Xin lỗi anh yêu em - I'm sorry I love you (Episode 05) (Vietnamese - English subtitle)

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Can I help you? Yes, please! I woner if we could...
some more books! Sure what kind of my...
books you can... can I help you...
- Who are you? - Don't you know your mother and sister?
Why are you staring at me?
- Do I have something on my face? - Yes, you do. Big time.
Fine, do whatever you want. I already set the whole thing up.
Five this afternoon at the Seoul Hotel coffee shop.
Second son of three siblings. A supervisor at the Dongsung Company.
He has a condo in Kangnam.
- And he has... - Who are you talking about?
- Your arranged date. - I'm going on an arranged date?
Whatever. If you say no,
I'll bury myself six feet under.
Do whatever you want
She's not kidding. She was shopping for a coffin.
Yes, I got myself an empress tree coffin.
Mom, give it up.
If Eun-chae goes on an arranged date, I'll get into the top school in the country.
And I'll give you my bed.
If she goes on an arranged date, you can be my mother.
I'll go.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Can I propose to him first if I like him?
You don't like me?
It's not that I don't like you. You're just not my type.
What's your type?
I can't put it into words.
Would you like to draw it then?
What the...
How could you know I'm not your type when we've only just met?
You might find I'm your type when you get to know me.
I can tell those things in a minute.
How can you judge anyone in a minute? It's nonsense.
- I can. - No way.
- Why not? - It doesn't make any sense.
It does!
So what don't you like about me?
How can I say that to your face?
- You can. You can tell me. - You...
Well, if you insist.
I don't like the way you look. Happy?
What do I look like?
You idiot
Go home and look in the mirror.
Let's go dutch, okay?
- Min-joo! - Yes
I'm sorry I can't take you home. I have to go to the station.
It's all right. I brought my car.
I'll call you. Drive carefully.
What is it?
- Hey! - Lady, get out of the car.
- What? - Watch where you're going!
Hey, Mister.
You ran over my baby.
- I... I'm sorry - Move your car.
I said move your car.
I didn't know.
I didn't feel anything when I was parking my car.
Move your car.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'll compensate you.
If this isn't enough, let me have your account number.
You know who I am, right?
What are you doing now?
Are you making a pass at me?
But you've got the wrong person.
I'm Kang Min-joo. I'm not someone you...
Shut up and move your car. Get out of my sight this minute.
- Yune. - Where were you?
- Where are you? - I'm at the station. You want to come?
I'm officially your manager starting today?
Yes, you start tomorrow.
Give me ten minutes. I just got a cab.
You poor puppy. I'll get you cleaned up.
So you're not crazy.
Fine, let's go out.
Do I look like a joke to you?
If you ever show your face to me again,
I'll kill you.
How loud.
That thing is so loud.
Three Chaes, wake up.
We have a shoot today.
Son, wake up.
Wash up. We have a shoot today.
Wake up.
Wake up now!
- Wake up. - Don't do that
Yune, wake up.
Come on, wake up.
Why don't you go out with your son?
Go the hell
What a terrible!
You guys make me sick!
You're all my daughters, but I feel sorry for the poor men who'll marry you.
Oh Deuri, real name Jo Mal-bong,
you've been boasting about your great son lately.
But if you tick me off, I'll tell my daughter Eun-chae to seduce him.
I might send this troublemaker to you as a daughter-in-law.
Fire! Three Chaes, fire!
- Don't lie, Mom. - You're up?
- I've been up. - Then why did you pretend to be asleep?
Just because.
I just didn't want to open my eyes.
Yune and his mother have a shoot in the country today.
Are you sick?
You're sweating. You're running a fever too.
I think I'm coming down with something.
Can you go to work like this? You never get sick.
It's all right. I'll be fine.
Hi, Puppy. Did you sleep well?
- Good morning. - Yes, good morning.
Please wake Yune up. I can't wake him.
- He's still in bed? - He went to bed in the early morning.
He had a nightmare and slept in my room.
- I see. - Eun-chae!
