A Time Slip of 10000 years : Prime Rose - Full Episode (Official and HQ with subtitles)

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This is breaking news. Breaking news.
A terrible thing has happened.
Currently in the U.S., the Soviet Union, Germany and England, a state of emergency has been declared.
According to the Defense Agency, at 13:13, on the 13th,
The Death Mask, a midair fortress satellite,
is about to fall in the area of Kurihama, Guju, in eastern provinces.
The nearby area within 50km radius of the impact point
is expected to get heavily damaged, and therefore residents are evacuating under the military's direction.
And the other part of it is expected to fall in Dallas, the United States.
The time frame for this fall is 13:13, the 13th.
A Time Slip of 10,000 Years: Prime Rose
Year 1983 Tezuka Production
This is when both the U.S. and Japan got disappeared.
In that Death Mask,
an ultimate weapon called
"Sigma 99" was equipped.
No one knew what kind of power it had.
Anyhow, it's now like this.
It only left a huge crater.
How many victims were there?
About 2,000 from the town of Kuju,
and 5,000 from Dallas are missing.
Missing? They weren't killed?
Take a look at this, Gai.
Let's consider this the time of explosion and this a future.
If the surface of this place gets flown to this place due to explosion,
Then, they got flown to future?
That's right. 10,000 years ahead.
No way!
Gai Tanbara, it's true.
Has it been confirmed for sure?
A patrol man from 10,000 years ago came with a roof tile.
A roof tile?
After examining it, we found out it's from Kuju.
I don't believe it!
Surely there's no survivor though, right?
We don't know about that. We want you to investigate that, Gai Tanbara.
Yes, sir!
Get ready.
Yes, sir!
It's you, Bunretsu!
I got here late. I almost missed it.
Miss what?
I want you to take me with you.
Stop being foolish! Investigation isn't a game.
I won't be a bother to you. Isn't it all right, Gai?
Shut up! If you don't go back like a grown-up, I'll call security.
So mean...
Then, Boss, I'll be on my way.
Three minutes until takeoff.
Please proceed with the final checkup.
All clear.
20 seconds until takeoff.
10 seconds until takeoff.
9, 8, 7, 6, 5,
4, 3, 2, 1, 0!
What a terrible place! Is this the future of 10,000 years after?
It's just desert as it is.
What is that?
That is not a normal creature.
So this is Kuju Kurihama after 10,000 years.
The mankind is now extinct.
Dang it, it followed me.
Who is it? Come out!
Come out!
Bunretsu! How did you get on the time machine?
I sneaked into the food trailer. Man, I was able to eat as much as I wanted.
You little...! You ate my food?
I'm so full. I gotta do some exercises.
Raise your hands like that!
I'm going to lock you inside the time machine and hand you over to the officer later on.
How come? I'm your little brother.
Despite being under age, you particiapted in time patrolling,
you smuggled yourself, you stole my food, and...!
Huh? What is that?
Watch out!
Is that a blowfish ghost?
It's coming back!
Don't shoot. I'm going to take it as a souvenir.
You stupid...!
Bunretsu, move away! Move!
Don't laugh, you guys!
Bunretsu, here's your souvenir. Take it.
I don't want such trash!
Bunretsu, bring medicine box from the time machine.
This one must have been toxic. My body's getting paralyzed.
Are you all right?
I'm all right.
Anyhow, you should stay and wait in the time machine!
I don't want to! I'm coming with you.
All right, then. I'm not going to be responsible for you though!
Gai! That... Take a look at that!
What is that?
I've never seen such thing.
Hey, Bunretsu! There are ruins!
This is the town of the 20th century for sure. This is Kuju!
As expected, they time traveled to 10,000 years after.
Anybody here?
There isn't anyone. It's like there has been a huge earthquake.
When they time-traveled, there must have been a huge earthshock.
I'll look through this part.
Be careful!
Let's meet at the time machine!
I'll be there too.
This is the thing that was used to be called as Tori.
It took my camera!
Give it back to me!
How dare you make my precious camera like this!
