Morphium Cuts #7 - 3000 ° - Der Wanderzirkus im Ritter Butzke

Uploaded by MorphiumFilm on 23.02.2010

Tonight is a tourstop of our bookingagency. 3000° Booking.
The topic of our party is "3000° the traveling circus"
We're a group of artists from Northern Germany.
and we have a small bookng agency
With this tour, we would like to advise of us.
We found the circus-topic very interesting.
And it will tonight be experienced.
It should be a surreal circus revealed with fire breathers and stilt walkers.
A vagabond circus flair! We also feel like the vagabonds of electronic dance music.
We have many artists in different musical directions.
Polka, techno, house, tango and the classic club dj.
We have fun in Berlin and we think that many people in Berlin really go in for our sound.
The tour goes on to Halle, Hamburg, Trier.
We already were in Copenhagen.
Rostock and Wismar will come in the near future.
You want to introduce Northern Germany to the world?
Yes, and our music