Autodesk Homestyler — Refine Your Design

Uploaded by Autodesk on 03.05.2010

Once I've furnished my design, I can experiment with surfaces and materials.
As you can see in the designer, this is the same layout I've been working with in previous
videos. I've got it mostly furnished and gone ahead and named this design to distinguish
it from my other saved designs.
I'd like to examine the possibility of adding a closet to the living room, and an additional
pantry or laundry space in the kitchen.
Drag and drop the Closet object from the Build tab to add a room or closet to any design
and resize to fit your space requirements like I've done here.
After a quick review, I've decided to take advantage of nearby plumbing in the kitchen
and create a laundry. And I think the Living Room would be better with some bookshelves
that I can add later, so I'll select the closet I added there and delete it.
Notice that Homestyler won't let me place this washer/dryer unit because of the open
dryer door. However, I can disable an items placement rules and allow it to overlap to
take this into account.
Now I'm ready to make some refinements to my design and see how these changes will impact
the look and feel.
When I click a room in the 2D view, the Info panel opens and provides several options.
Clicking Info allows me to add a room label and set baseboard size, or turn them off.
Clicking Room Style allows me to view and change the room's Flooring, Wall Treatment , Baseboard color, and Countertops.
Clicking Delete prompts you to verify that you actually want to delete the room.
After spending time designing and furnishing a room, it's nice to be warned before it's
Any changes to room style are instantly reflected in the designer, but to see different wall
treatments or baseboard colors, you'll need to view your design in 3D.
Wherever I'm working with content from Homestyler partners, I can click the Website link to
open a new window to the manufacturer's page for the product I'm considering.
From the manufacturer site I can get more information about their product.
When I switch to view in 3D, I'm able to see the color I applied to the living room walls
from the 2D view. From the Furnish & Decorate tab, under Surfaces,
I can explore other colors or wall treatments. By dragging a different color onto a wall,
I can instantly repaint an entire room. Or, hold down the CTRL key to paint one wall at
a time.
You can also click specific objects such as appliances to examine their options.
Selecting the refrigerator and clicking Info allows me to remove the ice and water dispenser,
or to choose a different available finish for this model.
In Homestyler, it's easy to experiment with different furnishings, materials, and options
to refine my design and increase my confidence that I'm making the right product choices.