Growing a gift into a calling [cc]

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Today we finish our series called finding our focus which deals with the
subject of our spiritual gifts
the first week we talked about our motivation how we'd each been gifted by
God to help others said to glorify him
last week we examined how to identify the areas in which we are uniquely
and today we will be concluding with how to grow these gifts into a sense of
in our scripture passage today the apostle Paul clearly illustrates how we
can fulfill God's calling on our lives
not surprisingly is involved putting spiritual gifts into action
so that the church grows into fullness and maturity
listen carefully as I read from Ephesians chapter four please open your
Bibles or read along in your bulletin
I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received
be completely humble and gentle
Be patient
bearing with one another in love
make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace
But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ
Apportioned it
So Christ himself gave the apostles the prophets
the evangelists the pastors and teachers
to equip his people for works of service so that the body of Christ maybe built
until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and
become mature attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ
then we will no longer be infants tossed back and forth by the waves and blown
here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of
people in their deceitful scheming
Instead, speaking the truth in love
we will grow to become in every respect to mature body
of Him who is the head
that is, Christ
from him the whole body
joined and held together by every supporting ligament grows and builds
itself up in love
each part does its work
today I'm going to talk about
That is life direction
and as you can see from my title
growing at gift into a calling I'm going to
start with what we covered over the last few weeks as a foundation and that is
that you give us has been gifted by God
in very special and unique ways and that God wants us to identify and discover
our spiritual gifts
by looking at our past experiences
or experimenting with ministry opportunities that are before us
and that he wants us to grow
our gifts
into roles or into more specific ministries that that repeat over and
over again
is identified with this sometimes we think of calling
we think of that inner
sense of I need to be involved in something or that
says that this is something I must do
and many of us
have things we like to do
but we're not might not be able to say this I must do
we may not have that sense
of direction from God that that we are to focus in on that place and
I think based on that some of the Studies of spiritual gifts part of that is
because we haven't identified our gifts
and we haven't been able to let them grow to the place where they become
that sense for us so I'm hoping today
and through this whole series
that God is going to help us with that
God has
for these things to grow in our life
he wants us to be able to say
this is what I was designed to do
with the depth of sincerity and
with the depth of conviction
and I think that that the starting point for that is to realize that
every one of us
have been called
there's a passage in Romans
eleven twenty nine it says God never changes his mind when he gives gifts
or when he calls someone
and if you look at the literal translation of that, it's
The gifts and call of God are irrevocable
Another way to put that is that
the gifts and call of God are a standing offer
something that
God has said that I put in place in your life is like a seed
in your life is ready to germinate
ready to grow into something I'm setting it in place
And the key to that
emergence of that gift and that calling
is that we focus our energies on developing its in partnership with God
very clear description that that is how it comes about
and I hope that as we think about that identified that we're going to be able
to say this I must do going to be able to find that sense of what God is doing
now I know that each of us are called because our passage today speaks
directly about it, it says in Ephesians four one
I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received
this is a path is written by the apostle Paul to the church
it is not addressed to a specific leader
it is addressed to everybody in the church
and so the question we start with when we talk about calling is
what are we all called to
What are we invited into it
and there are a number of things were invited into I'm going to talk about
three that I think are very important
the first one and foremost one is we are called
to Jesus Christ
We are called to him into relationship with him
and if you look at first Corinthians one nine, there is actually a typo in your notes
it's not six nine, it's one nine
he says he has invited you into partnership with his son
Jesus Christ
now the way that that's translated is fellowship or koinonia, he has you into koinonia
with his son Jesus Christ
sometimes when we hear the word fellowship
we think of just relationship we think of having coffee
with somebody really
Lets have some fellowship back here after church
but the word koinonia the word is
much deeper than that in that sense of just relationship is also a word that
means partnership and participation
