Семнадцать мгновений весны (Серия 06)

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Part 6.
Good evening, pastor. I am sorry for being late.
-Were you already asleep, pastor? -Yes, but please don’t worry about it.
- Again, I am sorry for this. - Please consider that you are forgiven.
I will turn on the light in there.
Please come in.
- Did something bad happen? - Yes, something bad did happen.
- Please take a seat. - Thank you.
Pastor, who lived here with you within the past 7 days?
- Is this a police examination? - No.
- So, consequently, I don't have to answer it? - You are obligated to answer it.
- And what if I refuse to? - You have no rights to refuse. -Why?
After you would answer, I would explain "why not".
- One person lived with me. - Who was this person?
I do not know.
- Did he ever tell you, who he was? - No.
- Did you try to find out, who he was? - No. He requested refuge.
He needed help, and I could not deny it to him.
It is good that you are lying to me with such a conviction.
He told you that he is a Marxist. You argued with him as with a Communist.
He is not a Communist, pastor. He never was a Communist.
He is my special agent. He is the provocateur from the Gestapo.
Oh, I see what it is now!
I spoke with him as with a common person.
It is not important to you, who he was a Communist or an agent from the Gestapo!
He requested to rescue him, and I could not refuse it to him.
So, you could not refuse it to him.
And to you it is not important, who he was. A Communist or an agent of the Gestapo.
And what if because of you who cares about an abstract person,
very concrete people will be hanged in the morning. Is this important for you?
Yes, this is important for me.
And to be even more concrete, the first ones hanged will be your sister and her children.
Is this important for you?
It is villainy!
To say that it is not important, who it is a Communist or an agent of the Gestapo.
It is even greater villainy.
Moreover your villainy is dogmatic, therefore it is especially terrible.
Sit down and listen to me now.
Your conversation with my agent is recorded on the tape recorder.
No, I did not do the recording. He did it all by himself.
I do not know where he is now. He sent me a strange letter.
I destroyed the recorded tape and without it no one will believe him.
As far as your sister is concerned, she will be arrested,
as soon as you will cross the border of Switzerland.
But I am not going to cross the border of Switzerland.
You will cross it.
And I will make sure that she would be out of danger.
You are like a werewolf.
It is extremely difficult to believe you. You have so many personalities.
You have no choice, except for believing and trusting me.
And you will cross the border of Switzerland at least in order to save your relatives.
Yes, I will go in order to save their lives.
Why aren't you asking, what you will be doing in Switzerland?
If I would order you to blow up a church there, you indeed will refuse to do it, right?
You are a clever person and, I am sure, accurately calculated everything.
What is in my power, and what is beyond my abilities.
That is very correct. Do you feel sorry for Germany?
I feel sorry for the Germans.
Don't you think that a peace, established as soon as possible
- is the only solution for the Germans? - It is the only solution for Germany.
Sophistry, pastor, sophistry.
The only solution for the Germans, for Germany, for the humanity.
To die, for us it is not so terrible. We lived long and are old now.
And we are old single men.
And what about our children?
I am listening to you.
Whom you can name from your old friends
from the joint operation in the motion of pacifists?
The dictatorship is requiring pacifists now?
The dictatorship does not need pacifists, they are needed to those, who sensibly
evaluate the historic moment, who understand, that each new day of the war brings new senseless victims.
Hitler will go to the peace negotiations?
Hitler will not go to the negotiations. Other people will start them.
But this is a premature conversation about that.
Firstly I should have an assurance, that you will get connected with the people, who
will help you to start the negotiations with the representatives of Western countries.
Who could help you with this?
-Is the President of Swiss republic OK for you? -No.
Those are the official channels.
I am interested in representatives of the church, who have power in the world.
All workers of the church have great power in this world.
It would be naive to promise anything right now, but I think,
I will be successful in discussing this question with serious people.
Let's say, for example, the former minister Krauze.
He is respected in the West.
However I will be asked there, whom do I represent?
If you are asked, who will specifically conduct the negotiations.
You will ask them, and who specifically will conduct them from the West.
- But this is through special connections later. - Through that? Connections?
The details we will identify later.
It is now important the fundamental understanding.
And where are the guarantee, that my sister and her children will not be hanged here?
Didn't I free you from the prison?
-Do you think that was an easy thing to do? -I think that was not an easy thing to do.
Do you think, having on hand a recorded conversation with the provocateur,
where you do scold the Fuhrer, I could have sent you into the oven already!
It is indisputable.
So, here is my answer to you then.