Don't tell Min-joo about this.
What do you mean?
That he can't sleep alone after he's had a nightmare.
That he's still afraid of ghosts.
All right. I won't tell her.
Yune, wake up. You have a shoot today.
Wake up. You're late.
People are waiting for you. Are you going to be a no-show?
Yes, I am.
Wake up, Choi Yune. Good boy.
I'm not. I'm not a good boy.
You've heard of Thumping Ghost, right?
He's the ghost of a person who fell to his death from the third floor.
He thumps around on his head.
Thumping Ghost is looking for the man who pushed him to his death.
His name is Choi Yune.
Thump, thump, thump. He just walked into the gate.
Thump, thump, thump. He's in the living room.
Thump, thump, thump. He's walking up the stairs
He's not here.
Thump, thump, thump. He's coming back down.
Thump, thump, thump. He's looking around.
He finally realizes Yune is in his mother's room.
Thump, thump, thump. Thump, thump, thump.
Yune, there's someone lying next to you.
Sleep tight with the Thumping Ghost. See ya!
- Yune. - Yes?
- Let go of me! - No.
I'm not your wife. I'm not your mother!
- You're grossing me out. - What?
What did you just say? I'm gross?
Yes, you're gross.
I'm upset, Song Eun-chae.
I'm really upset.
I'm not going to the shoot.
Like I care!
Is she on something?
I should move abroad. I should stay away for ten years.
I must be very sick.
Come to your senses. Song Eun-chae, come to your senses.
Why did you poke me?
- It is you. - Why did you poke me?
I thought I was seeing things so...
- Do you like me too? - No!
Then why did you poke me?
You like me, don't you? That's why you poked me, right?
You don't look well. Are you sick?
- You look sick. - No.
- You're pale. - No.
- Is that all you can say? - No.
- You hate me, don't you? - No!
Do I look easy to you? Do I look like a pushover?
If you ever show your face around me again,
I'll kill you.
I'm a knucklehead.
I warned you.
I warned you I'd kill you if you showed your face around me again.
I do what I set out to do. I'll really kill you.
Kill me.
- Hey. - Kill me.
You're a lunatic, aren't you?
- Are you a pervert? - Yep!
Go. Go away. Go back to where you came from.
Go back to Australia.
Go away. I don't like you. You're really not my type.
I hate the likes of you.
- Go away. Please go away! - Song Eun-chae, What are you doing?
Who are you to tell Moo-hyuk to go away?
- Did you sleep well? - Did you sleep well too?
- When did you get here? - About an hour ago.
My mom's coming too. Let's go when she's ready.
All right.
He's your new manager?
Yes. And?
Are you out of your mind? How could you hire such a jerk?
Watch what you say!
He's older than you and he's...
Are you on drugs?
I quit being your stylist as of today. Find someone else.
I'm sorry. Am I holding you?
Mom, Eun-chae quit.
I don't know. She told me to find someone else.
Why, Eun-chae? Did Yune do something wrong?
Where can we find someone
who'll indulge his tantrums?
Maybe on another planet.
That's not it.
I'll scold him. But let's go now. We're late.
Let's go
He's my new manager.
You've met Moo-hyuk, right?
Mom, Eun-chae must have you-know-what.
She's strange today. She said I'm gross.
And she called Moo-hyuk a jerk earlier.
That twerp is pushing it today.
You shouldn't talk like that about a lady.
Eun-chae, did you get him the job?
No, I didn't.
- Isn't he your boyfriend? - No, he's not.
Song Eun-chae,
if anyone asked me to choose
between you and Moo-hyuk, I'd choose Moo-hyuk.
Because Moo-hyuk's cool. He's not petty like you.
I won't forgive anyone who chews him out.
I'm shameless, aren't I?
So what if I'm a star? You find me despicable, arrogant
and gross, don't you? Say something.
- Yune. - What?
- Let's part cordially. - What?
I want to say goodbye with a smile.
- You're really going to quit? - Yes.
