Vidéotest Link The Faces of Evil ( CD-I )

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 30.06.2009

"Gee, it sure is boring around here !"
"My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for."
"I just wonder what Ganon's up to do ?"
"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Koridai."
"Hmmm, how can we help ?"
"It is written : "Only Link can defeat Ganon." "
"Great ! I'll grab my stuff !"
"There is no time, your sword is enough."
"How about a kiss, for luck ?"
"You've got to be kidding !"
"Squadallah ! We're off !"
"Wow ! What are all those heads ?"
"These are the Faces of Evil. You must conquer each."
"I guess I'd better get going !"
"Here is the map. Where do you wish to go ?"
Hmm... Again we have a very complex scipt, extremely developed, very interesting...
I think we can't make worse... We can't create more basic than the Zelda CD-I's scripts.
So, hi everybody, it's Hooper. Today, after Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon, we meet again with his twin.
His evil twin, Link : The Faces of Evil. You can see it at the top, it's written : "The Faces of Evil".
No ! The opening sequence is starting again... Please, we already saw it ! NO !!!
Enough of this torture ! Have mercy ! Get me out of here !
As you can see, Zelda... No ! Link : The Faces of Evil. I really have trouble with this game...
So, this game is 300 percent similar with Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon.
Except that we don't control Zelda anymore, now it's Link.
That's why it's written "Link" in the title, and not "Zelda".
They are really, really, really crafty at Phillips...
Obviously, the environements changed. They can't make a game 100 percent similar to the other.
So, here we are on the map, the central world map. As in the first game, we are here at the begining.
The only thing I did is dropping some rupees, as I did in the video of The Wand of Gamelon.
At the begining, we can explore three unlocked levels.
And progressively, as in Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon, you have to...
You can see that the enemies are identical, they didn't even bother with that.
90 per cent of the enemies are identical. They are some new ones, but there's very few of them.
The gameplay is even worse than in Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon, you need to know this.
And strangely...
Well, first at all, I didn't finish this game. Unlike The Wand of Gamelon.
I need the bombs here...
After The Wand of Gamelon, I really got bored.
Oh, great ! It's really rare : I killed both enemies with only one bomb. The Hooper is really impressive...
So, I didn't really enjoy this game, which was released the same day as The Wand of Gamelon in 1993.
The two games were released the same month. It's like the Zelda Oracles of Ages and Seasons,
or the Pokémon red, green, blue, diamond, crystal, ... Who are usually released in pairs.
But the problem here is that both games are totally shitty.
In comparison, Zelda Oracle of Ages or Pokémon are pretty good games.
But here, they published two craps... Incredible !
As in the other game, when we see a character, we can talk to him. As in The Wand of Gamelon.
And of course, you have to stab him first !
I let you appreciate, it's still so priceless.
"Biggest crab I ever caught ! Hehe !"
"It's a Gohma !"
"You're pretty good. Here."
"Thanks !"
What a nonsense... We meet this old wreck for the first time, and he give us a sword...
We talked to him for the first time, we didn't complete any quest, ...
It's fucking bullshit ! From A to Z !
So, he gave me the first upgrade for the sword. Now I can throw bolts.
Such a nonsense...
In fact, I don't know what I can tell to you in this video that I didn't say...
Damn, the enemies repop in three seconds...
So, that I don't say in Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon, because the games are twins.
What can I tell you, that I...
What a bullshit ! Fuck, it's enormous. How could I fell...
Let's try again.
The worse is that this passage is quite hard to get this key, it's really a pixel jump.
FUCK ! It's pissing me off... Yes, it's already beginning !
I found this game harder than The Wand of Gamelon. That's why I never finished it.
The game is really hard from the beginning,harder than The Wand of Gamelon. But I'll talk about this later.
This guy's getting on my nerves !
Great, I did it ! Let's take the key.
Let's go back now. Great...
It can't be...
It's a catastrophe. Really.
I really didn't want to make this video, but I'm doing it for you,
It's really to show you Link... No, Zelda, no... I can't even remember the game's name !
What is it, by the way ? Yes. Link : the Faces of Evil.
Fuck ! He's hurting me again !
I can't stand this game anymore. What a shitty game...
I swear, it's really an awful game.
I was pretty cool with The Wand of Gamelon, because he had some good music, he had something good.
But here, the difficulty is even harder, the gameplay is even worse. It's incredible !
It was already crappy from A to Z in the Wand of Gamelon...
And it's worse in The Faces of Evil. It's incredible ! Really incredible !