Your sister will be out of any danger, until you do what,
your human soul tells you to do, caring about the Germans.
- Are you threatening me? - I am only warning you.
If only you act any differently than ordered to then, I will not be able to save your relatives.
When all of this must occur?
As soon as a need in this would arise.
And when can it arise?
Very soon. And now the last thing.
If anyone would ever ask you about this our conversation...
- I will keep silent. - I want to believe you in that.
Who of two of us is now more at risk?
-And who do you think it is? -It seems to me that you are more at risk.
You are correct.
-Are you sincere in your desire to find peace for the Germans? -Yes.
How long ago did this thought of getting peace for the people come to you?
Hard to say... It is difficult to answer this with a complete honestly.
And the more honest my answer would be, the greater the liar will I seem.
This mission of mine, what will it consist of more concretely?
I, indeed, do not know how to steal documents or to shoot from around the corner.
First of all, it is not too hard to learn how to do either of them.
Secondly, I do not require from you the skill of shooting from around the corner
But only your personal connections can really be useful here.
You will say to your friends that Himmler, through his certain representatives,
I will name them lately, provokes the West.
You will explain to them that this persons of Himmler do not want real and honest peace.
You'll prove to them that these persons are liars, deprived of political power even within SS organization.
You will explain that to go to the negotiations with those persons is foolish and ridiculous.
You will again repeat that this is crazy to go to the negotiations with SS troops.
You will say to your friends that the negotiations must be with other people.
And you will name some serious, honest and daring people.
All the final details are later, not now.
-Are the servants in the house? -There should be no one in the house.
And my sister is not here too. They left to the village.
-May I take a look around house? -If you please.
March 8, 1945, 19:10 = 7:10PM
- Good evening, Mr. Bolzen. Here are your favorite cigarettes. -Thank you.
- Here is your drink, sir. - Thank you.
- Good evening, Mr. Bolzen. - Good evening, frau Zaurich.
- Frau Zaurikh, I have an idea. - So I am going to get the chess board!
No, the fact is, that at my home I have some outstanding cooked ham.
- You are joking?! - No, not at all.
I intend to invite you to my house for a dinner with wonderful ham tonight.
- Oh my god! What about Gabi? - Is she in here today?
Gabi! Come here quick!
Gabi, we will have a dinner at Mr. Bolzen's house tonight.
I'll wait for you in my car.
It is so charming!
It is charming, Gabi, isn't it?
And now I will play something different for you.
The dedication by Schumann.
Right now.
- It is such a wonderful evening! - Yes.
I would like to do something good and pleasant for you some day, Mr. Bolzen.
And how about predicting my future.
Your future?
And what would you like to learn about your future?
Well, let us say, when will this war end?
It already has ended.
-Oh, really? -In a certain sense it has ended already.
If we would have understood that earlier, that would be better for us all.
And do you think any differently?
Well, at least I did not tell you that.
I will rather play something for you, and you will have a dance.
I haven't seen dancing people for a long ago.
I will do it with a pleasure.
I frequently do ask myself, why are you so extra nice and kind to frau Zaurich?
She said that you remind her of her eldest son.
Or maybe, she reminds you of your own mom?
Then why?
It is simple. Of all people, who live on this Earth,
I most love old people and children.
I see. And I am only good for bed? Is that what you are saying?
No, Gabi. I need you not only for bed. But in bed you are really great.
March 10, 1945, 9:45 = 9:45 AM
Chief Doctor Office
As soon as she asks to make a phone call or to write a note,
immediately you will call me. At any time.
And if any one comes to visit her report it to here.
And detain the visitor under any pretext.
Good morning, frau Kinn. How is your little one doing?
Thank you. He began to shout, I was worrying about him a little.
I feared that because of the contusion he could have injured with the voice.
But doctors looked through and everything is in order.
Poor children! So many sufferings for the babies, who just entered into this world.
- And I have good news for you. - Good news?
Those are rather good news, than bad ones.
I will never forget your kindness.
Tell me how is your head?
It is better. Vertigoes have gone and there are no assaults of faintness.
These are the symptoms of brain concussion.
If this wouldn't be for my hair, my mane, then I and the boy would be dead.
My mane took the impact of this steel beam that fell on me.
You don't have a mane, you have at luxurious hair.
I began admiring your hair since my very first visit here.
Did you some special shampoos?
Yes, my husband's uncle sent us from Sweden some Iranian henna and shampoos.
By the way, let's talk about your uncle. Does he have a telephone in Stockholm?
