Das solltet ihr über Kreatin für Muskelaufbau wissen! (mit Natural Bodybuilder PolskaGenetics)

Uploaded by BodybuildingRev on 18.08.2012

Hello and welcome to bodybuilding revolution!
Today we are talking about creatine:
Many of you have asked me, how is it with creatine,
Do I have to make loading phases?
Does one have to take in excessive amounts?
I will now describe my experiences, as I think it is optimal.
You can take 5 grams of creatine a day and that is absolutely enough.
Theoretically, 3 grams are enough.
I think 3-5 grams are optimal.
Personally, I always take my creatine after training with maltodextrin
or another form of carbohydrates, if nothing else is available.
On non-training days I take it in the morning on an empty stomach with my carbs.
It is very important that you consume carbohydrates.
Who is on an anabolic diet should not take creatine, since it's directly excreted.
What's more to say to this is that creatine works perfectly with Beta Alanine,
which is an amino acid, which I cherish, which is in my eyes the perfect combination.
Anyone who is on a plateau, should try it once.
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