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Episode 17
Nice shot!
The essential of this bunker shot is to
put your weight on the left side of your body
Lineup your body on the left side of the target
and swing toward same direction
Put the club face on the right side of the target
Go ahead and swing
Nice shot!
The casino business went well because
Japanese economy has been in a prosperous condition
There will be a big change
I heard that the bubble in Japanese economy is breaking
When the economy is bad
the casino gets a blow very sensitively
The survey shows that the most wanted place
where Chinese people want to go is Las Vegas
Then the hotels in Las Vegas are strengthening
the marketing in China
We should escape from a complete devotion to the customers
from Taiwan and Hong Kong and get ready for Chinese
Sooner or later...
the Jeju provincial governor will visit Shanghai and Simyang
with some region economists
Why don't you go?
Ms. Min!
I finished studying the quotations from Alex and Gooboda Co.
Which is better?
Gooboda Co. has a much cheaper construction fee
But in total, Alex Co. is cheaper
I think
Alex Co. is better
One of the Jeju Island's legends...
There was a red snake which had ears became a dragon
in a brushwood island in front of Jungbang waterfall
With that legend...
Do you know a fairy tale that the brother and sister who became the Sun and Moon?
This is the scenario that Moo-Gi Lee fought with the dragon
added to that fairy tale
In addition, we are going to add the fountain and laser show to the volcanic explosion
And we are going to perform the dragon ascends to heaven
It's interesting
I made up a story based on the legend of Yongho from Moo-An
The problem is the dragon appearing in the volcanic show
because the perception of dragon in the East and West is different
The dragon is a lucky symbol for us
But it is a devil symbol in the West
To control this is the key point in the scenario
The appearance of dragon in the East and West is different, too
This is the dragon picture from Alex Co.
It's different from what we imagine
This is the final scenario of volcano show
Have a seat
Alex Co. will do the construction
Just a moment...
I have something to say
I thank you from my heart
for your concern
Without you...
I would never...
have escaped from the sadness that I lost In-Ha
Thank you very much for
working with me so enthusiastically
I can't... accept your heart
I'm afraid to
start a new relationship
When In-Ha's gone
my love's ended
I don't want you to
get hurt because of me
- A stream... - Hey, Bum-Soo!
How is your business going?
I manage to live
I know you're going to the house
with the money you make here, right?
No, I don't do that anymore
Go and check the guys
who are loitering
under the street light
Don't let them notice you
Yes, sir
- Who are they? - I don't know them
Am I mistaken?
I'm sure they are after me...
What's the matter?
You don't have to know, kid!
Just go
Take it! I ate two already!
I don't have change
How come you have no change...
I was going to...
Charge it to my account!
Who are you?
Why are you after me?
What are you talking about?
Who's after who?
If you're not, forget it
Jong-Ku Yoo speaking
She just got here
Where are you heading?
I'm just going to go out
No, you can't
Get out of my way
I don't want to make noise Away!
No, you can't
Let him go
It's okay Let him go
Aren't you too sensitive?
But I feel awkward
Then force them to own up
I can't do that without an evidence even if I'm a detective
How did it go?
The murder case...
I heard that you got the suspect
I just gave up
I just wanted to wipe off
In-Ha's dishonor
But when I heard that he's dead
I lost interest...
You bastard...
Why did you bring it up?
Detective Park!
Someone called you a moment ago...
Who was it?
Well, I took a memo...
In-Ha Kim...
What's wrong?
Are you sure it's In-Ha Kim?
Yes, he said he's going to wait at the place on the memo
Detective Park!
Somebody help...
What happened?
Where's Tae-Joon?
He's in the operation room
He went in to the operation room on urgent
But the doctor cannot affirm
because he bled too much
Who was it?
Who did this?
You are In-Ha, right?
You must be In-Ha, right?
We thought you're dead
When I heard you're dead
I didn't believe it
I knew that you're alive
What happened, huh?
When did you come?
Did you take Tae-Joon to the hospital?
Who was it?
Who did this to Tae-Joon?
I don't know, Sang-Goo!
Now you listen to me
You didn't see me
Don't tell anybody that you saw me
Where have you been?
I just got some fresh air
How come the operation takes so long?
It drives me crazy
You must be friends of detective Park
Do you happened to know who took him to the hospital?
He went out to meet In-Ha Kim
Do you know In-Ha Kim?
Did you say...
In-Ha Kim?
Yes, I got his call
No, that's impossible
He's a dead man
How can a dead man make a phone call?
Perhaps somebody who knew Tae-Joon and In-Ha
was joking
In-Ha is...
I saw Tae-Joon this afternoon
He said somebody's
after him these days
so he felt awkward
Did he say who it was?
Yes, but he said he didn't know them
How is Tae-Joon doing?
Let's wait and see
Can I talk to you for a second?