I don't remember. It seems so, but my husband never called there.
My company will help you with a phone conversation with the uncle.
Swedes are neutral, they are rich, and it's their duty to help you out.
You will let your uncle hear the voice of your little boy and his heart will melt.
And now one more little thing. I talked to the management,
we will start paying you the first benefits in a few days,
without waiting until the general rechecking of the sum of your insurance.
-But for this are necessary the names of two guarantors. -Whom?
The people who would know you well. The people, who could guarantee your honesty.
Please understand me correctly.
- No one can give such guarantee. - Don't you have any friends?
I don't think so. We have no such friends.
What about any other friends at all?
Any one who could confirm that they knew your husband.
Who know him.
Is he alive?
- Yes. He is! - Where is he?
- Was he here? - No. He is in a hospital right now.
I believe that he is alive.
- But I searched for him. - In all the hospitals? -Yes.
And in army hospitals too?
Why you do think that he could be in a military hospital?
He is a disabled war veteran. He was an army officer.
He lost consciousness, and he could have been transported to any military hospital.
Now I am not worried about you any more. You have a lucid, clear mind again.
This means that you are starting feeling better.
Soon will be a time for a walk. Fresh air is necessary for the baby.
Meanwhile please name to me someone of the friends of your husband's.
Please try talking to a retired army General Fritz Nushem.
He is a good old friend of my husband.
I pray to god that he would remain as kind to us now as he was always in the past.
Do you remember his street address?
In the Information there may not have the address of the General.
He is old. He is over 80 years old by now.
- Is he still in his right mind? - What?
I fear, that maybe, he can have sclerosis. And he just won't remember anything.
All the evil comes from the old people in this world.
What are you talking about?! The General is so kind and sweet.
That is good. Who else then?
You may try finding frau Aychelbrenner.
She lives in Potsdam. 9 Kmelice Street, in her private house.
That is already something.
I will try to present these people as your guarantors.
Here is one more thing. One survivor has found 2 suitcases believed to be yours.
Tomorrow I will bring them in here, and we will open them in front of you.
So we can see what could be sold or traded for clothes for your baby.
Thank you. God will pay back to you for your kindness.
God never forgets any good doings.
- Are you are a Lutheran? - No. I am a Catholic.
And I am a Lutheran myself. However, this is unimportant.
The main thing is that in a man's soul would be god.
And now the last thing. Please sign this request
to pay off to you the first part of the monetary compensation.
I wish you the fastest recovery.
And kiss your cute giant for me.
This was the Ervin's suitcase.
Shtirlitz would recognize it out of a thousand of suitcases.
The radio transmitter was stored in it.
Shtirlitz could not understand, why he was going after these people right now.
He did not know what he will do further.
He did not know that in the laboratory they discovered Ket's fingerprints
not only on the outside of the suitcase.
Her finger prints remained on the tuning scale and the head phones.
Place it there.
You preparing for the evacuation, aren't you?
No, this is a secret radio transmitter.
Do you collect them? But where "He", the owner of it?
It is actually "her", not "him".
I think the "he" owner is dead.
And a "she" owner is with a newborn in the hospital right now.
What are we going to do with a newborn?
And also something is wrong with her head.
What are you going to do? You wouldn't interrogate her in such condition, would you?
And I think that is the only best health condition for interrogations.
Why waiting? We always wait for something.
One of our idiots showed her a photo of her suitcase among other suitcases.
He asked, if she recognizes her suitcase.
Thank god, she wouldn't run away because her baby is in there.
I do not think she would run away and abandon her baby at the hospital.
But you never know... Anything is possible with her.
I decided to transfer her here today.
It is smart. Did you place agents there? It is necessary to watch for her possible contacts.
Yes, we replaced a nurse and a watchman with our agents.
So then is it worth bringing her here?
You may lose the entire game. What if she will start searching for connection?
That's why I can't make up my mind about her. I fear she'll get better and run off.
You know how crazy those Russians are.
They must be taken while they are weak otherwise nothing will work with them.
And why do think that she is Russian?
The whole thing started because she was squealing in Russian giving birth to her baby.
-And where is she now? -At the hospital Sharitte. -To bring her here will take 10 minutes.
Take her faster. Although... it is possible to lose the entire game.
It could be an interesting game, if she begins search for spy contacts.
Don't you think, her people may be searching all hospitals right now for her?
-We did not work that possibility through yet. -It is my present to you. Start working on it today.
See you later. Good luck to you.
This is an interesting case.
The main thing here is not to rush.
