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Hey! Let's have tea.
Hero, give us two cups of tea.
C'mon! Why are you asking?
Sit at another desk.
lf you don't want to sit in the class, you can go out.
But don't disturb the class by staying here.
Why should l go out? l pay the fees.
You pay the fees to study, and not for sitting at the back and smoking.
So, can l smoke sitting in front?
Throw away the cigarette.
Or else? - l will have to complain to the principal.
C'mon, guys!
Are you new to this college? Come, we'll talk on the way.
Sir, you want me to keep quiet and not complain against JD?
Should l keep teaching him while he misbehaves?
Today he blew smoke on my face. Tomorrow if he slaps me..
..will you still tell me to continue teaching him?
The matter won't go that far.
lf the wrong matter is not stopped, it keeps moving further.
Sir, you will have to take some action against JD.
JD is the president of the students' union of this college.
Do you know what might happen..
..if we take any step against him?
There will be chaos, destruction, strike..
..and hunger strike to remove you from your post.
l will move away if l have to, sir. There are many other colleges.
And l have a good degree which can get me a job in any college.
And you will also get a JD in each college.
Pal, Yaadgiri, how are you? - Fine.
He is Yaadgiri, our food minister. He is so shy!
Meet him.
He is Shiva; got an admission today.
And now he is in our group.
Sit, pal.
Where are the others?
Asha looks na'ive and simple, but..
And she is Brinda.
Brinda is a scholar at reading and writing.
But a zero at sports.
He looks like a wrestler.
His name is Chhotu, and is very short tempered.
He is Naresh. The most intelligent boy of our group.
He gives us all a complex.
He is Ravi, Ravi Lalwani.
Mr. Lalwani gets up early in the morning and does the Pooja.
Wears clean clothes and goes to the bus stop.
As soon as he sees a girl, he follows her.
So, Shiva, this is our group.
When bored at home, we come to the college.
When bored at the college, we come to the canteen.
What are you doing, pal? - What did l do?
So it was you?
Yes, it's always that way.
You met this girl iust 2 minutes back. And now she is more important.
Give me 2 plates of Samosas. - Your debt has reached Rs. 200.
Sir has told me not to give you anything till you settle that.
Shut up, rascal! Go and tell your sir.
JD's gang is getting more tyrant each day.
Why should we care? - How long can we tolerate?
Wasn't that bad what he did to that man?
lf we keep quiet, one day he'll bully us, too.
Chhotu, have you forgotten..
..what had happened to Arvind and his friends?
One day JD was teasing a girl. Arvind went ahead to stop him.
That's it! One day after the college, Bhavani came with his men.
And they thrashed Arvind and his friends.
Naresh and l were there. Poor guy!
His parents got too scared, and got their son quit this college.
Chhotu, listen to me.
we come here to study.
Why should we get into these quarrels? Right?
Forget it.
Who is he?
Must be some newly admitted guy.
What's your name? - It's my cycle.
ls your name written somewhere on it? Just see.
Are you a hero? Where is your heroine?
Will you have the Samosa?
Come fast, JD. The movie will start.
Oh! It's fallen again.
Daddy, please build this building for me.
He couldn't make a room for himself. How will he make your building?
Uncle, my building has fallen down. Please, make it for me.
Enough! You've played enough. Now go and study.
Shiva, how was your first day at the college?
And how much are the fees?
Rs. 2000, and tomorrow's the last day.
All right, take it from me next morning.
Now go and freshen up, then have some snacks with us.
2000 is iust the fees. Then there will be clothes, canteen, books..
lt'll be a good deal of expenditure.
l don't get anything in sir Mathur's class.
l feel allergic to go to his class. - What will you do during the exams?
l copied last year, and yet got a supplementary exam. This time..
So, are you dating her these days? - Take your hand off.
Or else?
Speak up!
What will you do?
The girl was so beautiful that l got infatuated to her.
l thought l would have to convince her.
l took her to movies, restaurants..
What did she do? - She came to my house with a Rakhi.
Wait! Let us first find out what has happened.
Asha, what happened? - We were going on our way.
JD unnecessarily..
..passed comments on Brinda and quarreled with Ravi.
Why don't you all complain to the principal?
Complain to the principal?
You don't know these guys, Shiva.
lf we complain to the principal, they will tell him that.. was Brinda who commented on them.
They'll defame the poor girl in the whole college.
Should we iust keep watching then?
You know them. They run to Bhavani for trifle matters.
Forget it, buddy.
l can't believe this. College means studying..
..getting cultured and not bullying around.. - Uncle!
Child, how many times have l told you..
..not to interfere when we are talking?
Now go in and play there.
Look, Shiva, we are middle class people.
