Dying Swan in a fabulous version Street Dance

Uploaded by BiraTeodoro on 13.02.2011

The next, please.
Good Night!
Good Night!
What´s your name, please?
John Lennon da Silva.
John Len ...how?
John Lennon da Silva
Hmm ... I think I've heard that name somewhere ...
You are famous, a friend of Paul, Ringo's
Name of artist I've got, I ...the question ...I want to be artist ... I came here specifically for this ... to show what I know ...
The dancing in my life means a lot ...my dream is to dance and travel the world ...do some tour and being known
You came here to dance?
I came to dance
That's it!
What is the idea that it?
Errr ...this is an outfit that I wear in my daily life, and that has to do that is my interpretation. I'm gonna do a track ...that is the Dying Swan, with my interpretation of "pop."
I hope your interpretation is very good, because his wardrobe… I thought ... fake ...
I'll take to the stage all my possibilities I have, all looks that I learned, and am still learning, and all my guts, and all my dream, too.
You know the original version of the Dying Swan?
So I've been working recently on this, and vocational project, vocational program, which I do lecture, the organizers showed me this music with this proposal even ... to "me" in a new interpretation my style.
It's a different thing, I'm looking for something more revolutionary.
You know you're struggling a swan to death, and is made by a dancer, the tips, all in white.
The original version is this
OK, so let's see what you will present to us, such as street dance, this version.
Good Luck!
Bravo! Boy you touched me, dude.
How old are you?
I'm 20yo
And who is the choreographer of that ...?
Well, that's me.
Ah ... oh ... you are ...crying? Are you crying?
My God… I don´t believe it.
Look ... I do not know if I'm more excited for him ...
Are you an artist
What you presented here is so exciting, John. I love it ... John ... John Lennon da Silva, boy you are an artist of greatness ... hopefully you keep doing it forever ... searching for his art ... why amazing what you showed us ... I hope people who are watching at home are large and have been able to feel what you managed to make me feel ... I am completely thrilled ...
Thiago, what is it?
Hi .. My vote is YES, my vote is YES
You're amazing, you dance in the next round because you're awesome
Thank you, Thank you.
John Lennon rocked, man. Razed.
It's amazing. Wow!
People ... only for a minute ... I go to ...
You're right, Joao?
I'm fine, I'm cool ...
Very good kid, gets the seal of the program who dances in the next phase because dance a lot.
John Lennon, what happened, man? Why do you think you could be to blame for this unprecedented and historic moment in "If she dances, I dance", Joao crying, he was thrilled with you, it never happened here.
He saw my potential, he just thought it would be normal, I do not know, from what I saw, by looking at him, and his face, you know? But when he saw me finishing the choreography he said: you're an artist!
Congratulations! Runs there to lift up those who dance a lot and the next phase. Congratulations, bro!