How to Make Star Wars Action Figures with Pipe Cleaners : Supplies to Make Pipe Cleaner Heroes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Alright, let's talk supplies. As you can see, this is my favorite pack. I can usually get
these at Michaels. These are usually around eight dollar. This has a little bit of everything
they are shiny, there are some pieces that are fuzzy things so if you want to make like
a fuzzy animal or things like that. They also have that to. If there is not a Michaels around,
you may be able to find this at a Joe Ann's or a craft hobby shop or textured places and
other places like that. Sometimes I have even seen pipe cleaners at Wal-Mart if you go to
the back in the craft section and the only thing you really need besides pipe cleaners
is a nice pair of scissors. It is usually about a inch long, kitchen scissors and knives
are not exactly the best thing to do. Be careful if you are supervising a kid with this cause
once you cut a pipe cleaner, it can get sharp very fast. I have poked myself a few times
so just supervise little kids if they decide to start doing this. Let's get ready to make