I advise, not to report to the management yet, they will force you to close the case
as soon as possible. Oh yes, why did I come to see you for?
I became a sclerosis idiot. I came to you to get some sleeping pills.
Everyone knows that you have excellent Swedish soporific.
"Always only the last phrase of a conversation is memorized" -Shtirlitz has discovered that
for himself as a mathematical proof. It is important, how to enter into a conversation,
but it is still more important the skill of exiting from one.
If Rolf is asked, who visited him and why,
he for sure will answer, that there was Shtirlitz who came for a soporific.
Rolf was supplying half of the department with soporifics. His uncle was pharmacist.
Brigadenfurer, it is better for me to pretend that I am sick and I am actually sick,
and to ask for 10 day vacation at a resort, otherwise I will fall apart.
What happened?
Don't faint, but, in my opinion, we all are "under the cap" of Muller's.
What is going on?
Yesterday that idiocy with surveillance after me on Fridrikhshtrasse. Today yet another
and even more idiotic thing. They found a Russian woman with a radio transmitter,
who apparently worked very actively.
I've been hunting that radio transmitter for 8 months, but the case about it goes to Rolf,
who understands in radios-game just as much as a forest hare in geometry.
Let's not get involved. Let them do whatever they want with her.
This might trigger the unneeded squabble between the intelligence and the counter intelligence.
Please give me your permission to interrogate her right now.
I’ll go to the Russian spy woman. I’ll take her to us and conduct her first interrogation.
I will conduct it better than Rolf.
After that let her be transferred to him.
For me the most important is the business results and not ambitions of the departments.
Go to her. And I will call Reichsfurer.
May be would better to see him in person?
Go and do your job!
After that we need to talk about the pastor. He will be needed in three days.
-I cannot be torn apart between the two cases. -Yes you can.
-An intelligence officers either surrenders immediately or he does not surrender ever,
with exception of the rare cases. After the application of the special measures
by cutthroats of Muller in the Gestapo.
We should realize everything clearly in the first 2-3 hours. If this "Madame" would not
start talking quickly we’ll return her to Muller, and let them do what ever they want with her.
And if she starts talking to us then we will be ahead of Muller. Go now.
March 10, 1945, 14:20 = 2:20 PM
Bring all the clothing of frau Kinn.
And make sure that there will be no people present in the corridor.
Frau Kinn, get ready.
You have lost. An intelligence officer must lose with dignity.
I know, you will try to lie to us, but that is all foolish.
We intercepted 40 of your encoded radio transmissions.
They will bring your clothing now, and you will go with me.
I guarantee life to you and your child, if you begin to collaborate with us.
I can not guarantee you anything, if you would begin to resist the collaboration.
Could you please leave the room, while I am getting dressed?
I will not leave, but I will turn away.
I will continue speaking, and you will think of what to answer to me.
I will not answer you anything right now. I have nothing to answer.
I don't even understand, what is actually going on?
I am still very weak.
I think this is some misunderstanding, which soon will be explained.
My husband is an army officer and a disabled war veteran.
Enough of that! We have your radio transmitter and you radiograms too.
This is a proof, which cannot be refuted.
You are required only one thing: your agreement to work for us.
And I advise you to agree with my proposal.
Firstly, to tell us everything that is known to you,
even if you do not know very much.
Secondly, to accept my proposal and without a delay
within next 2-3 days, you will begin working for us.
-Shtirlitz spoke shortly, clearly, concise and very loudly. Loud enough,
so he would be well heard outside of the room.
He tried to prepare Ket, that the most important things he will say to her later.
He saw that Ket understood everything and awaited that extra information. But he could not yet say it.
That information would determine all her future.
He didn't want to talk in his car as well.
He had a frightening thought, that in his car could have been a hidden dictaphone.
Therefore, he’ll be able to say the most important information only in the hallway.
He has for that exactly 2 minutes. He counted the time, when he was walking through it.
The baby is prepared.
If it is too difficult to carry the child for you, I can carry him to the car.
No! Frau Kinn will carry the child herself.
Make sure there are no patients in the corridor right now.
Listen to me, my poor little girl, and listen to me very carefully.
They will force you to transmit false information. Try to negotiate about it first.
Demand guarantees. Demand that your child would be with you all the time.
Pretend that you will do anything because of the child.
They will record us on tape, therefore play the show accurately at my interrogation.
You do not know the cipher code. The radiograms are not yet deciphered.
The cipher person was Ervin, you only were a radio operator. That's it!
I will take care of the rest by myself.
