[Real 2PM] Member's Selection Making Film Part. 1

Uploaded by 2pm on 07.06.2012

Ah~ I want to go out and play.
What are you going to do today?
I don’t know
I just came by car
What are we here for?
You know, don’t you?
Wow, what is this camera?
Why don’t you say hello~
Hello, Junho~
Hey, what's up?
Go, now
Now, let’s go Khun, Khun
Hey~ isn’t this a nice scene?
Let’s go~
Hey~ it’s all messed up
What are you doing, Jang Woo Young?
Now, Junho, put down the guitar
and go out of the frame gently
Junho, just put down the guitar, and go out
I am going~
I’ll call you Junho
Yes, call me~
What is the video?
We are taking the film with this
Ah, really?
Weather is so good
Weather is really good
Weather is truly good
Ah~ a lonely man
The time is~ he is always late.
Why are you so late, why.
Isn’t the atmosphere really good now?
Didn’t I take a really good posture?
Yes, yes
Now, let’s go home.
Keep in mind that we are making a still cut, so there shall be a little feeling for a pose
Still, still?
Now, there shall be a still
Now, still?
Still, one, two, three,
It is difficult if you overdo it
Get the good face angles, angles.
Take a look at your watches, too
Junsu, would you like do it?
No, I don’t think I should
Wow, it is amazing
The weather is good.
There’s the seat where Chansung used to sit originally.
I need single shots for each of you
And with Junsu
I need two-shot with Chansung.
Taecyeon can rest a while.
Ah, you two are awkward and good.
If I sit like this, I cannot eat
Turn, turn and eat
You can turn it around
Wow, it looks really delicious.
Don’t you have one more glove?
Open it quickly, open!
So you do it like that, and pull both sides?
Taecyeon drinks the most.
Is it sweet?
It is not sweet
It’s a little sour.
Now, is there no more minor in 2PM?
It has been long since there was no minor
It has been 3 years since.
Now, we are not idols
Shall we go?
I will pour it for you
Come here~
Hey, sit, sit
Those who are prepared can go first naturally
Why are you holding this side hand?
Don’t put your hand up if it is not natural
That's what I'm saying
I’m here~
I have prepared today~ Eat.
Junho’s hair looks pretty today.
Junho’s hair seems OK today
Junho’s hair is pretty
Help yourself, I prepared them.
Mr. Ok Taecyeon
Change, change, try to change
2PM’s Member’s Selection Album
Among the songs we did so far for 5 years
We selected some songs
That we want you to listen again
You came to the jacket filming site.
for this re-recording album,
Today's really-
Having meal with 6 princes-
Go down, down, it is cold
It is cold, go down
Please help yourself,
And let’s enjoy.
This one’s for me, give me a letter
Ah, so it is how brother Taecyeon takes picture of brother Junsu-
Yes, I get it. I will continue.
Come on, do it nicely
As a conclusion, now Junsu, heart.
I’ve read it all
Junsu, heart.
Uh, Taecyeon cried
Oh, I was a blondie
Oh~ Chansung cried, too
I had a blonde hair
I was hurt
We need to take pictures
Ah, right, the key point is
Taecyeon is in my way
Sit Taecyeon, and Taecyeon only.
Now, a pose to try to stand up,
Can’t I do something like that?
Drink up~!
Hey, did you see this?
It is too sour
How disappointing!
Brother, you just blew up your 4-day diet with that one meal.
Brother, it’s the end, Game Over, Peace Out.
In a good environment,
Having delicious food and good wine
It feels really good.
Let's come back here together next time y'all.