I'll finish you with this.
Stupid! You try eating even this electric knife?
Dang it, my film!
Gai, help me!
Who are you?
What is that?
It's human voice!
Help me!
Are you hurt?
Thank you.
My name is Gai Tanbara.
You are from here?
I'm from Kukurit.
Yes. He chased me.
-This one? -Yes.
He's a guard at the forced labor camp.
Forced labor camp?
I snuck in from the outside.
In there... In that labor camp... My boyfriend is...
You went to meet your boyfriend?
All right. There's a good way.
Get up! I know you are just pretending.
You will take us to the labor camp. Do you understand?
What in the world are these freaky statues for?
Hey, tell us.
Hey! What are these statues made for?
We really don't know anything.
Open it! It's me.
Good. Step in slowly.
What the... They are making so many of them.
Besides, every one of them has a different face.

Even such an old guy...!
That's right. You work until you die here.
Shake it up!
Carry them more quickly!
Taro! Taro!
How can you be here?
I wanted to see you!
So that's her boyfriend...?
Hurry and arrest them!
Dang it, I was off my guard.
His highness, Pirar of the country of Kukurit is entering!
Are you the ones?
Two mice that snuck in and a pig that abandoned his work? How audacious.
Hey! You are wearing clothes I've never seen.
He said he's a traveler.
As an example, send him to the toughest place.

Don't move!
You will soon understand it.
I'll show you what happens if you go against the rule.
Come here!
No! Emiya!
Don't move!
Slaves! Look what happens if you go against the rule.
We are not of the same class anyway. Please just think that we weren't meant to be.
No! What are you talking about? We love each other!
Taro! Taro!
How annoying. Take her.
You should be thankful for letting you go alive!
Don't you ever come back!
This is your workplace!

What a place.
Be careful!
You see? As soon as you are off your guard, a fire will come out from under your feet and burn you!
That's right. Be careful, newbie.
Don't be lazy!
Have you been here for a long time?
Why are they making statues like that?
Those are statues of the devil.
We continue building those statues of the devil. That is the order from Pirar.
What is the name of that devil?
Death Mask.
What did you say?
You two! What do you think you are doing?
His highness, Pirar of the country of Kukurit is here!
From this day, I'll be ruling this country as the governor of Kukurit.
If you show your loyalty to Guroman and I, Pirar,
I'll guarantee safety for Kukurit.
Have fun tonight.
Drink and dance!
You are Jacques the merchant. Are you having fun?
Yes. My daughters are having fun as well.
I'm Emiya.
Emiya? I feel like I've met you before.
Would you like to dance with me?
Emiya, His highness wants to dance with you.
I refuse!
I already have my next dance partner.
Then how about after that one?
There is another one after that as well.
Everyone seems to have interest in this beautiful one.
Then, by when can I be your dance partner?
Tonight's full of reservations. Please try next time.
How dare you... To His highness!
I order you to cancel all your appointments.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry.
Please forgive her, Your highness.
I made up my mind, Jacques. I'm going to make Emiya my wife.
What's wrong? All of you, dance!
You must have not liked the ball.
How can you know?
It's written on your face. You don't like Pirar?
Of course not!
You can't do it. Even if you fight him back like that, he won't get defeated.
Don't you want to learn swordcraft with all your life?
Swordcraft? Me?
I can teach you a little.
I'm fine.
If you become ready, come to the valley of death.
What's up with your attitude? You are in big trouble!
We can't say a word even if you were to be sentenced right away.
There is a limit to being rude!
Emiya must have been surprised. It was too sudden.
Isn't that right, Emiya?
Anyhow, you must accept the proposal of His highness, Pirar!
Why don't you marry him, Father?
Wh, what did you say?!
How dare you think of giving your daughter to a guy like that!
"A guy like that"?
We'll get in trouble if someone hears this.
There's no one. Thank goodness.
I never raised my daughter to be this rude!
Do you know how much I cared for you and your future?
But Honey, Emiya's in her own complicated age...