You will say that Ervin had secret meeting at Kaunshtrasse and Ransdorf.
Who did he see there? -You don't know.
You will say that a person from the Foreign Ministry was visiting Ervin.
In the car I will show his photo. It everything clear?
That person from the Foreign Ministry was the adviser Mr.Kortner.
He was killed a week ago in a car crash.
This was a false track.
Investigating this information, the Gestapo will waste 10-15 days.
And now even a single day meant so much.
Please. Let's go!
Bring the prisoner to room 15. I will work with her in there.
The arrested woman goes to room 15.
Let's go. Forward! Move it!
In 2 hours Rolf will report to Muller,
that the Russian radio operator disappeared from the hospital Sharitte.
Two departments of the district police will be given code red alert.
The on-duty nurses and the others at the clinic will be arrested.
And in one hour after that Shelenberg was calling Muller.
-I am greeting you, my good old friend. -Good evening.
Please forgive me. I will be right back.
Sorry. Yes, I am back and listening.
Shtirlitz has prepared to all of us a very nice present.
He brought here a Russian radio operator, who actually agreed to work for us.
Muller knew that already. For the past hour he was comparing the shorthand record
of the first interrogation of the radio operator with a tape recording.
It was obtained by his service, which was in a constant competition
with the department of Shellenberg.
And Reichsfurer congratulated him with this great success.
Shtirlitz was fully bluffing and taking a huge risk right now.
He knew that the cipher code was not cracked.
Practically it could not be cracked.
It was his personal cipher code, and the Gestapo did not have the key for it.
The radiograms, which were sent from the Center to Shtirlitz had a different key.
The radio operator could not know that key at all.
This was known to the cipher man, who kept silent,
because he was buried under the ruins of his own home.
During the interrogation, Ket played everything exactly how they planned.
But nevertheless Shtirlitz was asking himself over and over again:
Did he really do the only right thing by bringing Ket here?
Ketrin Kinn. Or in Russian Katya Kozlova.
Yes, he could drive her away to Babelsberg,
and afterward find an apartment and supply her with new documents.
This would mean that, by saving Ket's life, he intentionally was failing the operation,
that could influence the future of Europe.
He knew, that after Ket's escape from the hospital
the entire Gestapo will be up and running and,
without a doubt, the trail will come to him right away.
Which means, he also will have to go underground.
This was an equivalent to a complete failure of his entire spy work.
If he would know for sure, that Katya would be under his protection always
and wouldn't be transferred ever to Muller, then he wouldn't worry much at all.
And he wouldn't torture himself with the same question again: did he or didn't he do
the right thing by bringing her here? He could later place her in an apartment controlled by SS.
But at a right moment he could arrange, that Ket with the boy would just disappear,
and no one would be able to ever find them.
He sure could make it so that Ket and her baby boy would completely disappear.
Although even now, with the entire tragedy of the situation at the fronts,
with the huge quantity of refugees, who filled up the center of the country.
The Gestapo continued working clearly, coordinated and well organized.
Every second person was reporting reports on his a neighbor,
and that neighbor was reporting information on the informant.
Only a naive person could thing that even in this turbid water,
it was possible to disappear without a difficulty.
Some one who is unfamiliar with the structure of the German secret police.
-Don't get mad. We're in the same business. The most important is the final result, isn't it?
And after all, it's not important who will be awarded and get a candy for the good work.
I do not like sweets.
Let's continue our hearing.
I'd say that Shtirlitz' methods of interrogation are more than just strange.
Just listen to how he is preparing her.
-I will not repeat the truism, that a news about your arrest by us,
will mean a definite death sentence to you by your Moscow bosses.
People, who were in the Gestapo, are obligated to perish.
Whoever survived the Gestapo is a traitor, don't you agree?
This is the first thing.
I will not ask for the names of your agents.
Trying to find you, they inevitably will come to me. This is the second thing.
And here is the third thing.
You must understand, that as a men and the officer of the Reich,
I cannot relate to your position without a compassion.
I understand, how extent will be grief of a mother,
if we will have to send the baby to a foster home.
The child will forever be deprived of the mother.
Please understand me correctly, I am not trying to threaten you.
Simply, even if I don't want to do that,
I have my management over me, and I may not disobey the orders.
I am a soldier, and my Homeland has a war with your country.
And finally the fourth thing.
We obtained copies of your movies, staged and filmed in Alma Ata.
In those films you depict Germans as fools.
If that would be true, then how come we stood by the gates of the Kremlin,
if we are such idiots?