We've always lived with our heads bowed down.
We're better off that way.
You don't need to get into such matters.
Just pay attention to your studies, ok?
l'm getting late for office. l'll move now.
How many times have l told you not to disturb while l am playing?
You're angry with me? Come, l'll get you an ice cream.
Wow! What a smile!
Why don't you laugh sometimes..
..instead being serious all the time?
How old are you?
When are you getting married? Don't think that l want to marry you.
l don't want to get into that trouble.
l can't cook rice, cut the vegetables, or cook food.
Forget all that. Will you get me a cup of tea?
What's the matter?
Why are you laughing alone? Tell us, too.
This food minister of ours, he told us a very good joke. Tell her, too.
You continue laughing. If my sir comes, l will have to cry.
lt's time for our botany class. Let's move.
Forget the botany class. Let's go to the matinee show.
Our exams are approaching and you want to go for a movie?
Come on, Shiva, we'll go to the class.
Shiva is coming with us to the movie, right?
No, l want to attend the class.
lt's the 'Top Gun' movie of Tom Cruise.
Or there's a new movie of Sridevi. Sridevi is just..
Sit down! - Leave me, pal. We'll go to the movie.
No, we'll go to the class.
Why do you discussion so much? We'll throw chits.
Not you! You cheat a lot. Someone else.
Yaadgiri, choose one.
Speak! Tell us, pal. - If l knew how to read..
..l would be sitting with you.
Why would l be selling tea?
Show us. - l'm telling you. Don't you trust me?
lt's not a matter of trust, as l've made the chits.
lf l've written 'matinee' on both chits, how can it be 'botany'?
'Leave the botany; we'll watch matinee. What do you say?'
'There's a history lecture, and a mystery movie. Vote for both'
'Botany lessons are bore, dear'
'History is the story of dead ones'
'Watch a movie full of songs and fights'
'And dance together the disco and break dance'
'He has cock like hair, and stays lost all day long'
'He is the hero of the college'
'His fashion is like a ioker's, his looks are like a loafer'
'He is a zero at studies'
'Acts as if he were James Bond'
'What James Bond? He is silly'
'Poses as if he were some Sikander'
'What Sikander? He looks like a monkey'
Think about March, and the exams..
'Shut up! If you want to sing, sing in tune. Otherwise don't'
'Think about March.. sing in tune, please!'
'When l think about March and the exams, l sweat'
'Explain me someone; tell me which is the better path'
'Why are you anxious, dear? l will show you a way out'
'Why do you forget the September?'
'You are a king of the supplementary exam'
'What is this going on?'
'The exams are approaching, and you're dancing here?'
'Get back to your classes'
'Lord, the lecturer has come, and is scolding us'
'Why did he come and act like a villain? Why does he shout?'
'Perhaps he didn't have breakfast'
'Perhaps he had a quarrel with his wife'
'Now he will blow out the anger on us'
'Then he'll say that he'll better our future'
'Concentrate on Math and get maximum marks'
'Forget this hustle and bustle'
'Stay away from chatting and get closer to the books'
'Then you'll get first class marks'
'What are you saying, madam?'
'Uneducated idiots are many over here'
'And yet they earn lakhs of rupees'
'Even those who study B.Sc and B.Com become peons in offices'
'Shut up! - Black tongue! - What rubbish?'
'Those who want to go to matinee can go there'
'Those who want to go to botany can go there'
'Why fight? - He is right'
What are you saying? You should have asked me.
With whose orders did you release him?
What? Did he come himself?
Ok. l'm coming right now.
So, bro, whom are you fixing the time with?
Have you found out a sister in law for me?
Wife, and that, too, in this life? l am tired of this profession.
What happened? - The same old story, Asha.
l had arrested a goon of Bhavani.
Now he is released as Tilakdhari asked that.
He is my bro, Teiesh.
Asha, l will have to go now.
We'll meet later.
Have a seat, Shiva. l'll bring the tea.
What a gait, sweetheart!
Don't be angry. We're just praising you.
l'm tired of this place. l feel suffocated living here.
l've told many a times to leave this place..
..and go somewhere else, in some decent locality.
Don't you touch that! And go from here.
Who wouldn't feel like living in a decent locality?
But you know that we don't have that much money.
You let other people live with us.
Of course we would run short of money then!
Enough! Don't iust blabber anything without thinking.
He will finish his studies within 2 years and will take care of himself.
What will he think if he hears you talking like this?
Be careful with your words.
l shouldn't be interfering in your personal matters..
..but l don't understand how you stay there..
..after hearing so many insults from your Bhabhi.
You can get another house on rent.
You can also continue your studies by doing a part time job.
No, Asha, my brother thinks that..