with Jesus
and so we are invited, we are called
into a partnership
with Jesus who is the head of the body and here we have an illustration from
Ephesians that's wonderful it's about the body
and we have this
wonderful picture of Jesus being the head who directs
all that goes on in the movement of that body
we're the church we're the body
he is the source
of everything we do, the director of everything we do
We can
look at different passages to talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus and
many other passages, we're in partnership
With Jesus in a relationship and in that wonderful partnership with him so
we'll call to that
very specifically and very fully
second thing we are called to together
all of us
in the church is to love
and to grow together
we're called to love and grow together
and from Ephesians four it clear in that way it's become fully humble and
gentle be patient
bearing with one another in love
make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit
through the bond of peace
if you think that loving and caring for others in the church is not something
that takes effort
well you're fooling yourself
We are constantly dealing with
the little things that annoy us about those around us
And I think when you think of the illustration of the body this is very
because the body our own body is a daily illustration for us we
need to take care of our bodies
to stay healthy
we got to feed ourselves correctly we need it
eat the right things we need to do exercise, rest
all these things
are so important for the health of our body to be able to do things and be
when we get sick
our resources are redeployed in our body to deal with the sickness and a lot of
energy is spent on that
and I know of those of you that have had cancer or things like that you see
The amount of the energy your body puts into fighting
types of things
I have never been surprised the Bible deal so thoroughly and fully with
this issue of the health of the church you see when Paul writes a lot of
what he speaks about is this specific subject you got to get along with each
other you need to forgive each other you need to bear with one another, well why?
well so we can be healthy and we're not burning up our resources on things that
distract us
from the call of God
so were called to get healthy and a call to get energy to being healthy and
to resolving things that go wrong
Not to sit and fester and become cancers
but to deal with those things so it's a very specific and strong
called to Jesus
called to love and to grow together
and thirdly
we are called
to a movement
movement of God
and my favorite movement and I think the central movements
Matthew twenty eight go and make disciples
of all nations
the great commission
now I love the word movement
well first of all it relates to the body very well, doesn't it?
moving think what does a body do? it moves in a coordinated manner
directed by the head
part has a role to play
and goal to fulfill you're talking about a movement is certain direction
I'll tell you
but finding your unique part
in Jesus Christ eight word
is the most fulfilling thing
anybody can do
I'm just
convicted about that
that this idea of going and making disciples
of all nations and actually it's of all ethnicity
and it'd it's beyond just other countries
but it is crossing
cultural barriers that we have that could be age barriers
the older and the younger that could be economic barriers someone who's
Different from us
economically or someone who is
out who's not a follower of Jesus
but when we figure that out when we actually
join in that movement because there is a direction that's very clear in the Bible
of the whole body of Christ in that direction
we get our part to play
in that we realized I had to make a disciple
among someone who is may be different than me
there is a joy
That wells up within that is indescribable
and I love our staff
Our staff loves
when we are part of the process of helping people to
go to Jesus and a partner with him
when we help people to become healthy within the body of Christ
with each other
and particularly help them to find that
place where they can make a disciple
get this privilege, all of us on the staff of having people come into
our office with their eyes beaming
and they're saying
I can't believe I get to do this
this is what I've got to do
I have people say this to me
and their the people have been working with me in alpha
ministry to help people that are
are learning about Christianity the basic Christianity they're at the table
talking to people in the
they can't believe that they're doing this
I've got people that are doing our internet ministry now that come and say I can't
believe I'm doing this
this is something I have to do
I get to make a disciple
from somewhere in other countries and I couldn't do that before but I'm finding
a way to do it
we've got people that work with youth
and the middle school kids in the younger kids
and they beam
this is what I have to do
we have people who visit shut-ins
and we got people that are praying they are intercessors
They pray
and they know that they're part of this
so that's the key is finding that
now the hard part
is to figure out the process for making that happen
we all know that's important and we all know once we find it we know what
it is
but how do we get there and what's the pathway to it
because a number of us