- Hey. - I'm going to quit. Today's my last day.
Eun-chae. You finish me off.
Mom, Eun-chae said she's really quitting.
Son, if you ask me to choose between
Eun-chae and Moo-hyuk, I'd choose Eun-chae.
What's wrong with everyone?
- I don't like him either. - What don't you like about him?
I just don't like him. So you give in.
He's such a great guy. You don't even know him.
Eun-chae, I'll fire him no matter what.
So you stay by Yune's side, okay?
Mister. Mister!
Mister. Mister.
Mr. Pervert!
Mr. Pervert!
Mr. Pervert.
The sky isn't very pretty.
- The sky in Australia is beautiful. - Our sky is pretty too.
- It's prettier in Australia. - Then go back to Australia.
Go back to your country and
have a good life, you turncoat.
What would it be like up there?
Would it really be that much nicer than here?
Go see for yourself, why don't you?
I'll be going soon.
I'll soon be going.
Yes. You're finished?
I'm nearby. I'll be right there.
The shooting's finished. They're going to eat.
Arert you going to eat? You should eat even though you're about to
Do you have money to buy a ticket back home?
You want me to buy it for you?
Yune will fire you. He promised.
It's for the best.
Don't try to attain the unattainable.
I'm not saying I'm unattainable.
I'm just speaking from experience.
It's easier to break things off
before your feelings grow deeper... Mister.
Hey! When are you coming?
- Was it delicious? - Yes delicious
This is the only restaurant open in the area. Let's stay here
I'll treat you to a great dinner in Seoul.
- It's all right. - This way.
Take a seat
- What is your order? - Three sausage soup.
Over here, Moo-hyuk.
What do you want? I'll have kalbi soup.
I'll have ox-tail soup.
We only have sausages and sausage soup.
Yes, that's fine.
So why does she bother asking?
Mom, I need to use the restroom.
Move Move
Move Move!
Where's the restroom?
Go straight, turn left,
then turn left again. And go straight
- Yune! - Brother!
- I love you Yune! - Yune!
What did she say?
I don't know.
She had her finger in the bowl.
Just eat.
It's really good. Oh... delicious
So disgusting. I can't eat this.
- What the... - There it is
What is this? Isn't this curdled blood? I can't eat things like this.
Just try it. It's really good.
I can't stomach this stuff.
Only barbarians would eat it. Get it out of my sight.
It's not meant to be eaten. It's meant to be thrown at the likes of you!
I'll throw you into this soup pot
Eun-chae... Eun-chae...
- Are you alright? - Yune... My Yune...
Yune, where's my Yune?
- Go away. - Yune!
- Be quiet! - Yune!
Be quiet...
Jang Hae-sook.
Kim Kang-hoon, be quiet!
It stinks in here. I can't stay in here any longer.
What? What happened to my mom?
- That beach... - Calm down
I won't beat her, just let go
Let go please
Yune has to see me like this.
Please calm down.
No, I can't. You messed with the wrong person today.
This is the last day you'll be in this business.
I'll have my son raze your restaurant
and put up a building where it stood.
What's she babbling? Let go of me!
- Mom! - Yune!
What happened to your face?
That woman threw this disgusting stuff in my face.
- What did you do? - I didn't do anything.
It wasrt to my liking, so I simply said I couldn't eat her food.
And look what she did to me. This is so unfair.
Look at her. She's trying to throw that in my face too.
- Let go! - Grap her more tight
I've never been more humiliated in my life.
I won't beat her, just let go
Son... Son!
Madam! Madam!
Have you gone mad?
What are you doing?
Stop it right now!
Let's go...
- Go without me. - What about you?
- I have to stop by someplace. - Where?
You don't know anyone here.
I have a friend here. Go on without me.
What friend? I know all your friends.
No, you don't. I'll see you in Seoul. Bye.
They're the babies that were found that day.
Could I get a copy of this?
Excuse me.
What is it?
May I ask you something?
Does Yoon Suh-kyong live here?
- Yoon Suh-kyong? - Yes, Yoon Suh-kyong.