Irma! Since you are like that, she's behaving so rudely!
Be quiet!
Be quiet?!
We still have a few days to answer. Let's think about it carefully.
No matter how much you think about it, no is a no.
If we let Emiya be with Pirar from the country of Guroman,
we would be ashamed to face King Kukurit who entrusted Emiya to us.
Past is a past, and present is a present.
If we hang out with Guroman people
and send Emiya to His highness, all our lives and properties would be safe.
Me? Wife of that Pirar?!
You have got to be kidding me!
He's the one that killed Taro! I'm going to get back at him!
But... How?
It's all right. You don't have to comfort me.
Man... I can't get it even once!
All right!
I give up!
Emiya! Emiya! Emiya!
You were here!
Why are you in such a hurry, Father?
There's no time for you to be so calm!
It's about your engagement to King Pirar. He will be here soon.
My answer is the same!
Emiya, think carefully!
You could become a queen ruling over Kukurit!
Stop it! I said no! I don't want to!
Hey! Emiya!
I want to get rid of Pirar.
Then I want to save the people of Kukurit
who are suffering under Guroman.
But... How? What can I do?
Emiya! Open it!
That's right! That old man told me that he would teach me how to use sword.
Emiya! Open the door! Open it!
Father, Mother, good bye.
Emiya! Where...?
What happened, Jacques?
Pirar, Your highness, my daughter just...
She disappeared from this room!
Mister! Take me to the valley of death!
All right!
Fire dragon!
Step aside! You will become stones!
You! Bunretsu!
Don't sneak around and just come in!
How can one getting ready for swordcraft pass out?
Jinba, she is?
Emiya. She's a Kukurit noble's daughter.
What is a noble doing here?
Only the ones showing loyalty to Guroman are being affluent.
How awful. How can such thing happen?
Feed her some water.
To her?
If one needs help, then we offer help.
But how?
In moments like this, you can do it with your mouth.
With my mouth?!
Here. Hurry.

You stupid! Who drinks it himself?
This is who I am... I'll go fetch some more.
What are you doing?
It seems like she misunderstood you.
This boy is the one I saved in the forest when he was almost dead.
Is that so? I'm Emiya Tachi.
Is that so? I'm Bunretsu Tanbara.
Then Gai Tanbara is your...
He's my big brother!
You know him?
So where is he?
In the hell where he has to work until he dies.
I'm going to go save him!
Saving him isn't a good way.
After perfecting your swordcraft, you will save all people from their sufferings.
I will do it! I'm going to do that!
Who is it? Who had guts to do such thing to me?
All right. If there is no one, you will all be punished.
No meals until tomorrow!
My hand slipped. It happens from time to time. Forgive me this time.
It's you...
You've got balls.
You passed out already? Wake up!
How is it, Emiya?
There's fire behind you. Now you can't run away from the enemy in front of you.
If you move one step behind, you will die.
The sword...!
You have improved quite a lot.
However, you still can't defeat Guroman with this.
Bunretsu, hand me a new sword.
Wow, all they do every day is to practice swords.
I will never be able to catch up.
Even though it's for defeating Pirar... They are trying very hard.
Do you understand? This is the valley where bloodsuckers live.
You need to leap fast in order to get to the other side.
Then, let's go!
Step on spots I stepped on.
Other spots are dangerous.
I told you not to be late!
Pirar won't be defeated with such things.
It is finally time to give you the final trial.
It is finally time to give you the final trial.
Get rid of firedragon near the border area.
The moment you let your guard down, you will become a stone by the fire it blows out.
However, if you cut that dragon's fiery tongue and eat it,
you will obtain a strong body like a rock.
Watch out!
Do as much as you can with each other.
Bunretsu, be careful! You will become a stone if you get touched by its fire!
Let's go!
The cave will collapse!

Bunretsu! Watch out!
Bunretsu! Take that!

Watch out!
Jinba! Jinba! Wake up!
Emiya, listen carefully to what I say.
I'm King Abumis of Kurkurit.
Jinba is a borrowed name.
