Stupid Game Show Answers - Cor Blimey II

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 03.10.2008

[SGSA theme music]
[Fastest Finger First music]
[Chris]: Starting with Stop, put the traffic light sequence in order according to the British Highway Code.
[Fastest Finger First music finishes]
If any of our contestants have got that wrong, don't let them give you a lift home.
Starting with Stop is Red, of course. Uh, then's it Red and amber. That's sort of get ready.
Uh, then it's Green which means go. And then it's Amber which means get ready to stop.
That's the right order. Hopefully, all ten got it right but I bet they didn't. All these got it right. Let's see how many.
[Everyone laughs]
I love it! I don't believe that! [Audience applauds and cheers]
We surveyed 100 people and we asked them to name a vocalist who is known by one name.
[Buzzer] Michael Jackson.
[Audience laughs]
[Andy]: A vocalist who's known by one name and we're going with Michael Jackson! [Laughs]
[Audience applauds]
[All consonants revealed sound effect] [Audience applauds]
And that sound means you have to solve.
[Audience laughs]
[John]: That's not what's on the board...
[Les]: We asked 100 people to name a character from Alice in Wonderland.
[Buzzer] Alan.
The Tin Man.
The Tin Man!
[Audience laughs]
Alice and her little dog, Toto...
We asked 100 people to name a place where you wouldn't expect to meet a nun.
[Buzzer] Janet.
A brothel!
[Everyone laughs]
[Contestant]: Vowel.
[Audience laughs]
[Contestant]: Consonant, please.
[Audience laughs]
[Stage assistant]: Sorry, Carol.
[Everyone laughs]
Wait a minute! Wait...