East of Eden, 21회, EP21, #03

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Do you want to give us the transfer papers or simply die?
You still don't know what kind of man Shin Tae-hwan is?
He's not the problem right now.
Now you listen to me carefully.
You might've gotten your way with slot machines but too bad for you.
Officials who are sitting on top of Shin Tae-hwan have sent us.
There's something you don't know about chairman Kuk.
Don't try to be smart with me again.
You'll end up going to jail if you don't give me those papers.
Send me to a worse place than jail and you still won't get it.
You'd better stop being so stubborn, Dong-chul.
Honey, who is that woman over there?
I'm not sure. She does look a little familiar.
I can't tell who she is since she's wearing sunglasses.
She's been pretty conscious of you all along.
Introduce me to Steve Packer's daughter-in-law, will you?
Don't be ridiculous!
What are you talking about?
I think you should call the judicial office right away.
What happened to Lee Dong-chul?
They have him with them right now.
It's me, what's going on?
Promissory notes for our company?
How can that be when it's not even the maturity date yet?
Do you know what you're saying right now!
There's already a rumor going around?
You should know better the damage it'll have on our company
if the word get out in the financial market in Macao!
Get me the head of your office!
Oh my, why do you look so catty on such a happy day?
You didn't eat anything, either.
Shouldn't engagement party be more private with just families only?
Must you announce it to the whole world like this?
That way, you won't have any ideas.
Where did you send Dong-chul?
Try to smile as you talk.
Guests might think we're arguing, my dear.
Try to smile, okay?
Are you afraid of Mike or his background?
Of course, I am.
He is still a billionaire emperor so I am scared of him.
So in the end, it's all about money.
Yes, it's money, money and money.
My shoes...
Tell me, Dad. Where is Dong-chul?
You're killing me.
I've been so nervous all day I'm sweating like this.
He went to his hometown to chase after his dream.