Daejeon - Fundraiser Auction

Uploaded by kevinfmanley on 18.09.2011

Hello Daejeon I'd like to tell you a little bit about the talent auction
fundraiser happening at Yellow Taxi I know what you¡¯re wondering: what is a talent auction
Okay, well you see
There's this big man with a big heart named Mike McStay
now Mike got sick
now he has health insurance and he saved a lot of money here but
the hospital bills have gotten really expensive
and all this money is gone now
Mike is still sick. What Mike really wants to do is get back home
to the land that he loves and the land that he once helped protect
so we're gonna have a talent auction fundraiser because we know that they're
a lot of people in the city that really want to help out
But none of us are millionaires so what can we do?
Well, each of us has our own little special talents things that we can do that other
people can¡¯t. And some of these talents aren't so hidden
I mean we're here for a reason
So, what happens at this auction is, say for example, you can cook Thai food really
now someone else really wants to learn how to cook Thai food
you volunteer an hour so of your time to teach them
how to do this
in return
they make a donation to Mike's hospital fund
and you yourself
get appreciation from Mike and knowledge that you're working hard to keep this
community together
to win-win-win situation. So what can you do next?
First take about a talent you have that someone might be willing to pay a little
bit of money for. Or maybe you got something lying around the house that you want to
Maybe you know a business owner who might be able to donate a service or something
for us.
Fill out the form below
and then
At yellow taxi on Saturday October 8th at 9 pm we're gonna have a live
heck, we¡¯re gonna throw a bake sale in there too
So whats gonna happen is that a bunch of people are going to show up and bid
on these services offered by the volunteers
at all of the profits will go towards Mike and everyone¡¯s gonna have a
real good time
So please
come out to the Talent Auction Fundraiser
and if you have any questions please email me
so I¡¯d like to thank you all for watching together I think that Daejeon can pull
together and make this happen!