the eyes. Give a bit of shadow, something quite light and natural but a bit noticeable at the same time
Applying the bronze colour to the crease of my eyes is going to create depth and warmth on my eyes
I'm blending it up and out to give out that cat eye effect but in a very settle way
So now that I have my eye shadow done, I want to add a liquid eyeliner
Taylor Swift's eyeliner is always thicker on the outside which is more of a lifted cat eye shaped eyes
And she only wears it on the top
Again, making your eyes look bigger and lifted and it's very, very cute. And again that beautiful look
The product I like to use is from Collection 2000. You can actually get that in the UK. So I'll always stock up on mine when I go home for Christmas.
For everyone from the rest of the world, I'm sorry but you'll have to travel to get this product, but it's worth it
Liquid eyeliner is always every tricky. But all I can say is, practice makes perfect
Sometimes professionals get it wrong too. I really find that the brush with this product that I use is really easy to use
I also find that the felt tip eye pencils are really easy to use as well. So, test out one of those, you'll get it in the end
So, I look a little bit strange when I don't have my eyebrows done, my eyeliner's on, but my mascara's not
So, at this point I'm going to take the time to fill in my eyebrows using an appropriate coloured eye shadow colour and an angle brush
I cannot leave my house without filling in my eyebrows. It makes such a difference to how my face looks, breaking up the face and giving a frame to the face.
Filling them in just a little bit is really good for this look (For the Taylor Swift look)
I want to add that a little bit of the glow and twinkle that Taylor Swift has on her eyes
She does this by adding a light shimmer (silver or sparkling shimmer)
I like to use a loose eye shadow powder
Applying shimmer to the inside of the eye really gives that dreamy, mysterious, girl next door look that Taylor Swift always has
To finish every eye design, you need to curl your lashes and then put a few coats of mascara on. That's what I'm going to do right now to finish this eye design
A good tip to make sure that you don't kink your eyelashes when you are curling them, is just to hold on gently for a few seconds, move the lashes up, lashes felt slightly up and hold them for another few seconds
Keep doing this until you reach the end of your lashes
So here we have my Taylor Swift eye makeup design
To completely finish this look I need to add some lips
It doesn't really do too much to the lips so I'm just going to pick a pinky coloured lip gloss
Again, we just want to keep this look really dreamy and natural, just a nice, shiny pink gloss. Don't have to make it perfect to finish this look
So here we have my youthful looking, Taylor Swift look. Like I said, by no means I look like her, but this is the makeup that she does and this is a makeup that you guys should try at home