..l don't know what Bhabhi keeps saying about me.
lf he comes to know that l know everything, he will feel bad.
And if l go away from home without saying anything, it'll be worse.
lf you don't go away from home, Bhabhi will feel bad.
lf you go away, your brother will feel bad.
lf you stay at home, you will feel bad.
Now don't say anything more, or l will feel bad!
JD, the principal is behind us. We'll see this guy later.
Shiva, don't mess with them.
Shiva, please, let them be. Take your cycle later.
What? What is she to you?
Shiva, leave him!
You hold such a good record and you behaved like the goons!
Shucks! l regret this.
l also regret, sir..
..that you don't take any action against those who disturb the class.
You don't say anything to those who tease the girls.
lt's their mistake and you're asking an explanation from me!
l won't ask why you don't take any action against them.
You must be having your personal problems.
But if someone comes to hit me..
..l am not great enough like Mahatma Gandhi to tolerate that.
Did you see the notice about the elections?
We're iust talking about that.
Shiva, you will have to stand in this election.
l've already told you that l am not interested.
lt's not a matter of interest, Shiva.
Only JD has been contesting in all the elections till now.
Because everyone's scared of contesting opposite him.
And that is why he is elected unanimously every time.
We will have to end this series.
Election has become a joke for you all.
Why should l contest iust because JD is contesting?
lt will be stupidity.
There should be some purpose behind contesting.
l think Naresh is the best candidate of our group.
lt would be better if he contests.
l will take care of JD.
JD, Naresh is contesting in the election..
..and Shiva is supporting him.
This is a problem. Come, let's go and meet Bhavani.
So, you're practicing boxing? l left that in my childhood.
lt's no big deal hitting these bags. Anyone can do that.
Because they don't hit back.
Fight me if you dare!
l haven't been practicing.
lf l practice for one month, l can even beat Mike Tyson!
The problem is that l don't get time to practice.
Doesn't matter. Mike Tyson is saved!
What's the plan?
We can do something or the other..
The one in brown shirt.
What, eh? Are you the hero of the college?
You think you're great iust because you hit 2 - 3 kids?
Mister, listen to me and pay attention to your studies.
Don't get involved in the politics. You'll be ruined.
l've come to know that you are supporting Naresh in the election.
You don't yet know Bhavani.
Listen to me and forget about this election.
Till now l hadn't decided surely to make Naresh contest.
But now l've decided, after your arrival.
And if your Bhavani wants to say something to me..
..tell him to come and meet me personally. And not to send his men.
l'm talking, aren't l?
You're still young, so you have hot blood.
We'll meet again.
Stop studying.
Wait, l'll get you chairs. - No, there's no time to get chairs.
We've decided to watch movie tonight.
No, pals, l've sat down to study after many days. You guys go.
There are really good scenes in the movie. - C'mon, pal.
You watch the scenes and let me stay back.
He is the only one who studies in this world!
Study and be famous all over the country.
What about us? We are vagabonds!
What is this?
Now you've come, too! Who else had come? Your girl friend?
lt's difficult handling you. How can l think of another?
Thank God that you got a girl like me.
Forget all that. Let's go for a movie.
Look, Asha, l iust refused Prakash and Naresh.
Now you don't get started.
Mr. Shivkumar, if you don't study tonight..
..the sun will still rise next morning.
lt doesn't make a difference. C'mon. Movies bore me, Asha.
Who is asking you to watch the movie?
You watch me, and l'll watch the movie.
Watch you? - Why? Am l not beautiful?
All right. It's better to watch a movie..
..than listening to your chattering.
But you had said that you'd study tonight.
Let him study tomorrow, please.
He didn't come when we asked him.
And the mister immediately agreed when a girl asked him!
No, pal, l've sat down to study after many days. You guys go.
Greetings! Greetings, sir! When did you arrive?
Sorry, dears. Forgive me. - What's going on?
Nothing special. Just.. a friend is no more a friend..
l've seen such fights in dozens of movies.
One can't iust make out why they're fighting..
What is this nonsense, Asha? You're disturbing others.
l've come here to talk to you and not to watch the movie.
lf you wanted to talk, we could have gone to the park.
What was the need to come to the cinema?
ls it written anywhere that it's not allowed to talk in the cinema?
Tell me.
'Bramha is happiness. Govinda is spring'
'The whole world belongs to the lovers'
'When my eyes met those of a pretty girl'
'The two hearts met while playing a game'
'You are my sweetheart'
'My girl friend is a beautiful bud'
'And my heart says that you are my life'
'The rope of love pulled me to you'
'l am also restless with my eyes closed'
'This is the magic of Iove; let it work'
'lf the magic works, let the hearts dance'
'Let us douse this fire, let the hearts meet and flowers to blossom'
'We've met, dear, but it's no fun'
'lf you agree, what is there we can't do?'
