How Spit Can Save Your Life

Uploaded by DeltaDentalMichigan on 15.10.2012

Saliva is one of the most versatile yet under-appreciated substances out there.
For decades, its been used by men, women and children alike. Shoes dirty? Spit shine 'em.
Teacher not looking?
Shoot a spitball. Child wearing leftovers on their face? Nothing a little saliva and elbow
grease won't fix.
But what if that makeshift solvent could save your life?
Just ask our Chief Science officer Dr. Jed Jacobson.
"The reality is saliva can provide critical information about your entire body.
Saliva contains many helpful agents including biomarkers, which are traceable
substances that can detect and predict disease.
Traditionally, biomarkers were screened through blood and urine samples, but with
the advancements in salivary diagnostics, we can screen biomarkers
with a simple cheek swap or drop of saliva.
Beyond oral health,
your spit can tell us a lot about what's going on in your body, effectively
extending the care your dentist provides."
The study of saliva,
also known as salivary diagnostics, has had a sharp rise acceptance over the past
20 years, as we learn more and more about what saliva can tell us.
And it can tell us plenty.
Currently, saliva is being used to help detect the germs that cause cavities,
the gene that predicts gum disease, and soon the biomarker signature for oral
cancer in its early stage.
Outside of your mouth, it has helped identify viral infections such as HIV
and hepatitis, and stress and hormone levels.
Your spit has never been more important.
Imagine the immediate benefits for patients.
A cheek swab is completely painless,
produces less anxiety than drawing blood
and less embarrassment than providing a urine sample.
Testing is cheap, the results are fast and it can be done in
the comfort of your own home.
We all know taking care of your teeth is important,
but now, a trip to the dentist could provide even more insight into your
overall health.
Picture full-scale disease detection while getting your teeth cleaned! it's interesting to
think of your dentist as a preventative care specialist.
Thanks in advancements in research, technology and our understanding of
genomes, the future of salivary diagnostics is very exciting.
Someday very soon, the analysis of one tiny drop of your spit could have the
potential to save your life!
Identifying specific genomic biomarkers in your saliva to predict your
likelihood of contracting cancer,
heart disease, or type-II diabetes.
By helping to quickly and accurately pinpoint health issues,
people will benefit from more personalized dental and medical care.
Your spit is the future,
and screening it can not only save your teeth,
it could save your life.