have that and some of us just don't know you know, I like to do a lot of things
but I don't know what I'm called to
Ephesians gives us a hint and a roadmap for this in a very powerful way
if we
can understand it
it starts with the idea that the role of an equipper
helps to make us complete and there is a number of roles that are mentioned
Here that are used to equipped the church
for growth, apostle
and teacher are all mentioned
now I had quite a journey with this passage and trying to understand it
in its entirety
I understand it on a number of levels now which has been kind of neat for me
the first level is the one that most of us have an understanding about and that
that the apostles of twelve apostles really laid the foundation for the
and of course the prophets were a part of that and much of the
Bible was written by prophets
and even the evangelists of the new testament Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
laid the foundation by telling the story
for the church today and that is our ultimate foundation, the Bible
our starting point for all that we do
and then that the Lord has given, of course, pastors and teachers among us
to help explain all of that
and I think that most of us to get that and understand that very well and we see
people who are pastors and teachers
here's the thing that I've noticed too
is that sometimes we put a lot of stake in the pastor or pastors
and we actually hope that maybe they are a little bit of apostle
prophet and evangelist as well as a pastor and teacher you know kind of a
a well-rounded individual who can do a lot
and some of us it's is the thought is that this person is gifted and
I'm listening and
I'm growing, that that's what I need
now I want to present to you
another perspective on that as well because that's what that is true we do
grow from gifted people in our midst
let me give you an another perspective on this particular
view of the
Apostle, prophet, pastor
Teacher, evangelist
you look at the early church
and how it was established the first thing to realize is that the apostles
were ordinary people and their distinctive
that they brought was that they had been with Jesus
that was what made them noteworthy
They had been called by Jesus
and they were called to some wonderful an important tasks
they went out and they started churches
and these churches were often started in weeks
a few weeks time sometimes
and elders were appointed within months
at times
and so by necessity
everyone in those early churches really had to play their part in all that
it happened
and again they were at many ordinary people that were supernatually
called to do amazing things
I got a taste of this for the first time
when I was overseas as a missionary and I went into albania which
had very few churches at the time and I
started churches
When I started small groups of people
and work with those
at the time there was not even a Bible school in the country
to train pastors
I hadn't even been to seminary at that point
but I did know one thing
and that was how to disciple
I learned that in college
In fact I learned that from another college student
I was part of a campus crusade group at college and
another student there was a year older than me took me under his wing
showed me how to grow in my faith we went to a little workbook
growing in Christ, I mean we have got copies of that in the church you can do
it yourself
but he showed me how to do that and then I took some other people through it over
my college years and I learned how to disciple
how to help people to grow in the faith
that was my toolset
going in to Albania
and as I was there I realized something fairly quickly
I was pretty good
At getting things started
and actually I was pretty good at getting leaders and who were Albanians to do
and network them together
I thought I wonder what that gift is, I don't know what that is it
well my eyes open kind of wide when I started studying spiritual gifts and I
had an aw haw moment
what I realized into looking into this whole thing was that there are more
than twelve apostles in the new testament
Did you know that?
There are Andronicus
and Barabbas
what were they doing
well Paul the apostle train them all
so to send them out to start churches
and they did the same thing he did
he passed on the gift
It didn't just sit there it didn't just sit with those folks it
was passed on
and then I realized
this make sense
I'm gifted to do this ministry because it is very necessary to start churches to
have this ministry to be able to start things and link people together
by the way it works very well in the context of a small groups in a local church
go figure
and here I am here today doing that and they said you hear the same kind of
but it's a very specific gift in the role that's developed over time by
if you look at the role of prophet as well and figure that one out
A little more complicated but it's again the truth teller someone who's able to
really focused in hear what God is saying right now and use the scripture
to apply it right now
we need visionary leaders around us and
more the better in the church people that can really get a sense what is the
next thing God would like for us to do and focus on the church we need those
kind of people in church
and we don't need just one or two we need a number of them
How about evangelist do we need just one Billy Graham
Is that all we need?