'Come, darling, and accept me'
'l will hold you in my arms and take you away'
'Tell me that you will marry me'
'l will overcome all obstacles on my way'
'Let us douse this fire, let the hearts meet and the sparks to fly'
Asha, the movie is over. Come on.
Such a boring film!
Let's take that one.
Bro, we are four. Take extra money if you want.
No, pal, my house is nearby. l'll go walking.
Ok, Naresh, we'll meet at the college tomorrow.
Look, mister, Shiva is new to this city.
He doesn't know anything about this place.
But you have always lived in this city, and know about us.
And yet you agreed to stand in the election trusting Shiva?
You're a kid, so we also tried to make you understand.
You've forced us to take the matter further.
You know Bhavani. He takes such matters very seriously.
JD somehow came to know..
..that we were going out for a night show.
He informed Bhavani. His men were waiting outside Naresh's house.
As Naresh returned after the movie, his men attacked him.
How many times have l warned you!
But looks like you won't change.
Yes, l'll iust check.
Sir, it's Tilakdhari's call. Perhaps he wants to talk about him.
Tell him l'm not here.
Gangaram, lock him in.
This is the limit!
There's so much hooliganism in the city..
..and no minister cares about it.
Just arrest one goon, and there are calls for him.
What will you do now? - What will l do? Nothing.
All this is a show, Asha. It's not going to help in any way.
Naresh won't be able to recognize the person who hit him.
And there's no other eyewitness.
Someone will come for his bail, and l will have to release him.
Greetings, sir.
Do you think this is your father's house?
One has to ask permission before coming in.
Can l come in?
These are the papers of Jagdish Dubey's bail.
He is Shiva!
Complete the formalities and release that boy. - Yes, sir.
You all can go.
His name is Nanai. He is the right hand of Bhavani.
l often hear the name of Bhavani. Who is he?
His full name is Bhavani Chaudhary.
He used to sell movie tickets in black.
He started with gathering a few vagabonds..
..bullying people around and now he is a goon.
He became a bit famous and attracted the attention of Tilakdhari.
They made up a good rapport.
And since that day they have become a disease for this city.
Leaders like Tilakdhari need goons like Bhavani in political fights.
Bhavani needs these students and workers to bring..
..disorder in the city, or put up a strike in colleges or factories
And these students bully around with the support of Bhavani.
And take themselves to be the heroes of the college.
But they don't think over.. they're ruining their future in this zest of youth.
This means that no one will be able to improve the country.
The country is in this plight because we all think that way.
Wow! Wow!
You should have seen Shiva dancing yesterday..
What happened?
l had gone to visit Naresh at the hospital this morning.
l met his daddy there. He was saying that..
..Naresh will have to stay 5 - 6 months in the hospital.
JD will win again. There's no other candidate.
There is a candidate.
Who is it?
l want to meet Mr. Bhavani.
Kantaprasad's man has come to meet you.
Mr. Kantaprasad wants to meet you tonight.
His car will be sent to pick you up. You will have to come alone.
Call up Mr. Tilakdhari.
Let's come straight to the point.
Do you think that if you separate..
..from Tilakdhari's party, we will keep quiet?.
What else can you do except keep quiet? Kill me?
And won't let the police and the court know about my murder?
This is the maximum you can do, right?
But you are forgetting something out of your stupidity.
Whether the police know or not who killed me..
..the whole city will know it.
Because everyone knows..
..about the enmity between Tilakdhari and me.
Tilakdhari is contesting in the coming election.
My murder will affect the result of his election.
Not only hooliganism, use your brains sometimes.
They can kill you at my one signal.
What's the benefit? Everyone incurs Ioss in the fight between parties.
Do this. Fix a meeting for Tilakdhari and me.
We will talk to each other.
The city should find your dead body first to know about your murder.
One shouldn't be over confident.
No one should find out his dead body.
You go out.
Nanaii, JD comes asking for our help for small matters.
We nurture these student leaders.. that they can be useful to us at the right time.
But they shouldn't be a burden on us.
Who is it? Oh! It's you, sir. Yes, fine. Ok, l'll send it.
Ok, l'll give him the phone. It's Mr. Tilakdhari.
Yes? Who is he?
Don't you worry! l'll see to it.
Hussain! That Kantaprasad's man.. what's his name?
Kishanlal. - Yes, he is creating trouble for Mr. Tilakdhari.
Go and talk to him. If he doesn't agree, finish him.
And send me a packet of cigarettes while you go.
Ganesh, whatever l'm hearing about Shiva..
