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Our multicultural babies have multicultural characters?
Daddies want to cry
Professional who will save Mblaq daddies showed up
Now she can talk! DY started speaking!
I had no idea!
Now Mblaq daddies know what's in DY's mind
But still the babies are uncontrollable
Leo: 1, 2, 3 Where did they go visit?
The babies learns to calm their minds down
Leo: No no no Mir: Daddy's word is the law
Mblaq daddies make a family motto
What will happen today?
The fifth story, the kids has changed
Monk: Are you hungry?
Monk: Our next program will be "Baru GongYang"
Temple stay, second program "Baru GongYang"
Monk: So now you will all get some rice one your bowls.
Mir: Leo, how much do you want to eat?
Mir: This much?
Baru GongYang is a traditional eating ceremony at a Buddhist temple
Monk: And get some side dishes that you will eat.
This experience teaches you equality by sharing the food and emptying by getting rid of greediness
Monk: Okay, great job.
Monk: Normally, people bend over to eat
but don't do that.
Bring the bowl next to your mouth like this
GO: like this??? a bad example
Monk: Straighten up your back Leo: (OMG)
Monk: and you eat like this.
Okay, as you say??
Lauren: (Is that a right way to eat?)
They are actually pretty good at it..
GO: Say ah~~ Great job
SH: Lauren, are you not going to eat?
Mir: (DY just ate?)
(tasting the food)
GO: DY started eating when I fed her.
She even ate a lot!
Mir: I couldn't even imagine that
Mir: I was really worried that she might not talk and not eat all day
SH: she didn't eat when we gave her some stakes
GO: DY let's eat some stakes DY: No, no
All five daddies tried to feed her but she refused to eat.
GO: This is spinach. Good job.
My kids has changed
SH: She was eating it so deliciously.. I was a little worried
SH: because she seems she was eating too much
(weird) Lauren wasn't being a nice girl today
SH: No?
Lauren: (You eat it)
SH: (gave up) It's so hard to be a daddy.
GO: Don't do that.
Mir: What are you guys doing?
An unexpected situation!
In front of Buddha
GO: You shouldn't do that at a temple.
GO: He (monk) will get angry at you.
Closes his eyes.
Amitabha Avalokitesvara
GO: It was a little wild today, but..
few weeks ago from now...Lauren and Leo's team play was very outstanding.
GO: You little kids.. already..
Monk: Kids, have a seat The monk tries to stop them.
Monk: Did everyone finish their GongYang?
Everyone: Yes!
Mir: I'm really sorry but my son hasn't ate a single scope.
Monk: Then the daddy will have to eat the left over GongYang.
Leo: (Daddy, help yourself)
SH: (Mir, help yourself)
No way!
Mir: Leo, who is your daddy?
Leo: (over there)
Where did Leo's finger pointed at?
CD daddy gets to eat Leo's left overs.
CD: I told you not to mention me as your father!
Leo: (No, I'm going to)
Mir: Hurry up, CD daddy. King of the tricks, Bang Chul Young
Mir: I will change the seats for you.
CD: (Daddy's words are the law) Leo, be nice. okay?
Leo: (Leo will.)
So CD daddy gets to eat Baru GongYang twice.
Lauren: (Would you please eat mine too?)
The sun has dawn in the deep mountain and the night has come.
Monk: Pour the water into the big bowl.
Monk: Pour all of them. (get ready) this is the state of art of Baru GongYang
Monk: Clean the bowl with your hands.
(SH, are you laughing because you know what is going to happen next?)
GO: Hope you don't ask us to put in our foot.
Monk: Not your foot. Use your hand and scrub it hard.
This hand was not washed after writing the motto.
Monk: And then drink all of it.
CD: No way~~~!!!!
Monk's lie too? Monk: Oh~ It tastes so good
Dies laughing
CD: I wanna go home
SH: Mir, did you eat it?
Mir: I tried this several times when I was young.
GO: Oh really? Help your self a bowl.
Monk: Drink it happily
CD: How can you feel happy drinking...this..?
CD: So fresh~
SH dies laughing
Monk: Great job. Does it taste good? Mir: Yes!
Mir: (Now it's your turn.)
Monk: Drink it.
My laugh is not really a laugh.
(If I have to do it anyways!) SH papa drinks at once.
DY: (Fighting daddies)
Mir: Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!
This is the reality
Will weak-stomach GO and CD get over this?
Q: Who do you think cannot do Baru GongYang? Mir: Chun Doong Hyung and GO Hyung(brother)
Mir: They seriously have weak stomachs (meaning one can't eat when one thinks it's disgusting)
Mir: CD Hyung is worse. He has a lots of food that he can't eat.
Monk: (He says it again) Drink it happily
GO: Will I feel good?
Monk: Of course. Drink them. They are left overs.
DY: I can't even watch his face.
Leo: (Amitabha)
Now, CD papa is the only one left!
Let's see how he does??
nom nom
Where is this place, who am I??
Mir: Looking at his facial expression, he looked like couldn't really eat it
Mir: but because the kids were looking at him so he just ate it.
Mir: I was really proud(?) of him
CD: It was so hard for me.
It was CD papa's worst experience in his life.
CD: It was so shocking to me.
Monk: When you put the bowl inside, make sure it doesn't make any noise.
GO: I just heard the noise!! a little bit..
Monk: ...just a little bit...(admits it)
Everyone laughs
Monk: Okay, I will try it again. Take a look.
Deo Monk is a great entertainer!
Oh~ wow~
I am awesome.
GO tries
CD: I heard it. I heard it. Me Me Me
CD's turn
Why are they making this a big deal??
The daddies keep on trying it.