Ah... She...
She lived here until a few months ago. But she's moved.
- She's moved? - Yes. Why are you looking for her?
It's nothing important. Thank you.
Grandpa, what's the difference between Shin-chan and a squid?
Shin-chan and a squid?
- Is this a riddle? - Yes.
Shin-chan is... Shin-chan is...
Shin-chan can draw with crayons, but a squid can't.
You're right. You really right!
Right? I'm right!
You didn't have to do that.
You went too far. You didn't have to do that.
We've compensated her more than enough.
Money isn't everything.
- I know why Eun-chae stayed behind. - Why?
She probably went back to the restaurant.
- What? - She went back there. I'm sure of it.
Have a seat. I'll clean up.
- What are you doing? - Have a seat.
- What are you doing? - Turn around.
I think you hurt your back earlier.
Would you rather go see a doctor with me?
- I'm tired. Mom, I want to sleep. - All right, son.
My son...
You must've been scared. I'm sorry I caused a scene.
- It's all right. Sing me a lullaby. - Yes...
I have thought about my leaf ship that I leaved though I was here with mom
It'll sailing on a pond with moon shadow and clean cluod
Yes, Mother. I'm in front of the house now.
We'll be right there. Yune's sleeping.
All right. I'll see you soon. Son, wake up. We're almost home.
- Hi, Min-joo. - Hello.
- Min-joo, I missed you so much. - I did too. The shoot went okay?
You can go home now. Good work.
I'll call you. Let's go inside.
- Is he your new manager? - Yes
- but I have to fire him tomorrow. - You don't have to.
Let's watch him for now. He might turn out to be an okay guy.
I'll talk to Eun-chae.
I'm starving. Son, make me something good.
Mister! Have you gone mad?
What are you doing? Have you gone mad?
Are you all right?
- The last bus to Seoul left? - Yes.
- Lady. - Yes?
- Which room is my wife in? - That one.
Open up!
Open the door!
My sweety Eun-chae
What happened to this twerp?
Lady, get out of the car.
You live here?
We've met, haven't we?
So you're the one who moved in downstairs. It's a small world, isn't it?
I'm so glad we met again like this. I wasrt in my right mind that day.
I'd like to get you a dog, if it's okay with you.
What are you trying to do? Are you hitting on me?
But you've got the wrong man.
What's wrong with that jerk?
Sis, why are you sleeping here? Why are you sleeping on the floor?
Sleep comfortably in your bed.
I told you to sleep in your bed!
Mommy. Mommy...
How much longer will you live like this?
Will you live the rest of your life cooped up in a dark corner?
Live like a decent human being now.
Live in a nice house, eat decent food, and wear good clothes.
Your brother will provide that for you.
Why are you driving me crazy?
Be quiet. Shut up!
What has Mom ever done for you?
You don't have a mom. We don't have a mom!
- Mommy... - Shut up, stupid!
My mom is not stupid.
- Mom. - Kal-chi.
Did you hit my mom?
Kal-chi, let's go home. Let's go to our house.
All right. Let's go home. Let's go to our house.
Let's go, Mom.
Who was it? Was it Yune?
Why don't you just kill me? Just kill me!
You call yourself my friend? You went back to the restaurant, didn't you?
Why do you have to clean up after Moo-hyuk?
You have energy to spare?
You look like you're ready to collapse.
White as a ghost. Look at yourself.
Do you know I stayed up all night because of you?
- Yes, I do. - Know what?
- I thought it was you. - What?
The man who took care of me all night... I knew it was you.
What are you saying?
Thank you, Yune. Thank you so much. If it werert for you...
I... I'd be dead by now.
Thank you for saving my life.
Why are you crying?
I'm sorry I got mad at you, not knowing how you felt about me.
I'm sorry for being mean to you... for getting angry with you.
No, I should be sorry. I was wrong, Eun-chae.
I won't do it again. I'll never do it again.
I'll never do it again, Eun-chae.
I won't do it again.
Me neither.