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Hi, DanceOn, it's Mia.
And I'm going to be doing your Glee Project
recap again this week.
So this week on The Glee Project, there are 9
contenders left, and the theme this week was fearlessness.
Am I Taylor Swift now?
The homework assignment this week was "Now That We Found
Love," by Heavy D & the Boyz.
And everyone was freaking out because it's very fast-paced,
it's a rap for a change, and there's barely any time to
breath, because it's line after line after line.
So they're all freaking out.
But it probably ends up being, I think, the best homework
assignment of the season.
You could tell they were having fun.
And the moves were great.
The choreography, I was actually really surprised.
They had this whole thing going on with spirit fingers,
and this thing like the L. I can't do it.
The guest judge is also the best, and I
am absolutely biased.
It was the amazing, the wonderful Jane Lynch, Emmy
award winning.
She's incredible.
And she basically made my life.
Since the theme this week is fearlessness, she says that
anything you find fear in, actually when you overcome it
turns out to the best moments of your life.
Lily won the homework assignment.

I trust Jane Lynch's judgement.
If Jane Lynch says that she's good and that she's a winner,
then I think that she's good, and that she's a winner.
The music video this week is another mashup.
It's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "One Way or
Another." I always think of Bring it On and Mean Girls
when I hear those two songs, so I was like, this is
automatically going to be great.
And one more thing, they finally get slushied.
It's a trademark of Glee.
Now, your gossip for the week, Aylin and Charlie are a thing
again, and I really have nothing to say about that.
So the concept for the video this week is that they're all
on a high school swim team, and there's this
bully in the beginning.
And he's like, swimming's uncool, and then
they all get slushied.
And then this huge, massive slushie fight breaks out.
And it was great.
And there was a lot of cool, underwater shots.
And can I just add that I think Blake and Nellie are the
cutest thing ever.
They have so much on-screen chemistry.
And they're not a thing on the show, but I just think they're
cute and they should be a thing.
Their couple name would be Bellie.
And Lily actually ended up doing
relatively well in the video.
I was very surprised.
She did bring it, so I got to give it to here there.
Oh, Ali and Lily are the MVP.
Lily totally owned the video, like I said.
And Ali definitely embraced fearlessness.
She was saying in a confessional about how her
body can't take extreme temperatures and how the
wheelchair caused her trouble with the
underwater swim team thing.
And she totally didn't make any excuses when she was on
set, on the shoot.
And she totally just laughed it off and just did her best.
So that was good, and everybody recognized it.
So that was great for her.
I like Ali.
The bottom three are Nellie, Aylin, and Charlie.
Aylin, she may not be my favorite, but she did take
"Take a Bow" by Rihanna and she did incredible.
It was so good.
It was actually the only last chance performance this season
so far that gave me chills, literally.
I was like, wow, she did so good.
She sang that song.
She sang it.
She sang it.
Charlie did "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones,
AKA the Carlton song.
It was so cute.
He actually ran around the auditorium and had a spotlight
on him and was flirting with the judges.
Nellie did "If I Were a Boy," and it sounded great.
Also very good.
So somebody always has to go home, and this week, it was
unfortunately Charlie.
It was his third time in the bottom three, so I think his
time is running short with the judges.
So that's it.
And the good news--
or bad news, it depends--
I'll be back next week.
So either way, I'll be here and it'll be fun.
I'm excited.
So I'll see you guys then.
All right, Bye.