How did it go?
It's almost done but...
someone ruined it
Someone we don't know
Three of us got beaten up in a second
Stupid bastards!
I'm sorry
Don't show up in Seoul
until I call you
What? Detective Park?
Yes, he's in the hospital
How is he doing?
He got an operation
but he is in coma
Oh my god!
Who was it, huh?
Who did it without batting an eye to a detective?
The world is going to the dogs
What about Sang-Goo and Yong-Tae?
They're still in the hospital
We'd better
go to the hospital
I'm going to the hospital Let's go, go...
Without In-Ha... he treated him as his child or nephew
To see detective Park in that situation
he would be out of his mind...
Where have you been?
Personal business
Are you...?
What personal business?
Do you know how much the stakes are for this game?
How can you have a personal business when you bet your life in this game?
If you are talking about money...
I got enough money when I worked as a pro-gambler in Las Vegas
What I want to get from this game is not the stakes
but people
The people who were hurt and suffered
because of my unfortunate life...
I want them back
is the reason
for me to play this game
I'll do everything that you want
don't step into my gambling
What do you think?
Don't you think he's a good choice?
Keep training him
Yes, sir
After you stowed away
the investigation team was dismissed
But... Tae-Joon investigated
the case alone
to wipe out your and Jong-Ku's dishonor
He's been investigating here and there
Then said he found a clue
He said he has a prime suspect
who is...
the person who works for Jung-Won's father
Seung-Gook Yang!
Let's get in
Time for training
Is your name Jung-Joon Yoo?
How do you know Michael Jang?
Ask questions related to the training
I'm not supposed to say private stuff
I can't... accept your heart
I'm afraid to
start a new relationship
When In-Ha's gone
my love's ended, too
I don't want you to
get hurt because of me
Enjoy your meal!
The detective in active service got a lynch
He was stabbed last night and is in a serious condition
Reporter Shin?
This is Jung-Won Choi
Look at the article on the local news page
The detective in active service got a lynch
I'd like to know the name of the detective
I wonder if I know him
Jung-Won Choi speaking
His name is Tae-Joon Park Do you know him?
Yes, thank you
The suspect who I think is
Seung-Gook Yang!
Seung-Gook Yang...
works for your father, right?
The person who you just met...
isn't he a detective?
I got it
Don't worry
Where's Dae-Soo Yim? Get him now
Yes, sir
- Jung-Won - Sang-Goo!
How did you know?
I read the newspaper
How is Tae-Joon?
He's still in coma
Sit down
Something happened?
You know Tae-Joon Park, don't you?
I just came from the hospital
is still in coma after the operation
Why are you saying that to me?
Do you remember that he came to see me?
He said
he was investigating
Myung-Jin Han's murder case
He said the investigation team was dismissed
and he was investigating the case alone
he pointed you out
as a suspect
You knew that Tae-Joon was
investigating you, right?
Did you...
do that to Tae-Joon?
Did you do that?
It's for you and your father
You probably know that your father put
Sang-Du to secure the portion
when he was taking over Sea World casino
he was much better than your father and I'd expected
At some point, we knew that he had other intentions
He tried to be the stockholder of Sea World
Your father could never allow it
I stopped him to purchase the portion
and I needed to adjust your father's and Sang-Du's relationship
At that time, to secure the portion
Sang-Du brought some pro-gamblers
to temp Myung-Jin Han to fraudulent gambling
When Myung-Jin Han dies
everything would be solved
We could stop Sang-Du
to purchase the portion
and adjust the relationship with your father
by pushing him to the wall
The pro-gambler is my friend
He was dishonored and had to stow away because of that
I know him, In-Ha Kim...
when Dae-Chi died
he was with you in the custody...
You two have such a weird relation
Do... you know?
He's been in the jail for seven years at that time...
that was your father's intention
When he ransomed you
he intentionally charged In-Ha with a murder of Dae-Chi
You say he's your friend
but you two cannot be friends
Tae-Joon Park is the same
I just couldn't watch
Tae-Joon to investigate the case
that was wrapped in mystery
This is again...
for you and your father
If this goes wrong
everything can collapse
at once
Then if that happens
my dream also will burst like a bubble
That's why I did it
Never mind
How can I never mind?
What if he recovers
and start the investigaion again?
Tae-Joon is
still alive
are like your father
How many times have you seen Godfather?
Gees, believe me
I have seen it about 20 times
Two times... you wouldn't know a thing
Go ahead and watch it one more time
Al Pacino is as tall as I am maybe
When I saw that movie
I thought that I could be a boss, too
What are you doing here?
I came here to see someone
Who? Tae-Joon?
Don't you know him?
Detective Park...
You know him, don't you?
Why would I come and see a detective?
You're right...
I know someone here...
I should get going...
