Na`Vi on road to 'hotel' - part 1 @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 6, 2012

- Zeus, tell us, what’s up?
- A?
- What’s happening?
- That’s harsh! Aaa.
- It’s operational footage.
Tell us, what’s going on?
- Taxi-driver dropped us at the edge of the world.
Look around.
Where we are?
- We just met SK gaming.
They were in combat strength.
Tomorrow we’ll meet them in the other place. Haha!
- Do we have to turn here?
- We are in the middle of a field now.
I’m full of adrenalin.
I’m happy we are becoming closer to the sleeping place.
Guys, be careful! It’s a car! Uuhhh!
- How was your trip to the hotel?
- How do you think it was? We landed in the airport.
Then we took a taxi. Taxi-driver said our venue is here.
We are wandering for half an hour and still can’t understand where we are.
We panicked a little.
Look at the moon. Woooooo!
Did you hear the wolves?
We have to hurry up.
I’m scared!
- Did you have a sleep today?
- We didn’t have a sleep for 24 hours.
- We didn’t have a sleep for 5 years.
- However we are in combat strength.
It’s very dangerous.
The cell is ringing. Guys worry for us.
- It’s not my.
- It’s prb calling.
- Who’s calling?
- I heard the music.
- It was SMS
- SMS: “we are waiting for you”
- It’s the way to the hotel.
- Look, where we go.
- Private houses. It’s a village!
- Every year conditions for gamers turn to be worse and worse.
- Pond is on the right. You can swim there.
- It’s just a big puddle.
- Are you guys sure we go the right way?
- Ceh9 is here, so I feel safe.
*singing Russian song*
- I think we are close to the venue.
- I see someone moving towards us. Beware!
- It’s gonna be a battle.
- I’m wondering if we had a battle now, would Poles be on our side.
- Be careful. Car!
- Are there Poles inside the car?
- I saw zonic from mousesports.
- Golden youth!
Driving cars!
- Look at the river! Wanna jump in?
- Go! Go!
- What’s up?
- It’s a car of the chief.
It’s ESL chief’s car.
Look at his cool car.
It’s Soviet car “Niva”.
Look, it’s a thief.
He has got a riffle.
Let’s get out of here!
Don’t shoot bro!
- Cen9 what’s inside your suitcase?
- Extra legs.
- ceh9, you remind me of a gnome.
- I think we are close.
- I suppose so.
It’s total bullshit.