I was exiled by Guroman. And you are my daughter, Prime Rose.
You are the princess with a mission to free the country of Kukurit.
You are Prime Rose.
I'm Kukurit's...? No way!
When Guroman invaded Kukurit,
I hurriedly entrusted you to a family. Prime Rose, I ask you
to get rid of the invader and get peace for Kukurit.
King Abumis, hang on there!
That's right, King Abumis!
I beg you. Both of you, work together.
Prime Rose...
Hey, the captain's coming.
You are ready, right?
Yes. It's perfect.
We will succeed for sure.
All right. Don't get caught.
Captain's here.
I'm going to get you in trouble.
That statue is getting done later than the plan.
100 whips for slaves working there!
Yes, sir!
All right, now!
Do it!
It's dangerous!
The responsible one will be executed!
Get up!
You are...!
Guards, you listen as well!
That one is...
Gai Tanbara!
If you move even a little, he will be dead.
If Governor Pirar finds out about this, you will all be killed.
Who are you? How dare you!
You've tortured us for a long time.
This is nothing compared to the pain of Kukurit people!
Do you want us to help?
Then answer me! What are these statues for?
What are these hundreds and thousands of statues for?
That is...
You! Say it!
We've been tortured so much to build these useless statues!
Are you not going to tell us?!
All right... I'll tell you so please stop.
It's to build the statue of Great Devil who rules over this universe.
Great Devil?
There is a legend that says if a statue that looks like Great Devil gets built,
then Guroman people will get blessed and that glory and blessing will continue forever.
Eternal glory for Guroman people?!
There'sno such thing as "Great Devil."
All right.
We'll test if it really exists or not.
Gai, can you do such thing?
I have something in mind.
Emiya! Ah... Prime Rose!
Can you really defeat Pirar?
I don't know. But I have no choice but to try.
How brave you are to try it by yourself.
It's a sure thing for the princess of Kukurit to do for her people.
Way to go, Prime Rose! I'm thinking of you better now.
If my imagination isn't wrong, this will cause something to happen.
Does everyone understand? We are going to build the statue portrayed on this paper.
What kind of shape is this?
I have no time to explain. Please build it as similar as possible.
How icky. It gives me creeps just to look at it.
This is Death Mask.
Captain, stop all other works and put all efforts in this.
All right.
What are we going to do? Horse died in a place like this.
Let's go back, Prime Rose.
What are you saying?
I made a promise with my father.
We have no choice but to go in order to defeat Guroman!
But how are we going to get there? On foot?
Women tend to say reckless things when they are into things.
Shut up!
When this rain stops, I'm going to find another horse!
Everyone, take a look at that!
What is that?
It's shining.
What an odd light.
The statue's having its ritual.
Is it being reflected on sands?
No, it's too bright to be a reflection.
It's the Great Devil. Great Devil!
No way!
Great Devil... Great Devil...
It's the Great Devil.
How in the world...?
You've waken me up.
Who are you?
Are you the Great Devil?
If you'd like to call me that, then go ahead.
I've told humans to build an appearance of mine.
I told them to continue building ones until they build the one I like.
Listen carefully.
I am your god.
God? I can guess what you are.
You foolish ones...
Do you know that you were brought to this world by the power of mine?
I brought these two towns here on purpose.
It was for them to fight each other.
I want to see war. I want them to have wars
and shed blood by killing each other.
That is what I want.
Humans are foolish. Even though they are always speaking of "helping each other" and "peace",
they end up hating and fighting each other.
Shut up!
I'm going to command you.
Hate each other! Fight! Kill!
Kill your enemies again and again. Shed blood and cut flesh.
I will provide as many weapons as you want for such things.
Rain has stopped, but what can we do?
There isn't any horse-- not even a single mouse!
We will wait.
It will come by evening for sure. Then we can catch it.
What do you think will come? A horse? A cab?
I'm not going to look forward to it.
There are puddles now. Something will come for them no matther what.
Those puddles will dry up fast.
She doesn't have any plan whatsoever.
If she were sexy at least... But she's not even attractive.