..makes me think that he is not so ordinary.
lf we use him properly, he can prove useful to us.
Do this. Go and meet Shiva and ask him to contest for the election.
But from our side.
Don't feel bad about what he said. He is in a bad mood.
l'll talk to him about this. Where will l find Shiva?
He comes to hotel Hylite during lunchtime.
Greetings, brother Ganesh.
ls there a guy named Shiva.. - That college boy? - Yes.
Must be coming soon. Come in.
Bring special tea for sir.
Make it fast.
We'll try this..
Brother Ganesh has come to meet you.
You are an uneducated goon.
Who are you after all to interfere in the election of our college?
The college election is the personal matter of college students.
We don't need you or your Bhavani.. decide who will contest and for what reasons.
lf Bhavani is asking you to contest from his side.. think he is scared of you?
Forget the problems that happened till now.
We want to deal peacefully as far as possible.
Listen to me. Don't mess with Bhavani.
lf he wishes, he can get your hands cut off and throw them away.
ls this a warning?
l know that you've come to talk and not fight.
So l won't hit you more. Now listen to me.
From now on if you or any of Bhavani's men.. seen around the college, he won't go back alive.
Come, pals, let's have tea.
Nanaii, any guy named Shiva, contesting in the election..
..of any college of this city does not make any difference to us.
But this is a different matter.
lf people come to know that in this election..
..Shiva thrashed a man of Bhavani and..
..Bhavani didn't do anything, people will stop fearing me.
Any ordinary man will dare to face me then.
The most important thing in our business is fear.
Because that makes our business run.
Ok, now we'll have to teach Shiva a lesson.
But don't do anything rash.
Keep an eye on him. Look for an opportunity, and finish all of them!
That death should be so horrible that..
..everyone in this city should be..
..scared to even think of Bhavani.
You've done a good thing by refusing Bhavani's offer, Shiva.
lf it were someone else in your place, he would have..
..listened to Bhavani and become the king of the college.
Even the city dwellers would be scared of you.
You've worked wonder by the way!
You haven't hit Ganesh, but have directly slapped Bhavani.
And Bhavani won't forget this. You'll have to be very careful.
We'll see. - Don't take this matter so lightly.
You don't yet know Bhavani well.
There was enmity between Tilakdhari and Kantaprasad.
Two months back, on one fine day..
..Kantaprasad left his home after having dinner.
And hasn't come back till today.
The rumor is that Bhavani has killed him. It might be true.
But one at least needs the dead body to register the case.
Couldn't find that either.
Does your duty end by just saying that?
When you know that Bhavani is going to attack him..
..being an inspector, you should save him.
You should give him police protection.
Shall l tell you what l can do at the most?
l can allot him 2 constables for just 5 days.
And if Bhavani kills him.. the most l will take statements of a few people.
And if Bhavani ioins hands with Tilakdhari, l will have to salute him.
lt's not something new; you see it everyday.
Don't know when all this will be corrected.
Nothing gets corrected by itself.
We don't see JD and his companions in the college these days.
Of course! How would he face everyone after being thrashed so badly?
JD, Ganesh, Bhavani! l'm tired of hearing their names.
Shiva, tomorrow is Sunday. Have you planned anything?
Yes, we have to attend the wedding of Bhaskar's sister.
You will have to come, Shiva. Don't give any excuses.
Shiva is going at some wedding with his friends next morning.
Call Ganesh.
Shiva, Kirti's fever is rising high since the morning.
Looks like we'll have to take her to the hospital.
Your brother might come home late. l don't know what to do.
l'll be right back.
Come on, pal, hurry up. - C'mon.
Come on, pal, we're already late. No, there's a bit of a problem.
l have to take Kirti to the hospital. You guys go.
What a coincidence! Asha also refused to come. And now you..
Have you planned up something? Does one joke over such matters?
l'll attend the reception. Ok, no problem. Come on.
Come, we'll drop you at the hospital.
Don't cheat us on that.
This is Nanaii. - Yes, tell me. - Shivaji has left his home.
l'm coming.
Nanaii, whoever Ganesh meets on the way, he will kill him.
Hearing this news, either Shiva will become alert or will attack us.
That's not good for us.
Kill him before this.. reaches Shiva.
Enough, pal. - Shut up and drive.
What an old car you've brought! Till we reach there..
Drink it! C'mon, have it.
Take the car back!
Prakash's mother has come.
l want to hear your statement.
You know very well the murderers of my son.
But you won't arrest them.
You will come to me and take my statement.
As if taking my statement will solve all the problems!
And make everything ok.
l know what you will say.
You didn't get any witness. No one had seen him killing my son.
So you couldn't arrest those murderers.
Whatever you say..
