Tourism Western Australia

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So Tourism Western Australia works with um.. two other organisations to market
Western Australia to the world. Firstly Tourism Australia is responsible for
marketing Australia all round the world
Tourism Western Australia is responsible for attracting visitors to
Western Australia
and then we work closely with our Regional Tourism Organisations who are
responsible for marketing their regions in particular
Tourism Western Australia has three key roles in the broader tourism industry
The first one is marketing Western Australia as a leisure, tourism
The second key part of that role is
sponsoring and assisting to develop events
that will attract visitors to Western Australia. And the last part is
facilitating the development of infrastructure in Western Australia so
that when people come here they can have a great tourism experience, so
things like making sure we have direct flight connections
and ensuring that we have enough hotel rooms
and ensuring that our work force is capable of actually providing service for
So Tourism Western Australia markets
in a range of places both within Australia and around the world, we focus on
Western Australians holidaying at home
We focus on
people in Sydney, Melbourne
and Brisbane and attract them to come to Western Australia
And we work in ten international markets both in the eastern hemisphere
and in the western hemisphere
to encourage people to come Western Australia
We do this in the number of ways through marketing campaigns
and traditional methods, like print, and in cinema, and
in flight advertising for example, with Qantas
and and we also
work in some of the newer methods of marketing
through online
so we have
twitter accounts
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