No, you know
we need a lot of them
we need people that are resonating with this idea about what to be a bearer of
good news to someone who has never heard of helping crossed the line
you know Jesus
we need a lot of people like that
not just one or two but
we need it to see that, how about pastors do we need just one pastor and a staff of five
You know a staff
Why do you thing we have small group facilitators
They are pastoring people in the church because there's a need for a span of care
how about deacons
we need people to have
that role now they might not have a title whatever but they have a role that fits
them they're shepherding there helping
elders oversee, we need elders and many others to do that
Teachers, we need people who can teach
now here's the verse
really opened up this for me, Luke six forty
the student is not above the teacher
but everyone who is fully trained or equipped, that word
will be like their teacher
is that saying that
Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors teachers
are going to create little ones like them all over the place
while they may not have big titles but they're going to be doing that ministry
and therefore
the growth part is us learning how to do that in the context of those are
practicing those gifts that have grown into those gifts into the degree of
They're consistent and more of a role
and we've learned and we glean
from those individuals and growth happens because we multiply ourselves
that's what God intends that's how the body grows
Let us look at the implications here
spiritual gifts can become distinctive roles
and these roles are meant to be
modeled for others
we become like those that
show us how to do it
Bill Hybels has written many books on leadership in and one of the things
he says is great leaders are those who
cast vision
Build teams
and develop emerging leaders
they do a whole lot more than just teach
And they help people to find their place and their role in ministry
now if you have a gift in a certain area you'll notice something
Very, very powerful and this goes back even to last week we talked about how
do you know you have an ability
we get attracted others who have the same ability and you learn from them
look at the areas that you really resonate with and have
a passion for
if you've got a passion for prayer ministry for example
you get with somebody else that has got a passion for prayer ministry
All of a sudden you're just
your fulfilled or perhaps even music ministry you know you're
Gifted in the ability to sing
and you're with those people and you just you have this
energy because you're learning from each other improving together
I look at the
Evangelist ministry we started the global media outreach we grabbed a bunch
people up front definitely were ready to be evangelist
and they all started zinging with each other
because they have a similar gift mix
and I've got that missionary thing to me and I'd
meet with a missionary within three or four minutes
I have made all kinds of connections
just back-and-forth
and we're already name dropping and talking about who we know in common and
all this kind of stuff
your gift mix attracts people have similar gift mix
and when we apply ourselves or training other people
bringing them along things happen
so when you think about
when you think of a ministry
that you might be involved in the church
the first thought we have I want to just do that ministry
do it
but if we are actually walking in a calling
we are
equipping other people to do it as well and finding out who has that similar gift
mix and calling them to it
and by working together with them our lives to start bubbling up
it's amazing
and I know that you've experienced that in in a ministry of some sort you get
with somebody else's got that same thing and it bubbles up
because we were never intended
suggest receive
there was there's no way that
that God intended for us to come and listen only I think that was growth
we are called to participate
in that
unique movement of God
and find that thing that he has for us in that wonderful broad
salvation that he's doing everywhere in the world
now here's something I also began thinking about two years ago
when gifts and calling our talked about in the Bible
it's never really to individuals
It's always in the context of the group setting because again gifts
are emerged from rubbing
and working with others
that had the same gift mix and that are training us and just
modeling it for us that we can copy it
and local churches
have gifts in callings too
so it's not just us as individuals but actually when you
get into the mix of what God is doing in a church he begins to direct you toward
a certain goal and calling at times and I have a wonderful example of
I had at the church I was at in California
they had developed over the years a counseling ministry
that was very unique to that church they had a a staff person who was head
over that counseling ministry, she was a pastor
They had lay counselor training that they did and they were serving the community
people were coming from other churches and being trained there
It was a really neat ministry it was clear that this was something that that was a gift
that God had given this church
For themselves what a wonderful way to raise up people who could do that ministry
as well as for other of the local churches in the pastor came to me he
Rick, is there anything I could do overseas maybe we could do with this is there a
mission trip we can do?
