RomaHeta 11 - part 1/3 [English sub]

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Here, you can have this, Ivan!
It'll warm you right up!
But, Sis! You love this scarf, don't you?
It's okay, because it's for you...
... Thank you.
You can thank me by making Kiev Rus prosperous!
You're evil, Sis!
Ivan! You're finally awake...
I've even got this dress to marry you my brother my brother my brother my brother my brother my brother
so now we can get married married married married married married married married married married married married married
Go awaaaaaay!!
... W-wait. Natalya... you're all right?
I can't die until I get married to you.
This is—
Are you two—maybe—
... You...
... I understand... It's all right, now.
... I'm sorry...
... Hmm....
Hmm... Hey, you there... I know a place that serves some delicious pasta, how about we go—
... Wha—?!
He's still half-asleep.
What the hell is going on here?! This is too scary, dammit!!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll do anything, just don't get any ice on me!
Hmm, let me think...
Feliciano! Lovino! You're awake!
And you as well, Ivan.
Seeing your face right after waking up, I don't even feel like saying anything any more.
H-hey, Kiku! Why are we here with Ivan?
Where the hell /are/ we, anyway?!
We were at Ludwig's house, waiting for everyone to come back—Huh?
It seems that you have no recollection of when your personalities were altered.
Even though the Error said you had sympathised with them...
Um, Honda. By Error, you mean that Honda in white?
Yes. I suppose he has my personality because he's the error of a system I made.
Don't worry; the corrective patch is done. Feliciano, Lovino, are you in any pain at all?
Nope, I'm fine!
... Honda, I think you're a little mistaken.
? Is there something you... know?
They're still right there...
... Hmm... Maybe this is more Arthur's speciality? Where's Arthur?
W-well, er...
What the hell... We actually did that? I don't remember a thing, dammit!
What am I going to do, Kiku?! Ludwig and Roderich are definitely going to lecture me!
What happened in Ludwig's house wasn't your fault.
But I was quite surprised. Ivan, you remember everything that has happened so far, don't you?
I don't know what happened after Vash shot me, but... It looks like everyone is gone, yes?
Hmm, I wonder why?
... Well, never mind. So, you were saying that Feliciano and Lovino had their personalities altered, right?
Strictly speaking, I don't know if we can call it altered personalities...
It resembled the infection by the Error,
but there was no change in their programs to increase their abilities, behaviour, etc.
Even the log of their fight with Ludwig and the others hardly showed anything.
... I see. Hm, yeah, maybe.
So, who on Earth was it that those two sympathised with?
Who could it be...?
Even I don't know what they are or where they came from.
I have a cold feeling in my heart.
You don't know? Didn't you just say that it was Arthur's speciality?
Yeah, probably.
Arthur hasn't said anything, though...
I don't think that means he didn't notice it, though...
Right now, we all exist in this world as programs.
If the abilities we had in the real world can't be reproduced, they won't be manifested.
Of course, the same could be said for you...
Ivan, you drew your power from the Error for a long time.
... And you are also the only program that was infected from the moment you came to this world.
Maybe you have something different from the others.
... Well, we won't know unless we investigate it.
I'll go back to the real world and find out the others' whereabouts.
I'll also check your abilities once again, Ivan.
I'll help you, too!
Whoa! What the fuck, you bastard?! Where the hell did you spring from?!
That voice... Is that you, Yong Soo? Ciao~!
Now, everyone, if you will excuse me.
Ivan [Thunder Emperor]
Feliciano [Hetare]
Lovino [Henchman]
[General Winter] Ice element magic damage to all enemies.
[Galaxy] Deals non-element magic damage to all enemies.
[Kolkhoz] I'll KolKol you! ☆ Dark element
[Water Pipe] It's just a water pipe, yes?(^し^)
[Mythril Helm] A top-class helmet.
[Thunder Emperor Clothes] Old-fashioned clothes. Defence element: Thunder
[Guard Ring] Raises defence a little
Those who had the items are gone.
Hmm, it looks like we don't have any money, either.
There are still some items and money that Wang Yao left... Why don't we keep them?
Obtained 5 x High-Quality Healing Potion!
Obtained 2 x Royal Jelly!
Obtained 2,500G!
There's a kitchen here. I think I'll cook something.
Goddammit... I left all my items in the potato bastard's house...