See you at the club
Soo-Yeon Min speaking
Hello, say something
- This is Sang-Goo - How is he doing?
He's still in coma
But the doctor said
he passed the crisis
In-Ha, keep in touch!
Long time no see
This is... my daughter
Jung-Min, Cho
Glad to meet you
Thank you for coming
Let's go in
I am sorry I have not been
much of a host to you
Not at all
After Mr. Choi took over Sea World and Jungmun Hotel
the food here has become fantastic
Is that right?
You're still beautiful
Your daughter is a beauty
She's rather rashless
because she didn't have her mother to bring her up
She's studied abroad, I've heard
Urban Engineering or whatever...
She spent her precious time
to study abroad
also studied in America, right?
I studied Hotel Management in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the home of hotels and casinos...
This is the resort that has been left alone
because it was dishonored during the construction
We are in the middle of negotiation
to take over
the business right and ground of the hotel
What do you think about moving Subji hotel casino here?
Considering a geographic condition and the size of the casino
I think that's more effective
Then check moving
at the same time when constructing the resort
Yes, sir
When will the convention center open?
Three months later
When the convention center opens
an efficient link
with the convention center
will be the key point of
the hotel business in Jungmun
I expect more than 30% increase
in casino sales
A hotel with 500 rooms is going to
come over there
Who is constructing?
As I know of
a Korean American businessman made the investment
I want more details
Yes, sir
Mrs. Jang!
You are going to promote to a director
I really thank you for
helping us when Jungmun Casino
was in a bad condition
He knows your concerns well
Leave Subji hotel casino to Mr. Yoon
Then take over the business related to the convention center here
I'll be going back and forth of Subji hotel
Ji-Hye, is the event plan ready?
Soo-Yeon Min speaking
Yes, I'll finish it even if I stay up all night
First event is to cook a cake
for the honeymoon event
and these are the plans and budget for
the summer festival, Thanksgiving event, and
Christmas and New Year Celebration
Good job
I got to report
to the president and director about
contruction progress so be prepare for it
This is for you
This is great
Who sent it?
I don't know
Maybe... it's from somebody who loves you in vain
Jung-Woo, did you send it?
You love her in vain
What the... just keep working
Let's begin
Steve Win built a golf course named Shadow Creek
in the middle of desert
He invested an enormous amount of money to build it
then limited people to round in the golf course
who can play more than a million dollar game
one night
the richest man in the world, Bill Gates
wanted to round in the golf course
However Steve Win rejected him
by the rule
Bill Gates really wanted to round in the golf course
so he made his workers to stay in the hotels
that Steve Win own
during the Comdex period
To be brief
he did the best to win Steve Win's favor
Bill Gates couldn't round in Shadow Creek
because of Steve's stubbornness
The rule has been changed
so hotel guests can round
But that incident
made the value of the hotels and casinos that Steve Win owns higher
The pride with the rule became the best marketing
To be the best businessman keep it in mind that
you should always make value of yourself higher
You will be
meeting a lot of businessmen and high-ranking people
You need Steve Win's strength and pride
that doesn't stifle in front of
the richest man in the world
Do you know why
such an hero like Hang-Woo
was beaten by Yoo-Bang
who was just a scamp?
It's because of leadership
The third-rate leader uses his power
the second-rate leader uses other's power
and the first-rate leader uses other's wisdom
Also you should let your men show their abilities
That is another thing that you keep it in mind
for this gambling
How is he doing?
The schedule is rather tough but he's doing okay
I think he's ready to gamble
Based on the legend of Jeju Island which is a volcanic island
we planned a volcanic show harmonized with fountains and laser
Comparing the quotations from Alex Co. and Gooboda Co.
we chose Alex Co. for contruction
For your information
Alex Co. constructed the volcanic show in Mirage hotel in Las Vegas
An artificial ship has been made and sent from America
and adhere the artificial ship after finishing the basic iron frame
and building the volcano
The special work for fountain
and laser show is
going well
90% of construction progress has been completed
and after 30 days
the work will end
Good job
Thank you
I know you've worked very hard
I'll treat today
Good job
Thank you
Including the provincial governor
VIP's from everywhere will be invited
on the day of official announcement of the volcanic show
Please, do you best until the end
We're going to pay a special bonus
to all members of planning department
when the project ends
Let's drink until we die
Let's drink
It's your turn
I'm not a good singer
- No, you're not - Come on
- I did it too... - Choose one
Are you okay?
You said
you don't want me to get hurt because of you, right?
If you can't accept my heart
I don't get hurt
because I understand you
and I know
you're afraid of having a new relationship
don't say that your love's ended
when In-Ha's gone
Excuse me...
Did you... send me a flowerpot?
Marsala from Sicilly, Italy
You're right
Veneto from Venice
German Mosel Saar Ruwer
What are you thinking?
An old love?
What about me?