SUMN.ORG: Accessing Data the Minnesota Way

Uploaded by SAMHSA on 19.03.2012

It's important to have a centralized repository for data in Minnesota
for a variety of reasons. It helps us to assess the need across the State
as it relates to ATOD prevention.
It also helps us to
level the playing field for the variety of capacities that exist in Minnesota,
by making data easily accessible not just to State and
community-level practitioners, but
really to the ordinary citizens of Minnesota.
And they can go there and search data by topic, location, and demographic.
People in Minnesota are using the database in a variety of ways. They're
using it to assess needs
in locations across the State.
And State practitioners are using it to determine need and to really prioritize
funding for our State-level prevention efforts.
And also folks are using it for Federal funding and prevention efforts, to see
how they stack up against the rest of the nation and
what their trends and data look like. It's also used--there's a
reading room resource on the website
and it's also used to stay abreast of
the latest research as it relates to ATOD
consequences and consumption.
The community response has been overwhelmingly positive.
I actually came from the community level and used SUMN
quite a bit in my work as a coalition coordinator.
And when I came to the State, it's being used for very much the same things.
I think I can speak pretty well to SUMN not really
just rocking my world, but the world of Minnesotans.
In the way that coalitions are able to make decisions about funding.
Most recently, this was highlighted with our Strategic Prevention Framework funds being,
well, they'll be made available shortly, but
we held bidders conferences across the State and we heard lots of stories from
potential applicants about
how they were making funding determinations
based on the need that currently exists in their communities.
And it's
so very cool because they can look specifically at
a map of their community and see where they fall.