..that won't bring my son back.
Whatever we had..
..we sold it, to get him good education at the college.
We had thought that he'd complete the college..
..and then get some good iob.
And get his sister married.
Everything is over.
l don't know why all this has happened. And how?
Whose mistake is it?
But it is me who is being punished.
Our kid is saved this time.
What if something happens the next time? Answer me.
Have you ever thought that..
..our lives are in danger because of your brother?
Let's go in.
Bhabhi is right.
l had no idea that l am getting you all in trouble with me.
l don't want you to be in trouble because of me.
l'm leaving this house.
Shiva, we can't remain silent now.
We'll have to do something fast..
..whatever the consequences might be.
Chhotu, Bhavani's men have come to collect the weekly payment.
Chhotu, now no more.
Why? Are you scared because of Prakash's death?
Chhotu, we should not repeat the mistake we've been doing till now.
lf we kill Bhavani for having killed Prakash.. won't make a difference.
Either Ganesh will take Bhavani's place, or someone else.
Killing only Bhavani is a personal matter.
lt won't change anything.
We should break the system which breeds men like him.
We shouldn't do it impulsively, but rather after thinking carefully.
My factory is locked for last 2 months because of the strike.
The production is stopped.
Fulfill the demands of the workers and the factory will restart.
That's why l've come to you.
l know that you control all the unions of this city.
l want to reopen the factory at any cost.
Or l'll lose a contract worth Rs. 1 crore.
Got it. - If l agree to the demands of the workers..
..l will have to pay Rs. 20 lakhs.
Help me by ending this strike. - Speak ahead.
l will give you Rs. 5 lakhs. End this strike. - 5 lakhs?
Please, try and understand my problem.
l am not going to earn much in this.
10 lakhs. Don't speak more. You can go now.
Have our goods come yet? - No. - Go and get them.
Only l know what plight the workers are in.
lt has been many days to the strike now..
..and the management has not fulfilled any of our demands.
And you ask me to end the strike?
l don't know what the matter is between the management and you.
But it is me who is answerable to the workers.
Kishankant, if you talk more, l will cut your throat.
Kishankant, listen to me.
Why are you getting involved in the workers' matter?
Listen to what Bhavani says.
Go and convince the workers to end the strike.
Why don't you try to understand me?
l am responsible as a leader for..
..whatever loss the workers are facing because of this strike.
Enough! Bhavani is a dangerous man.
lf he gets angry, he'll cut your head off. Come now.
The guys saved during Prakash's murder..
..have given a report at the police station.
An arrest warrant is issued against Ganesh.
We've hidden him in our President Bar.
And Shiva? - He's left his home and is living with his friends.
Nanaii, the principle of our business is to..
..cut off the hand of the enemy before it strikes us.
You haven't gone to sleep yet? - We came just now.
Has anything happened? - No.
We're not getting the right contacts to know about Ganesh.
JD has left the city out of fear after the death of Prakash.
l think Ganesh must also have escaped.
No, they must have hidden Ganesh here in this city.
They'll contact some minister and end the case.
They won't get him out till then. This time..
We won't underestimate Bhavani this time.
Whatever happened to Prakash should not be repeated.
Shiva, we've heard that Prakash's family is in financial crisis.
Get his address tomorrow. We'll send them the money.
Bhaskar, switch off the light.
Chhotu, get out the rods.
l haven't come to kill you. l don't attack from behind as you do.
From now on l will destroy everything you have in this city.
Do whatever you can.
Look, Kishankant, do your own work.
Why do you get involved between the workers and Bhavani?
You'll be killed. Listen to me and get the workers to end the strike.
Who are you?
No man of Bhavani should be seen in this area from now on.
Where does Shiva live? - Over there.
Listen! He's sitting there.
My name is Kishankant and l am the Ieader of the workers' union.
l want to talk to you.
Workers don't have the guts to talk to the management.
So they go to goons like Bhavani to ask his help.
But these goons ioin hands..
..with the management and take money from them.
So our strike fails. We are beaten from both the sides.
l have come to you to ask your help for our strike.
lf we want to stop Bhavani..
..we will have to attack his businesses, his men, every thing.
And we will need a lot of people for that.
Don't worry about that. l have the unions of 17 factories with me.
They all will help you.
Jain had called up. - What's the matter?
Shiva has warned that the strike..
..will be continued if their demands are not fulfilled.
So? - Perhaps Jain has come to know that..
..all the unions of Kishankant have joined hands with Shiva.
That's why he might have agreed to them.
Take some men with you and kill him.
lt's not so easy to kill Shiva. - Why? Is he God?
lt's not that. Listen to me first. - What do l hear?
