Anime Recommendation #1: Gintama(Subs in CC)

Uploaded by TheAmvAkdag on 27.06.2012

I came after hearing about a corpse-eating demon...
Would that be you?
A rather cute demon.
Did you also take that from a corpse?
A single child stripping corpses to protect himself, is it?
That's very impressive.
However, you no longer need that sword.
A sword that's only swung in self-defense, while fearing others,
should be thrown away.
I shall give you my sword.
If you wish to learn how to properly use it...
Then come with me.
If you wish to learn how to properly use it...
Then come with me.
From now on, you will swing that sword,
Not to cut down your enemies.
Not to cut away your weaknesses and protect yourself.
But to protect your very soul.
How can you have power that rivals mine?
By someone unable to abandon their sense of self...
By someone who can't even sever their ties, just to have a place to return to...?!
I have sacrificed everything...
My sense of self, my home, even my comrades...
All for my prey...
For you...
Yet why...? Why?!
You still can't understand?
Some of the things you sacrificed were too important.
You abandoned your comrades?
You were afraid of losing your comrades.
You fought alone?
You wouldn't have to feel the pain of solitude if you'd been alone to begin with.
You abandoned your sense of self?
You were running away from the pain you caused and the pain you endured.
You're just a coward!
She's far stronger than you could ever be.
A coward is enough to deal with another coward.
I'm enough to take you.
You don't have the right to call yourself her master!
You don't have the strength to shoulder a student and their pain!!
Let's go back.
To your home...
Jiraia! Stop!
Give up already.
There's nothing in your web.
This whole time, there was only ever a pathetic little spider,
spinning threads into the sky while gazing at the distant moon.
What are you babbling about?
I already knew that long ago.
Stop! Jiraia!
This is how...
How it should be...