She's not my type at all.
Look at this! I told you it won't work!
Prime Rose! Prime Rose!
Where did she go?
Prime Rose!
No! Don't look at me!
Go over there!
Umm... Puddles have dried up.
What are you saying?
Bunretsu, you are perverted!
I'm sorry. I didn't know you would be in water.
All right! Hurry and go over there!
Wh... What are those?
A butterfly force! They are huge!
They are like birds.
Don't make any sound.
Good boy.
Yay! This will carry us now!
Butterflies, thank you!
Bunretsu, you are smart!
Pirar! Where are you, Pirar?
That voice is...?
Now you've made up your mind to marry me? You have come a long way.
Pirar, don't call me Emiya. I'm Prime Rose.
I'm Prime Rose, the daughter of King Abumis.
What's up with this whole sudden princess play?
It doesn't matter whether you are a princess or a commoner.
To me, whether you want to marry me or not is what matters.
Don't touch me!
Be ready!
What are you doing?
I'd like to have a sword fight with you.
If I lose, I will accept your proposal.
However, if I win, I want you to free Kukurit
and I want Guroman out of here.
You are interesting. You said sword fight, right?
All right, I accept your proposal.
I'll show you my swordmanship tomorrow in stadium. I'm going to knock you out.
How about some juice? Cold ice cream!
Come, Prime Rose!
Hey Cutie, I'm here for you!
It's hot.
Hey, you thief!
You stole my crown, right?
All right, go do it, Cutie!
Prime Rose, what happened?
Thank you for all these!
How is this...?
I ate firedragon's tongue! I can always be like a rock!
Cut me if you can.
What in the world...?
Pirar, you won't be able to cut me at all.
Pirar, I win!
As you have promised, free all slaves and go back to your country!
All right, I'll keep my promise. I will free slaves. However, I'll free them by death.
Wh, what did you say?
Prime Rose, look here!
If you resist, your friend will die.
Prime Rose!
Pirar! You sly...!
Put her into jail right now.
What is that? How dirty!
You are not keeping your promise!
You want to go to jail with her?
It was a fun fight to watch.
So Prime Rose, the game is over.
Governor Pirar, there's a problem!
Slaves have broke out in revolt and are headed here!
What? Slaves? What in the world have guards done?
A slave called Gai captured the guard captain and is leading all other slaves.
Everyone's destroying statues and is carrying rocks one by one.
Wait! We are not here to fight! We are here to talk about peace!
No questions and no answer. Shoot!
We will begin now!
All right!
Sir Pirar!
Slaves started to build a rampart around the castle!
What? Rampart?
Yes! They are adding more and more rocks!
Let them build it. We will destroy it tomorrow morning.
I'll make them work in vain.
Won't Gai come here?
Now that I feel like I can be saved, I'm somehow feel at ease now.
You are really carefree, huh?
Yup! I'm not the one who groans all the time. Anyhow, I keep thinking...
Think what?
Prime Rose, you are pretty sexy.
I now like you, Prime Rose.
Stop being foolish. Go to sleep!
All right.
Sir Pirar! Sir Pirar!
What is it so early in the morning?
It's still dark outside. Come in!
Slaves are... The stone wall!
Stone wall? I already told you we are going to destroy it in the morning!
Governor! It's been morning for a while already!
It's all at this height around us. We are like lions in a cage.
Bring those two captives!
Come here for a second! Gai!
Slaves, listen carefully!
If you don't get rid of that wall, your friends will be killed!
I compliment your way of fighting. However, it was all in vain.
Start working!
If you start dragging, these two will get killed.
Big brother...! Gai!
They wasted their time.
How stupid!
Cockroach has come in!
It's a cockroach monster!
Don't get near! Don't!
It ate my sword!
What is this smell?
It stinks!
It's cockroach!
I'm eating right now!
I did tell it the same thing but it won't listen!
Then kill it!
Wh, what is this?
It stinks!
What is this?!
How many are there?
There are 351 confirmed ones!
What's up with all that commotion?