You mean that we can't do anything to Shiva?
lt's not that. Shiva's men are very alert and prepared these days.
lt will be dangerous for us to do anything without thinking.
This guy came up iust yesterday.
He is only a college student after all.
ls he some big goon, ha? Tell me.
Nana, what do you know about his family?
He has an elder bro.
There's some quarrel going on between them.
He's left that house and is now living with his friends.
There must be some weakness of his.
There is. His girlfriend, Asha.
Listen carefully to what l say.
lf anything happens to Asha, none of you will remain alive.
Listen to me and let Asha go.
l promise l won't do anything to you.
Good that my man saw them taking you away.
What might have happened otherwise?
That was our good luck. It can't be so every time.
They want to reach me by catching you.
They now know very well that you are my weakness.
l am not worried about what might happen to me.
But if something happens to you because of me..
Asha, please, leave this city.
Shiva, please, don't force me to leave this city.
l can't live without you.
And if you're so worried about me..
..where else can l get more safety than your company?
l know my sis very well.
And l know that she understands very well..
..what she is going to do.
And l know you, too.
So whatever you both will do, will surely be right.
Asha! - Yes, brother.
l am very happy that you both have decided to get married.
l give you my blessings in advance.
l'll move now, as l have an urgent meeting.
What is it?
When? - What? - The marriage, silly!
You used to boast a lot in the college that you wouldn't marry.
One has to clean the rice, cut vegetables and cook food.
And now? What will you do now? - l will do everything for you.
'Thank you, dear, that you care for me'
'But go at the moment. And come when l call you'
'Ok, go now; and convince your heart'
'l haven't dressed up or made up yet'
'l am very busy at the moment'
'l still like you, and find you made up all the time'
'l still have 100s of errands to complete'
'l have to clean the dishes and the kitchen'
'But, dear, there is no bigger errand than the meeting of 2 hearts'
'Got it, dear. Now go and convince your heart'
'Now you've dressed up and made up'
'Come here to me'
'My heart says that l've always been yours'
'What do l tell you about how l feel after getting you'
'My house was never so beautiful'
'Dear, l won't find anyone like you in this world'
'Ok, dear, now come here. And convince your heart'
'Thank you, dear, that you care for me'
But come here now. And go only when l tell you.
'Ok, dear, now come here. And convince your heart'
My name is Sadanand and l own the Diamond Bar.
Bhavani's men treat my bar as if it were their father's property.
They come, eat and drink for free..
..and break down everything when we ask for money.
l need your protection.
lf you don't do that, l have no choice except..
..selling off everything and going back to my village.
All the hotel and bar owners..
..of the city have stopped paying us the share.
Neither are the shop owners supporting our men.
Workers' unions along with the..
..students' unions are on Shiva's side now.
Hey, brother!
l'm fine; how are you? - l'm fine. Let's go in and chat there.
You don't come here so often these days. Are you very busy?
No! The workload has decreased these days.
Earlier our department had to work a lot because of Bhavani.
But now these minor goons..
..and Bhavani's men are so scared of Shiva that..
..hooliganism has decreased quite a lot in the city.
l don't know whether l should be glad to hear this or..
You look anxious. What's the matter?
Before getting married, l liked any person..
..who would fight against iniustice or even talk about it.
Perhaps this is the reason why l fell in love with Shiva.
But l don't like all this after marriage.
l feel sometimes that what's the need to risk your life for someone.
l can't ask Shiva to get out of all this.
l'm afraid that he might..
..think me to be selfish and stop respecting me.
But whenever he goes out of the house..
..l feel a constant fear that what news l might get any moment.
Ok. All right.
The news is that Tilakdhari is contesting in the election this time.
And he will win, too.
Who doesn't know about the farce of elections?
Bhavani's men didn't let the opposition party.. even stick their posters during last election.
They didn't let any meeting be arranged.
And the booth capturing is guaranteed this time.
All this happens during elections.
No, it won't happen this time!
This time you will contest opposite Tilakdhari in the election.
l had heard this name a year back.
Had he contested himself in the college election..
..opposite Bhavani's men, or had he made someone contest?
l don't remember well, but l have heard this name.
You say that now he has become more powerful than Bhavani?
He is supporting Kishankant.
Call up Bhavani.
What is this about Shiva?
Do you know him, or shall l have to tell you about him?
l know. - You do? What did you do then?
Worshipped him? Prayed to him? What did you do?
An ordinary college student is moving ahead in front of your eyes.
And you're iust sitting idle at home.
Aren't you ashamed? - Enough!
Give me a week's time.
You won't hear Shiva's name again.
You're talking like the real Bhavani now!
So, one week.
Sir, l want some money.
Go! Nanaii!
lf you want to know where Ganesh is..
