How To Get Motivated To Eat A Healthier Diet

Uploaded by ExcuseProof on 11.11.2012

Hey this is Derek Doepker with Excuse Proof Fitness here in a video on how to get yourself
motivated to stick to a healthy diet.
In the previous videos in the series on how to stick to a diet, I've talked about the
importance of awareness, and developing the awareness of what you want,
and where you're at right now.
In this video, I'm going to be talking about how to actually get those feelings, those
emotions generated inside yourself about feeling passionate and excited
about pursuing a healthier lifestyle.
If you really wanted to be motivated to do something, you have to have a big reason why
you want that thing.
If you hear stories about people who are really successful, who made dramatic changes to their
health, and their body and their lifestyle, what you'll often
hear is a very big reason why they got started.
What it might be is someone realized they might not live much longer if they didn't
change their ways. Or even just the thought of not being around another
20 years. Or not being there for their kids if they died early. Or someone if they lost
their health, they wouldn't be able to pursue the things they were passionate about.
Or perhaps, they've never been able to pursue the things they were passionate about in their
life, because their health and their body was holding them back. So they made commitment
to change.
What you won't often hear is someone who says "I've made a complete turnaround in my diet
and I've stuck with it for years and years and years." And you ask them why they do it
and they say, "ahh well I just kind of felt like it."
That doesn't happen. There's usually a strong reason that's compelling them to change.
So what this means is that you have to get in touch with the reasons that are compelling
to you to eat healthier and stick with a healthier diet.
A lot of times when a person considers "why do I want to eat healthier" they may give
a common answer like I want to lose weight.
Now that's fine, but that's only the very surface level reason why. Then you have to
go deeper beyond that and go "why do I want to lose weight?"
It might be "I want to look better"
"Why do I want to look better?"
And you keep digging deeper and deeper.
Let me give you an example of something that's not health related.
Let's say someone says "I'd really love to get this new job."
"Why do you want the new job?"
"Because it pays me more money?"
"Why do you want more money?"
"I want more money because then I can travel the world. That's something I've always wanted
to do."
"Why have you always wanted to travel the world?"
"Because I'm interested in learning about different cultures. That's something I've
always intrigued by is how different cultures live and their art. I'd love to just experience
all that." or whatever.
So I'm kind of making this stuff up but you see you can keep going deeper and deeper.
Every reason that is given, you ask why you want that thing?
So all of a sudden, getting a new job in this person's mind is associated with freedom to
travel the world. It's associated with satisfying a curiosity they have about different cultures
and things.
The same thing happens with your diet. When you start to understand eating healthier,
getting more fit can mean freedom to do things you're passionate about in life in other areas
beyond just your health.
So ask yourself "why do I want to eat a healthier diet." "Why do I want to improve my health
and make these changes."
So come up with one or as many reasons as you want to, and then whatever reasons you
give, ask yourself why do I want that.
Then whatever reasons you give for that, ask why do I want that next thing.
And keep digging deeper and deeper until you come up with reasons why eating healthy, and
sticking to a healthier diet will just be something that fills you with passion and
You'll know when you hit these reasons. And even if you don't come up with really huge
compelling reasons, chances are just this practice of thinking about it, thinking about
why you want to make these changes, will start to generate more feelings of excitement and
So if you want to know the reasons why I made a commitment to make a change when I first
got started, then I'm going to talk about this in the next video. There I'll be giving
some specific tips and some action steps that you can take to uncover more reasons why to
stick to a healthier diet.
And especially finding reasons that help you day in and day out constantly remind yourself
why you want to make these changes.
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