and I gave it a little more thought and one thing up led to another
and I connected him up with in ministry in the middle east
that works with underground church leaders in the middle east
and so we organized the trip out to the middle east with our team of lay
counselors and the pastor and me and a little group
went over and we spent time with these precious people
in the middle east
who came out of really horrible backgrounds I mean there were
Persecution and rejection by their families and
incredible things you that you couldn't imagine that they live with and of
course they had counseling needs
and we got there
it was like
this is what we have to be this is such a perfect hole that was being filled
and no one else was filling it
and there we were in in this
counseling ministry now had an international
it was at six months after that trip that the we came back to pastor resigned
from his position and went with that ministry full-time
and in fact continued to develop it in raise up people
and it just expanded his world in a way that was unbelievable
because it was
a perfect fit
It was a unique match
and it was a calling that our church
Was given
now I think about our own church and I know there is gifts in calling our own
Church has
wonder what it is
you know I think about how we have a retirement community here
if people have time
lot of us love to travel we'll go snowbird for four months and
going on a cruise or we'll do this or that
Wouldn't it be great if we were taking some of that time and applying it to mission
if we were using even more of that time finding ways to serve in our
communities where people can Jesus
and what incredible things
Does God have for us in our experiences and the gifts and talents he's given our
church uniquely
I think about that all the time
and sometime we'll figure it out and God will show us
something and we'll get a new ministry opportunity a new onramp
and I hope there's a lot more
in the coming years we're starting it now and we're going to keep
doing it
it's going to be a roller coaster
there's a gift and a calling we have as a church
the way it goes on there's another thing that and that I wanted to pin
point to that I think is really important
equipping when you get down to the root of the word has to do with fixing
and making things right
it's in Matthew four it talks about mending nets, fix what is broken
this is the nets are mended this disciples are out fishing and the nets get
broken because of the fish they mend the nets to prepare them for the
next catch
bringing back into alignment is the sense about broken bone
that is reset so they can be useful again
supplying what is lacking is related to
helping people who are in sin
and coming back and supplying was lacking people's faith
bringing back in the land is also along those lines and then laying a
foundation is from second Timothy which talks about all scripture is God
Breathed and is useful for
training and correcting
and leading us in righteousness
Reproofing us in righteousness
So we can be equipped for every good work
so we have talked quite a bit for the last two weeks about how
the thing that makes us joyful
is often a sign of our gift
let me give you another aspect of that
sometimes our calling is based on
something that needs fixing
that we see and that bothers us
so it's actually holy discontent
Not Holy content
holy discontent
that often drives people
you look at some of the stories of the old testament in here if you have
was so enraged that he killed a man and then had to go into the wilderness and
and initially got called in to go back and take the people out but it was
holy discontent
that started off his calling
Jesus here in Matthew nine he saw the crowds And had compassion on them because
they were harassed and helpless like sheep without shepherd
and it was that need he saw that moved him to action
so as we are thinking about gifts we're not going to think about what do I enjoy
doing but we also need to think about what is it that needs fixing that maybe
God is calling me to mend
what is it, what does He want me to equip
you know I'm equipping
more people to do what I do, you have a gift use it and give it to
other people
I want to give you an example of that and so I'd like for Victor
to come up
and I was trying to get someone that could
illustrate this a little more fully for us Victor because is a really
good example because he's been a
coach for over twenty seven years
and has been helping out Tony's youth ministry for nine years and recently
was made an elder over two years ago
and has a real heart for kids and I think that for you as one of the things that
really moves you forward to discover your giftedness can you share about that
Good morning, and that it was the
children are
What brought my attention
and made me think
I started coaching first of all
I'm married and my wife Julie and I
Have three kids
I've been coaching over the last twenty seven years Or so, soccer
The love of my life
Other than my wife, of course
And kids
I Started coaching
because of love for the game
five six years after I was into it here in Sequim
I started realizing that
my love for the game had
opened my eyes a little bit more
and that God was trying to do something through me
I started listening to the kids
and I started seeing that
these kids were some of them were broken
their paths
Of their young life was really hard
some of them didn't have a father some of them didn't have a mother some of them
live with their grandparents
having a really, really hard time and and he was hard for them to
to deal with it but they didn't talk to anybody about it
so I think that God
was working through me or trying to say you've got to help these kids
and through my support
through my
