Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (7/8) Movie CLIP - Wanna Dance? (2004) HD

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They had to bring a female in.
Change your diapers.
Wipe the dribble away from your bubblin' lips.
Rub vaseline all over your heinie
And tell you that it's special and different from everyone else's.
( laughing )
He said "heinie"!
Brick, get back over here!
Does she tuck you in, ronnie?
Give you a little kiss on your forehead?
Tell you everything's gonna be okay?
I've had enough of you, mantooth.
This is gonna end right here, right now.
Let's dance, dickweed.
You wanna dance, ronnie?
I wanna polka.
Come get a taste.
Brick, where'd you get a hand grenade?
I don't know.
All right. Let's do this!
If you're gonna have a fight,
Then don't forget channel 2 news with me,
Lead anchor frank vitchard.
You dirtbags have been in third place for five years.
Yeah? Well, you're about to be in dead place.
Not so fast, you ingrates!
Public news team is taking a break from its pledge drive
To kick some ass.
No commercials! No mercy!
( yelling )
( rattling )
C贸mo est谩n, pinches!
Spanish language news is here.
Tonight's top story:
The sewers run red with burgundy's blood.
Hyah! Hyah!
( whooping )