So here, look ! This woman... No, listen, listen to the dialogue first. Listen.
"Diaras came straight from the crater untill I boarded the vent."
"Use the skull for a latch and not one Diara's figured it out."
Oh my god... It's pathetic... It's a complete mediocrity.
And in French, we don't understand anything about what she says.
Did you understand anything ?
And the worse is that it's a primordial clue to progress in the game.
How can this be ? Try again to understand what she says.
"Diaras came straight from the crater untill I boarded the vent."
"Use the skull for a latch and not one Diara's figured it out."
In French, the first word is totally incomprehensible. The first word... I don't understant it.
"The thing" came straight from the crater still I boarded the vent.
Still I boarded the vent ?
I Use the skull for a latch and not one "Derat" figured it out.
What the hell is she talking about ?
"Derat" is not French. Let's admit she's talking about "rats".
But why one of the rats ? The worst is that there isn't any rat here.
Now let me show you what this clue means. When you'll see it, you'll shit bricks.
Let's go. It's just here. I'll try to reach this place without dying.
Fuck !
The thing which sucks the most in this game is that there are many more enemies
who can throw projectiles directly in our face.
And as in the other game, we need to stop, to make Link adopt a defensive position with his shield.
We have to stop every three seconds.
Gee, he goes back.
I have to wait him to shoot, and then...
And then I die because he shot twice.
It's really incredible... I think I've never seen such a gameplay...
Great, already hit once.
I'll try to run.
So, this door here is closed.
The women told to us about a "skull still she boarded the vent", I don't know what...
That's what we'll need to continue.
Fuck, he's getting on my nerves !
You really need to be motivated to play to Link : The Faces of Evil...
So, here's a skull, and you have to stab it.
No... I can't beleive it.
Staggeting !
This game is really a torture.
Let's hurry.
So, you have to stab the skull to find the key, and then quickly enter in this place.
So, when the woman was talking about "Derats straight from the crater still I boarded the vent",
it was in fact a clue.
Oh, that's right : I can't kill him with my sword, I need to use a snowball.
This is total bullshit too : I just want to use a snowball, but as I was in front of a door...
I already explained this in The Wand of Gamelon.
When we are in front of a door, we can't do anything. We can't use items.
So we need to move further to use the snowballs.
Here, I'm using the snowballs to kill the enemies.
This is a new feature in comparison with The Wand of Gamelon :
now we can kill enemies with snowballs and firestones.
You can drop snowballs in the Snow Kingdom, it's another place I'll show you later.
And these enemies I fight here can only be killed with snowballs.
Even if I use bombs, they won't die.
And when they are killed by a snowball, they drop a firestone.
Of course, the firestones will help me to kill frozen enemies. There's the new feature.
Do I have enough snowballs ? How many do I have still have ?
It's okay, I have 18 left. It must be enough.
So, I don't know what can I tell more. I already told you everything in The Wand of Gamelon.
This game is harder than The Wand of Gamelon - incredible, huh ? The gameplay is even worse.
I'm trying to kill the one who's up there. Great.
Let's not fall now... Good.
I'm trying to play correctly.
Oh fuck ! ... Good, I only had half a heart left.
Well, I finished this level. As in the other game, you have to stab the Triforce icon to finish the level.
And by doing this, I unlocked a new level : Spearfish Falls.
I won't go there for the moment. I'll go there instead. I think it's the place where we can find the shop.
The shop is totally similar to The Wand of Gamelon. Excepting the shopkeeper.
The only things that change are the characters, the levels and the musics.
The musics changed, but a lot for the worst, and not enough for the best.
I liked The Wand of Gamelon's musics, but here I didn't find they were really great,
in comparison with The Wand of Gamelon.
Here's another character.
"Lamp oil ? Rope ? Bombs ? You want it ? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rupees."
You see, it's totally similar to the other game. He's still talking us about rupees, it's incredible.
It's like in The Wand of Gamelon. Excepting the fact that the character changed.
They hardly changed the dialogues.
So, where we are going now ? Anyway, I don't think this video will last much longer.
What I can tell to you ? I don't know...
Oh, yes : the game, with his rendering, remains a lot Zelda II : The Adventure of Link, from the NES,
but I can tell you, as I finished Zelda II, that his gameplay is way more interesting than in The Wand of Gamelon.
Even if they have the same side-scrolling viewpoint, like in a classic platform game.
That's how you can differentiate developers who know how to make a good game, and others who don't know.
