CGRundertow BANK SHOT BOMBER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 21.03.2012

This game is like playing billiards with explosive devices. Can you imagine this in real life?
You’d’d better have more than a cube of blue chalk, if you want to
win at that freaking game. This is Bank Shot Bomber for the iPhone.
This game hit the App Store just a few weeks ago, and on my birthday, too! You know what
I did for my birthday? I went to an arcade type thing, evidently owned by some guy named
Dave and/or his friend Buster. And what I found there—uh, in addition to morally casual
ladies—was freaking iOS games. Not in my pocket. arcade games.
I only mention that because I want to play this one on a huge screen. I mean, the coolness
of an explosion is directly proportional to the size of said explosion.
And because it was my birthday, and uh, I’m still accepting gifts.
I doubt we’ll see Bank Shot Bomber next to Infinity Blade or Fruit Ninja at the arcade
places any time soon, but nonetheless, it is a fun little game that should appeal to
the iPhone owner who likes to shoot pool...or who is perhaps a terrorist.
The game is extremely simple. You have to get the bombs into the mouths of the monsters.
I mean, obviously, just like real life. And you do that by touching a bomb, aiming with
your finger and releasing. It’s easy enough, but the challenge is in your technique. The
more walls your shot bounces into, the more points you earn, the greater your multiplier...the
less damage is done to your pool table.
There are five different gameplay modes in Bank Shot Bomber. You have the basic normal
mode, in which you’re on a timer. There’s also a more difficult mode, in which you deal
with a timer and you only have one bomb per shot. So if it doesn’t get to the monster
before it explodes, it’s game over. And there are also some fun challenge modes, which
change the layout of the board and throw in some obstacles.
Bank Shot Bomber doesn’t have pack much of a punch in terms of content, but at a cheap
price of 99 cents, it’s the perfect kind of mobile game...ideal for waiting rooms,
bus rides and, uh...I guess warmongering pool sharks.