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FEMALE SPEAKER: Arthur hits the big screen, 10 crews are
selected to battle it out, and a new music video that's
nonstop dance.
This is Just Dance for March 31, 2011.
French DJ Sebastian released the music video for the first
single off his newest album.
And the dancing in it is off the hook.
The video is set to the track "Embody" and stars young
dancer Shamari, who instantly captures your attention with
his fresh dance skills and personality.
Atlanta native Tyler Parks choreographed the
dance-fueled video.
And Just Dance had the chance to chat with him about working
on this fun and unique project.
TYLER PARKS: I was like, OK, well, I want to go over some
moves with you.
And it was about an hour and a half before they were going to
start shooting.
And so I just worked with him on different steps.
And then we actually came up with some combos that I
wanted him to do.
And we just kept moving like that.
Then sometimes--
it would literally be right before shooting, right before
the director called action--
I would be, OK, I want you to do this and this
and this and this.
I just showed him it and I changed it, and it was perfect
because he just flowed with it and kept it moving.
FEMALE SPEAKER: "Embody" is one of 22 tracks off
Sebastian's latest album, entitled Total, which will be
released on Ed Banger Records May 30.
Fox is bringing a whole new take on the flash mob to prime
time, Thursday, March 31.
And you do not want to miss it.
The one-hour special, hosted by Howie
Mandel, is called Mobbed.
And it follows Howie and hundreds of strangers as they
help a special guest surprise their friends and family with
exciting news through a flash mob.
The performances are shot with hidden cameras and
choreographed by the Emmy-nominated duo, Napoleon
and Tabitha, whose work is consistently seen on So You
Think You Can Dance.
You will witness a large-scale flash mob routine go from
rehearsal room to grand reveal and see how dance has the
ability to make life's special moments even better.
Mobbed airs Thursday, March 31 at 9:00 PM on Fox.
The season 12 stars dance for the second week in a row to
ensure they wouldn't be the first to leave
Dancing with the Stars.
Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley proved strong again.
They earned 45 and 43 points, respectively.
And the NFL certainly prepped Hines Ward for DWTS.
He stepped his way to 44 points for his two-week total.
However, the judges didn't seem to favor the
personality-driven dances of this season's talk show host.
Wendy Williams and Mike Catherwood ended the first
round at the bottom of the leader board.
America cast their inaugural votes, and sadly, we saw Mike
Catherwood go home.
Tune in next Monday for an all-new episode of Dancing
with the Stars.

Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, and Helen Mirren are
teaming up on the big screen in the film Arthur, which
opens nationwide on April Fools' Day.
In the Warner Brothers comedy, Brand's character, Arthur,
faces losing his inheritance when he falls for a woman his
family does not approve of.
The film also features a dance scene choreographed by John
Carrafa, whose work has been seen in Big Love, Ugly Betty,
and Bride Wars.
Check out Arthur in the theater near you
beginning April 1.

America's Best Dance Crew's sixth season is hitting
MTV on April 7.
And Just Dance will keep you in the know of everything and
anything ABDC.
Let's start with the 10 crews selected to compete for the
title this year.
From Boston comes a co-ed crew filled with philanthropists,
Phunk Phenomenon.
787 Crew is bringing Latin flavor, flips, and finesse to
ABDC from the sunny island of Puerto Rico.
Instant Noodles are the sixth season's B-boy crew.
And speaking of boys, check out ICONic Boyz.
This young New Jersey group was last seen busting a move
on Live to Dance.
You're bound to see some fancy footwork from the FootworKingz
of Chicago.
The all-girls crew Jag6ed will bring their contemporary pole
dancing to this season's eclectic lineup.
And the Eclectic Gentlemen from North Hollywood will
bring their suave style.
Krumping will get front and center
with LA's Street Kingdom.
And hip hop will get attention from the hot
Houston crew, I aM mE.
And finally, all the way from New Zealand is ReQuest, fresh
from the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.
Have any questions for the crews?
Let us know in the comment box below, and we will
be sure to ask them.
And don't miss the season premiere of America's Best
Dance Crew on Thursday, April 7, 10/9 Central, on MTV.
To recap, you saw stars get dancing, Fox get flash mob,
and crews get crazy.
Tune in next week for an all new episode of Just Dance on
DanceOn, the dance video network.
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