But now the Russian Red Army is standing by the gates of Berlin.
That is correct. When our troops stood by the gates of the Kremlin,
you believed that you will reach Berlin one day.
So we are, too, convinced now, that soon we will return to the Kremlin.
Let's put aside that particular discussion.
I am talking about this because our decipherers are skilled people
and they already were able to crack much of your cipher code,
and your work, the work of a radio operator, can be carried out by our own operator.
Your radio operator does not know my transmission style.
But my style is well known in our Center.
That is correct. But we have your trassmissions recorded on the tape,
so we can easily train your radio transmission style our radio operators.
And that person will work instead of you,
That will be your final end.
You will not be forgiven for that at home. And you know that well.
If you work for us, I promise to you a complete alibi
for your intelegence management.
- This is impossible. - You are mistaken. It is possible.
Your arrest will not be documented anywhere by us here.
You will stay at a secret place, where it will be convenient for your baby girl.
-I have a baby boy. -I am sorry for the mistake.
-You will say that after your husband's death a person found you,
who said the correct password to you.
- I do not know any passwords. - You do know passwords.
But I will not be asking you about that right now. That’s a non-important trifle.
A romantic stupid game. So, that person did find you himself and ordered to work for him.
As if he was a spy resident from the Center. And he made you to transmit the encoded messages.
And you simply were transmitting them to your spy Center. This is your alibi.
In plays and movies about the intelligence agents it is accepted to give some time to
think everything over. I will not give any time for think over and am asking immediately. Yes or no?
-He had one error only during the entire talk with her. He called a wrong sex of her child.
-The rest of the interrogation was just perfect. The work of a true virtuoso!
-Yes. -I do not hear it clearly enough.
Yes, yes, yes!
That is good. And there is no need for hysterics.
You knew well what to expect, when you agreed to work against us.
Please. Have a drink of water.
-I have only one condition. -I am listening.
I have no connection with my home land any more
after the loss of my husband and this my arrest.
I will work for you,
only if you will guarantee, that in the future
I never end up in the hands of my former bosses.
She lost consciousness.
Place the prisoner in our prison hospital.
Make sure that she gets a quality care and is treated with an extra attention.
Her nervous system is too week, but she will be OK.
Let's listen to this one more time, please.
-We shouldn’t let her to be transferred from us. This would be the top of carelessness and stupidity.
Especially now, when we begin our games with that priest, the pastor Shlag.
Maybe, it would be a good idea to get an approval and support from the reichsfurer Himmler?
I will try. But what are our motivations?
We have many motivations.
I will think about it. Anyway, I congratulate you with this great success, Shtirlitz.
After all, we got ahead of Muller in this.
And that thought alone makes me feel so good already.
This movie was called "Girl of my dream".
Shtirlitz was watching it for the 6th time. He hated this movie.
He no longer could look at Marik Rok and listen to this music.
Of course such things are not taken into a consideration.
In this movie theater he used to meet with a diplomatic courier Mr. Svenson.
The diplomatic courier was traveling between Berlin and Stockholm,
simultaneously supplying information for the office of Shellenberg.
The information that Shtirlitz was awaiting, might have been extremely important.
Unfortunately, today he watched the "Girl of my dream" the 6th time
and the 6th time he left, without having seen his agent.
Probably, it is better to go down to the bomb shelter", thought Shtirlitz,
The worst thing is to get killed in my own little office up here", -thought Shtirlitz.
That was the office of direct government phone connection.
Each telephone was directly connected with the bunker of the Fuhrer
and with the offices of Bormann, Goebbels and Goering.
- Bormann is speaking. - Did you receive my letter?
- Who is this speaking?
I am listening to you.
Have you received a letter addressed to you personally from a devoted member of our Nazi party?
Yes. That's right. Hello. Where are you right now? Oh yes, I understand you may not talk about it.
I am glad we understood each other clearly.
Bormann understood that Shtirlitz knows, that all his phone conversations are recorded.
This testified that the person who was speaking knew the highest secrets of Reich.
Shtirlitz drew the conclusion that Bormann understands everything that he kept back,
and therefore he felt a success.
-The license plate of my car is... -I know it. Who will be the driver?
-Does this matter at all? -Yes. One of your chauffeurs is an informant...
-I do know... We'll meet at the same place tomorrow, the place we couldn't meet before.
No. We must meet today. To the original Meeting time add 2 hours. I will be there.
All right then. I'll be there too. Hail Hitler!
That was Mr. Bormann’s car.
End of part 6.
Translated by Fooper01. Enjoy.