For example : having to stop walking every time an enemy throws us a projectile is horrible.
We can't walk two meters in a row, we always need to stop to adopt the defensive position
in order to stop enemies' boomrangs, and then approach them to kill them.
It's fucking dissgressing.
Here's a new character.
"Help ! Ganon froze the fountain, I'm stuck !"
You really need to overcome this...
Here's a little puzzle : you have to use a firestone and hit the women to defroze her.
It's driving me crazy !
"Here, have some Water of Life."
"My, you're thirsty ! Oh, my goodness !"
My, you're thirsty ! ...
This drink can heal us. Like in the other game, we can have six hearts at the most.
Damn, it's quite hard here.
Oh great, wrong direction...
Fuck, it's over : I only have half a heart left...
We can only kill these enemies...
I can't stand this game anymore...
Such a shitty game !
So, we can only kill this enemies with the firestones I dropped in the other level.
There's no other way to kill them.
It's really a shitty game... I don't really want to be severe, but what good points could we find to this game ?
Incredible form A to Z.
Always those bats who repop infinitely.
Well, it's not really infnitely in fact : they repop about ten times, and after they won't come back.
I've nearly done it : let's try to not play as an handicapped.
Great. I just take the snowballs, and I go in.
I think there's another character here.
And as in all the levels, there's the symbol of the Triforce.
And when I'll hit it, I'll unlock another place.
It's really stupid... I need to say it : it's really stupid.
New character :
I am the reader Ipo. If you bring me the book of Koridai, I will gladly read the secret verses.
Yes, if you like. Let's get out of here.
If I hit it correctly... Great...
What I can tell you.. Oh, yes, there's another damn thing I forgot to talk you about.
Here's a new place, Toyku Lighthouse.
So, I forgot to tell you something. ... Let's go there.
It's another damn thing.
It's one of the deadly boring aspects of the game...
Fuck, he hit me while I was defending myself... This game fucking sucks !
Its gameplay is the worst, even worse than The Wand of Gamelon.
Link : The Faces of Evil is the worst turd even created.
I'll try to calm down...
So, in these games, you're forced to farm rupees. I forgot to tell you about it.
In Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon, in the six hours I took to finish the game, I played one or two hours to...
Damn, dead again...
So, all this time only to farm rupees. In order to buy bombs, oil lamps, ...
Let me show you the inventory menu.
It's the same thing : using ropes to climb up on platforms, bombs, snowballs and firestones,
The three hearts, 128 rupees, oil for the lantern - I still don't have it.
And of course the sword and the shield.
There's one upgrade for the shield and two upgrades for the sword.
It's exactly the same thing that The Wand of Gamelon.
So we really need to farm a lot of rupees...
We'll have to come in levels like there and kill a lot of mobs to earn rupees.
I can't see anything here... I don't know were is the ground. I can't see it.
I don't know if I can advance or if I'll fall. I'm afraid I'll fall if I jump here...
Okay, it's good. It must have been a hole just before.
It's really stupid again, we can't know...
Damn, I reached the end !
It's bullshit...
Damn, hit again... I was using my shield !
This game is incredible. Seriously...
Takes your head in. Unplayable. Uninteresting. A veritable torture. There is nothing to say more.
Oh, I forgot to tell you about the boss. So, exactly as Ganon...
Damn, it can't be...
I can't stand it anymore.
All the boss, just like Ganon in the Wand of Gamelon, can be killed in one shot.
You just have to find which weapon will kill them. It can be the bombs, the sword, ...
We don't know what is it, we'll have to try everything. And finally, we'll understand which one it was.
You can only use one item to kill them. It's fucking bullshit !
It's totally meaningless. This game has no logic at all. In all his development...
FUCK !!!
It's really pissing me off now ! Fuck ! Seriously...
But why the hell is he touching me him ? It really hacks me off ! Bastard !
Oh, I'm not even dead here ! Great ! But how will I continue now ?
Maybe... Oh, good, the raft is coming back. The raft is coming back.
Okay, I'll stop here. I can't stand it anymore.
I swear I can't stand it anymore.
This game is a total waste.
I wanted to go further, to show you other things.
For exemple, later, we'll find THE rock.
THE rock from The Wand of Gamelon, the one you needed to use ten bombs to destroy it.
And here, the same rock only needs one bomb to be destroyed.
It's totally cock-and-bull. It's bullshit... Fucking bullshit.
That's it. This game is nothing, you see : it's nothing.
Let's stop here. A shitty video for a shitty game.
Goodbye, and see you later.