Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Offers Innovations, HTC Droid DNA, Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920 Does Not

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 28.11.2012

hello everyone Michael here with the daily note 2 youtube channel and i thought
the privilege of owning a samsung galaxy note 2 for nearly two months now
and i was fortunate enough to buy a 64GB device before they
discontinued in south korea
and i'm seeing a couple of new devices on the late such as the HTC droid DNA
the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920
and i'm surprised and disappointed to see and hear just how fast people
say that they are the latest and greatest innovations just because they
have the highest PPI
and the fastest processor and I believe people have
forgotten what true innovations are true innovations shouldn't be something that
you have to see with the microscope
or you shouldn't have to see it
by somebody showing you a benchmark because you cannot feel it
so let me show you an example
so i have this list of emails and when i looked down
I can't see any pixelation
and i could make out each letter by letter
without mistake what they are and it is not the PPI that lets me do this
it is the screen size so just how much do people expect to
gain from
PPI such as 267 I'll let you answer that question for yourselves
I want jump to the processing power
now it is true the new devices may come with really great processing power
but it's going to take about six months to a year for you to actually
use all of it
for example when you buy into brand new bleeding-edge technology
it takes about six months for developers to adopt their code to be optimized for
the new hardware
if that
app is available to you at all
and after that six months
it's going to take about six more months for them to iron out all the bugs it's
a painful process i've been through it many times myself
so you should know what you're buying into and another thing is you can already see
the exynos 1.6 gigahertz
there are faster processors out there but you could see it
is butter smooth so when something is pretty much perfect
just how much do you expect to gain from a faster processor for most
once again i'll leave that answer up to you
so i want to show you what real innovations are
for example the S pen is a real innovation
so i'll let me show you this example
so i'd like to go to decide
the S pen brings you true mouse hover functionalities to smartphone and no
other smartphones do this.. so you could hover over these menu items.. you drop down menu
items you could go down the list
you see the elements changing
samething here there is these elements on here that only respond to
when you hover with the mouse or the S pen
so i believe stuff like this is a true innovation
another thing is imagine you have this in your pocket
and you want to take a quick note because you have a great idea
so you take it out and you can literally just start writing
and then when you're done you could just put the S pen back into
the device
compare that to a routine with something like
your smart phone now if you don't have a galaxy note 2
you have to turn it on you have to unlock it
after you find a note-taking app
and then
you have to start a new note you have to start typing and you have to close
and then you have to turn it off
so many steps that it actually prevents you
from writing the note down because it seems like a hassle
you just can't do all those actions
because it is inconvenient at the moment i think this is a true
innovation as well multi-tasking
i really like
watching videos on the side while i'm surfing the web
i can
literally surf the web when I'm watching like TV
so anyway
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