..come to the Urvashi Bar with 10,OOO rupees at 10 o'clock sharp.
Who is..
Where is Shiva? - He has gone out for some meeting.
Have you brought the money?
First tell me his whereabouts.
At the first floor of the President Bar.
You worked as Kantaprasad's bodyguard for five years.
Yet you left him for mere 10,OOO rupees.
How could you think that l would trust you?
l know that you called him up.
l had thought that Shiva might come.
Take me to the President Bar.
l've heard that Chhotu is in a bad state. - Yes.
What does the doctor say? - Can't say anything at the moment.
l hope there's not much danger.
Can't say anything for 2 days.
ls there end to this blood shed after all?
l know what will be your destination. And l respect it.
But there's a limit to everything.
l live in fear from the time you Ieave the house till you come back.
Each moment of life is haunted by unknown fear.
Don't l have the right to sleep peacefully, Shiva?
Shall we ever be able to live for ourselves?
Shiva, please, leave all this.
We will go somewhere far from this city.
Why should we leave this task and the city? Out of the fear of Bhavani?
lf l were to leave all this, why did l start it in the first place?
l know that l am in danger.
Bhavani's men are trying to kill me.
But l'm not scared of my death.
Knowing that, you still say that l leave all this?
l can leave it, for you.
But try and understand this.
l will have to finish the game l've started.
lf l leave this game, l will be dead by next morning.
l've iust met Ganesh.
He has warned that if we don't get him out of the jail..
..he will tell everything about you to the court.
l tried to get bail for him, but..
lf Ganesh speaks out, not only Prakash's murder..
..but many other things will be disclosed.
Ganesh should not reach the court under any circumstances.
So, shall l arrange for Ganesh's funeral in the night?
Sir, there's been a murder in the Danapani area.
l'm calling from the booth opposite that place.
There's a lot of chaos here. Come as soon as you can.
Shankar, move fast!
Do you now realize what a safe place the police station is?!
Don't worry; Ganesh is with me.
l will hand him over to you next morning in the court.
Tell Shiva that Tilakdhari Azad has come to meet him.
Don't under estimate Bhavani so much.
He won't let Ganesh reach the court. He can do anything.
Tilakdhari Azad has come to meet you.
You're so young!
l've been thinking to meet you for many days now.
But couldn't get a chance.
Well, we're meeting today.
l had some work with you. - l know. - Ganesh?
You think l've come here to get Ganesh released?
Take him to the court and get him behind the bars.
And if you find it necessary, kill him. l don't mind.
Shiva, you know very well that Bhavani is my man.
And yet you beat his men. Did l do anything?
You supported my opponent, Kishankant. Did l say anything?
lf you want to murder Bhavani, you can do that.
Surely do that. It doesn't make a difference to me.
Perhaps l will help you in that!
You must have heard about me.
Police, the iudges, political leaders..
..all are under my control.
A man like you needs me.
And a man like me needs you.
lf we ioin hands.. one in this city can do anything to us.
l will fulfill all your needs.
Join hands!
As soon as you wake up in the morning, people like you..
..shout on the TV and radio that you want to end hooliganism.
That you want to correct Iaw and order.
And l am a goon to you. So what do you have to do with me?
Bhavani is no more useful to you now, so you need me.
You are a worse scoundrel than Bhavani!
People like you should be hanged in public.
lf you stay here a minute more, l will hit you with my sandals.
This is a problem. What will we do of Shiva now?
He is so zestful because he is young and new to this field.
He'll be fine eventually.
We are to think about Bhavani. He's done for!
He'll be finished..
..and we'll be finished with him if we keep supporting him.
We shouldn't have any relation with Bhavani.
From today onwards we don't know who Bhavani is.
Even Tilakdhari could not convince him.
We don't know where they've hidden Ganesh.
Don't know what to do.
Nanaii! Come on.
Really? Yes, tell me.
Yes. Really?
lt was Satya. He said that before our news..
..could reach Shiva, he handed Ganesh to the court.
A warrant is issued to arrest you.
lt is very dangerous for you to stay here now.
Where is Bhavani?
l can't do anything for you. - You mean?
Didn't you get it? l can't get your arrest warrant cancelled.
Do this. Go away from here, or the police might come here after you.
l will also get in trouble because of you. Go away from here.
Mr. Tilakdhari.. arrest can prove dangerous for you, too.
So you will tell everything you know about me to the police?
And the police will believe what you say and arrest me?
Don't you know, Bhavani, what your standing is?
You're iust a roadside goon. An insect of the gutter.
And l am the would be minister.
Will the police believe you or me?
Go out and shout! Bark like a dog! Go.
Nothing will happen.