I don't know. I can't look down there.
My legs got tired now.
No! If you don't stay standing, you will be hanged.
Emiya, you cross first.
Don't look below! Look straight!
You are next.
Sir Pirar, cockroaches can never enter here.
But it's so hot in here. Someone bring me water!
We had no time to carry any food or water...
What shall we do, Governor?
It's all your fault! Go down now and bring water!
If I do that, I will be eaten by a cockroach!
I don't care! Go!
My eyes are spinning...
Stupid! What are you dragging? Move!
Yes, sir!
What are you doing?
My brother told me to hurry, so...
I'm going to keep this in mind!
No! She hates me now!
Don't come!
Help me!
Go! Do your best!
Please help!
Do you understand? Do not try to overtake the country of Kukurit ever again.
Guroman and Kukurit will now peacefully
share food and commodities from now on.
The two will now share lacking resources for peace.
There will now be no discrimination or poverty.
These are the only conditions. Surely you aren't stupid enough to not keep these.
Now, sign this document and go back to Guroman.
All right.
Man, this trip was in vain.
It was a stupid idea to occupy Kukurit in the first place.
I want to go back to my country as soon as possible.
Governor Pirar, what's wrong?
Stop calling me governor. I'm just a man now.
However, when we go back, we won't be able to get away with this.
I know.
However, just using our forces like we've been doing won't work from now on.
We have to approach peacefully from now on.
You have changed, Sir Pirar.
What is that?
You! Where do you think you are going?
I told you to build my statue! Why are you running away?
Who are you?
I command you one more time. Go back and fight again.
What? Peace? War and domination are the words that suit you.
Take these!
Go back to Kukurit and fight one more time! Fight!
What are you doing? Hurry and take those swords!
Pirar, Prime Rose is making fun of you.
The people of Kukurit are looking down on the people of Guroman.
Go! Hurry and go!
I can't.
I can't hold swords anymore.
Great Devil! I, Kiriko, will follow your command!
All right, then.
Leave them!
But if we bring them back, we will be able to sell them at a resonable price.
Follow me!
Gai, why did you decide to run away at night?
Be quiet!
Stupid! I told you not to make any sound!
Be quiet!
Let's go!
We could have at least said goodbye to Prime Rose.
You shut up.
How come? I mean, Prime Rose likes...
Don't be foolish!
I'm telling you the truth! She likes you!
Heroine has appeared! Can you really run away?
Shut up!
Gai, are you all right?
You are not even going to ask me?
Where were you going to go?
I had something that bothered me, so...
He was going to run away! RUN AWAY!
Stop it, Bunretsu! I wasn't gonig to run away!
There is a work I must do.
No! How can you leave me behind? Take me with you!
Prime Rose, it's a dangerous work.
Besides, you have become a queen now.
I don't care about being a queen. I want to help you!
All right. I'm not sure whether you would believe this,
but I will tell you.
It's a story that happened 10,000 years ago.
The world back in time was divided into two parts and they hated each other.
Both sides were anxious about getting attacked and therefore prepared themselves to fight.
One of those two developed a new weapon.
It's a flying fortress called "Death Mask".
Inside there, a new weapon called "Sigma 99" was equipped.
That new weapon was a computer with super powers.
In other words, it's a devil made out of machines.
That computer had a live thought.
The purpose of Sigma 99 was to destroy mankind.
Then, it carried out a scary plan.
It sent two entire towns to the same place
and let them play a game to fight and destroy each other.
That's the fight between Guroman and Kukurit.
Two towns were sent to 10,000 years after
and Sigma 99 came to this world as well.
It's over there.
That colony?
When that Great Devil appeared, it became clear to me.
The appearance of the Great Devil is a video Sigma 99 made.
There is Sigma 99 for sure.
Sigma 99 thinks it's a ruler that can rule over the mankind.
It made people build his own statue.
Hundreds of statues until people make the one that looks like it.
To test it, I built a statue with the appearance of Death Mask.
Sigma 99 liked that statue.
Because it's what it used to look like before.