Patience and my guidance to them
I was able to
help or give them some relief at least for the time being
and then
hopefully on through
their life as they lived on
so my for the game changed
for the love of the children love of the kids
I started
not knowing, not realizing, really
this was my calling
I thought that I was doing it because I loved the game because
I just love to play the game but no God had something in mind God was telling me
My real love is the jewels, the kids is trying to bring them up, trying to
guide and trying to give them character
trying to
Help them live a better life and therefore
I got involved with the youth group Here in church
and then working with Daniel for a couple of years and
Tony came in and we started going to Mexico doing all these mission
trips down to Mexico and
the kids
And in trying to help the kids the same thing
Not the same kids different kids but with the same problems at
the same
weight on their hearts
that they could not get rid of until they found out that if they trust in God
That if we all
have faith in God
He will guide us
He will give us the strength
go through the
heartaches and go through life in a better way and healthier and happier way
after that
becoming a youth
God kept working in me and
I was honored to be asked to become a youth elder
another way of helping the youth
never in my life
I thought that I would be
involved with church much less become a youth group leader or an elder for
the church
but he as I said he works in mysterious ways and he
has guided me
and has given me
that ability to deal with the kids
and we all, as Rick was saying, have a gift and we all have a
God-given gift
that we need to explore that we need to
Work hard on
that we need to
Really, really develop in order to try to help our kids or try to help
our brothers and sisters
so and
I know that all of you have gifts I know that
All of you have time
to what God wants you to do
to accept
to realize that calling
That God has for you
please get involved
in any
ministry church or in the community
because God
Needs our help
he put us here to help brothers and sisters
and always remember it is not about us
It's about God
glorify God with our thoughts
Our words and our
thank you
Well, I'm going to wrap up here
and I really appreciate Victor sharing that and giving us a
good example of how this really works
as I conclude here I am going to
let you fill in here when you find it
feed it
When you find your gift
feed it
Second Timothy one six as I remind you to fan into flames
the spiritual gift
that God gave you
now a lot of things might prompt us to action
but the question I have today is
what is that one thing that really won't let you go
what is it that's
in your mind that either gives you joy your gives you discontents
that you think about a lot
The Bible is very clear fan it into flames
and sometimes we have doubts around that particular thing how can God use me
to do anything here, well
press through the doubts
fanning the flames
in their first Timothy it goes on
and it says do not neglect your gift so we can have a gift and we can neglect it
So he is telling him apply yourself Timothy giving your complete attention to these
throw yourself into your task so that everyone will see your progress
keep a close watch on how you live in on your teaching
stay true to what his right what a great encouragement
to stay focused
and trust
that God has something unique for each one of us
It is unique for me to do
in his wonderful movement that he's doing
and we know that the secret to fulfill life is to find out what God is uniquely
Designed us to do and just to
do it for his glory
that he gets the attention
when I think about all this love Proverbs four twenty-three above all else
guard your heart for everything you do you
flows from it
God always speaks at our heart level he looks at her motives he looks at our
he looks at our fears
and he has things he wants to awaken in us and if we've been listening
he's been in doing that in our understanding and in our midst
so I encourage you to take a step back and not let that just disappear if there is
something that's been stirring in your the last few weeks
write it down
don't let it disappear
And take that little ember in you and fan it see what happens
fanning the flame
so let's pray together
and my father we
don't want to waste
our lives we don't want to waste our time
it is a most precious thing to know our gifts and our calling in life
and to be able to say this is something I'm uniquely suited for
this is something I must do
Lord, some of us have identified a passion or a dream already and we're
wondering how you
want us to fan it into flames
maybe we have a holy discontent
about something that needs fixing or mending
Lord, I would pray that you would put us to use
and that we would no longer stay on the sidelines
but I also pray that you would help us to find models those who
who are using their gifts right around us and help us to find those people and
to relate to them into can grow along with them
to to be part of what you're doing
Lord, help us to be connected with other people
and that we never say I'm not able to do this or that
Of course we are not able to do this
but you are a big God
You are the God of miracles
you give your gifts and you're calling as a standing offer
They are irrevocable
they're ready to germinate
we are ready to trust in you
So Lord give us examples to follow
help us that faith to walk into things you've given us
help us find avenues for that
help the staff here to find avenues, ideas give us vision
give us ideas
And give us ways to walk into the things that would not be theory in our life
but reality
so we trust you to do this in Jesus name Amen.
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