How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Rabbit

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now we've made a lot of balloon animals and there's loads and loads more to see as well.
But the one thing we have missed out on is a very cute one, and that?s the bunny rabbit.
Now you can have bunnies in all different colors, pink or yellow for Easter; I've chosen
gray because it's authentic to the real thing. I'm going to start with his nose, pinch twist
his nose, and make his big floppy ears. First you twist it and now we just shape and find
the fluffy bunny ears, like that. Then to come down to his neck, pinch and twist. Now
just like the puppy dog, do the leg and then a little turn, ok and then another little
bubble turn, and there are the legs they're all the same size and a knot twist into the
base of the bunny's neck; one, two, three. Now for the little bunny to look really cute,
I'm going to put his nose wrapped around his paws , like that. Just fluff those ears over
again and see. Just like the real thing. Coming down his back, there's one bubble, now these
bubbles need to be pretty much the same size except for the last one, that's because you
are going to make a bubble tail out of that. So there's one and stretch it a little bit
to make sure, and two and this is his back with just enough left over to make a tail.
This is where it gets tricky, you?re going to push this back piece right between these
two pieces here, where my fingers are in the middle here. So I am going to show you that
very carefully, pushing with the fingers and there it drops, drops free. Ahh little bunny,
oh so cute.