Then Gai, that...
I'm going to go to colony and destroy it.
You are going to destroy that computer devil?
That's right. If we just leave it like that,
people who were sent here will
all be killed as its sacrifice.
I'm going to go and destroy it!
I don't understand anything. But one thing I understand is that I don't want you to go.
They did it!
It's too dangerous! You will be killed by the Great Devil!
I won't be killed that easily. The opponent is just a machine.
That's right! A mere computer won't be able to defeat us!
If we don't hurry, something bad will happen for sure.
We are here. We will now walk from here.
Its sensor might detect the sound of horse.
Gai, where's Sigma 99?
Shh! Follow me.
According to my guess, it's probably near that crater.
Gai, I can hear something!
Someone's following us!
It found us! Dang it!
That laser can't go through rocks?
Dang it, is it over now?
Prime Rose!
Why did you come here?
I told you to go back to the palace!
I want to be with you!
This is my work.
I think I can help.
No! Let me walk in front of you. I can block it with my body.
What are you saying?
Gai, Prime Rose has an ability to make her body like a rock!
Don't be foolish!
Both of you, let's go!
Stay behind me.
It's coming! Prime Rose, watch out!
Are you all right?
It's like this.
What in the world...?
Prime Rose!
Another one!
It's now attacking with wind!
Bunretsu, support Prime Rose!
All right!
Support her!
What a wind!
It's going to attack us with its full power.
It's all done by a computer?
It's a monster that can control magnetic power. However, there must be a vunerable point as well.
Everyone, let's go!
Yay! Kill them!
It's a surprise attack!
Where are Prime Rose and Gai?
Come out!
I have been waiting for you guys to fight.
This is the center of crater. Don't fall.
It's boiling down there.
There isn't anyone who proceeded from this point on.
Gai, there's something over there.
That's not a rock. That's Sigma 99. Be careful!
Bunretsu, get down!
It's going to kill us!
Dang it.
Shoot as much as you can!
Bunretsu, it's no time for such thing!
Look at that!
It's planning to crush us by tearing rocks down!
No kidding!
Bunretsu, Bunretsu! Dang it, he's asleep.
It's coming down!
Would it be possible to kill that monster with a sword?
Yes. All we need to do is cut its circuits.
All right! I'm going to try!
It's not possible! You will get caught and killed before getting near there!
A person is going to get detected, but a thing that's not a person could get near.
Like those rocks.
I'm going to try. If it doesn't work, then Gai, this is our goodbye.
It's dangerous! Stop it!
Wish me luck.
Prime Rose!
Bring it on, Monster!
Huh? What?
Well done.
Rose, come back now!
Come back! Prime Rose!
Bunretsu, you go back to time machine first.
No! I don't want to go back alone.
I'm going to stay here until she comes back.
Prime Rose has become a rock. It's no use to stay here.
She usually comes back right away,
but it's already been a month. Give up.
No, she will come back for sure. I believe so.
Prime Rose will come back for sure. I'm going to wait forever until she does.
Even if you wait, nothing will change.
If you wait 20, 30 years, you will only get old.
If she stays like that after all those years,
it's your life that will get wasted.
Do you understand, Gai?
Gai, you like Prime Rose, right?
I understand. But this is not it.
You saved the world, but you won't be able to save her.
Bunretsu! Come here!
Hold this hand.
Her warmth is coming back!
You are mistaken. It's your warmth.
No, hold it right! It's only a little, but it's warm!
It's pointless. Her eyes are dead.
There's no way a rock is warm.
I told you. I'm going to wait.
Gai, we are finally going back.
Are you sure you won't regret about Prime Rose?
Let's go!
Prime Rose, we must go back.
I feel really sorry to leave you.
I wanted to watch the new Kukurit with you.
However, it's a goodbye now. I have a new work waiting for me.
You are courageous, beautiful and kind.
Please rule over this new country well as a peaceful country.
Goodbye. I love you. Gai Tanbara.
Princess, the new cabinet members are waiting.
All right.
Prime Rose...
The End