Monk: We do this because when the monsters hear this noise they get hungry and so we make sure they don't get hungry.
Oh~ GO succeeded.
Monk: Great job. You didn't make any noise
Monk: Now we will finish up with a HapJangBanBae.
GO: We had a great dinner. Thank you.
After all the hard(?) eating
Hello family moves to the sleeping place
How was their day?
(Everyone says something to everyone else) Hello Family's campfire time!
SH: Leo, did you had a great time today with daddy?
Leo: Yes
GO: DY, how about you?
DY: I had fun.
GO: You had fun.
CD: Your voice is even prettier. Mir: Now DY speaks really well.
GO: Yes, DY you are so adorable.
DY, now did you open up your heart to daddies?
Mir: Thank you, DY. GO: High five
GO: Finally, she opened up.
GO: DY, come over here.
GO: DY, let's try it.
Just a few days ago, DY will never speak and always say no.
After meeting the professional, DY became so bright and happy.
GO: I think now we should think carefully what the kids like and what the kids want
GO: And think and teach and discipline in their perspective
DY kiss me
Unbelievable. My kids has changed
SH: Give Mir daddy a kiss.
Has DY opened up her mind to Mir daddy too?
Mir: Okay then sit over there and think about it yourself alone.
Bang. Chul. Young. is the one who made her cry
What will her reaction be?
We are one family
Q: You gave Mir daddy a kiss. Why did you kiss him?
DY: Cause I like him.
Q: Oh~ you like Mir daddy?
DY: (I love you Mir daddy)
CD: Even though Mir was the fifth, but the kids liked him more than Joon. (on the test)
CD: I think you do have a chance of winning.
CD: If you try a little harder
CD: I think the kids will really love you.
Mir: (To. DY) I am very thankful that you opened up your heart to me.
Mir: I will be a good daddy for now on.
DY: Nodding
Now, DY is very good at expressing her heart
Now it's time to go to sleep
CD: I think it's very later for the kids
GO: Leo, will you turn off the lights?
Hello Family good night
Mir: These two days meant a lot to me spending some time with the kids and
SH: leaving the city and spending time at a quite temple
SH: and eating dinner with the family was a really great idea
SH: I think we opened up to each other so I really look forward to the future.
CD: To become a good daddy,
I think I would have to do better than this.
I think there's a lot of things that I have to solve. I will do my best.
GO: (To. LJ) Joon, Mir is becoming a better daddy these days.
Because you are not here, the kids really like Mir now.
So I hope you take care of yourself and
hope all the kids like you and become a better dad.
Mir: Should we just leave these three kids here and leave?
Lauren: Bye, see you next week
Joon: Hi
Leo: wrote you a letter
Daddies got angry!
Planning Lee Joon daddy's secret camera Mir: Hope you cry.
Will Joon daddy successfully take care of all three kids alone?
Help me, (Mblaq) members!
And they get to pick the worst daddy again (who will be the finalist)
Mir: What kind of mission is it? And now, hello baby presents an ambitious project!
Mblaq papas and global babies become one family
10:00 AM - Baby house
Hello family started out very happy like any other day
DY: Were you surprised?
SH: Yeah, I'm surprised.
DY: You were surprised! Mir: I think Joon is gonna be back soon.
DY: Guess how I got over here!
SH: How did you get here?
DY is being friendly to SH daddy! (Not GO daddy!)
DY: I step on here and got over here.
SH: You can step on this and go up there?
SH: Wow.. I was so surprised.
Leo: I'm gonna step on it too and go up there too! Me too!
SH: Well, you should stop going up there.
Leo: No.
Smiling like a dad
Mir: Our DY has changed
After the psychological treatment session, DY became really active
CD: It's because DY had a treatment session yesterday.
It's very good to see them happy but...
They seem a little too happy?
GO: wait a moment, I think my ears went wrong.. Finally, papas bodies are experiencing something weird in their bodies.
Mir: I think something's wrong with my cochlea.
CD: I need to meditate myself a bit.
Mir: DY is leading the kids today.
Mir: Leo is just playing with them,
Mir: and Lauren is just following the mood
Q: That was going on for 30 mins, what was your honest feelings? SH: I was seriously surprised..
CD: It looks like the are not listening to us more than before.
CD: (Just kidding) I think we should question the professional's ability.
Nice try. "Let's become a HapJooky, Hap." (It's a very common term used to children to keep their mouth shut.)
It's not working..
Mir: This is all because of Joon Hyung. Mir starts blaming Joon.
GO: I think so too. It's all LJ's fault!
CD: Yeah, they are all going to you.
This is all because of kids' sacrificial lamb(= LJ) is not here?
Mir: When Joon Hyung was here, the kids all went to play on him.
CD: Okay, then to punish Joon Hyung, let's make Joon take care of all the kids.
Mir: Let's just leave these kids and leave, so he can't get out of it.
GO: Yeah, because Joon was not here all the time we were having trouble with them, I think they are not close enough anymore.
Mir: Let's give Joon Hyung a mission and leave.
CD: Okay.
SH papa suggest a mission.
SH: It becomes more crazy when you have to make all the kids do something at the same time than making them do something one by one.
Extreme tiredness! Taking care of three kids at once?!
SH: Something like "Make sure everyone brushes their teeth"
GO: Make sure everyone gets to eat snacks
SH: That's it. Make sure all three of them get to eat snacks
Mir is even writing it down.
GO: And they have their own style. For example, DY has to warm up her milk.
GO: Some has to take off the strawberry top, something like that?
SH: yeah banana milk and strawberry milk, they all have different tastes.
Leo: I wanna eat this.
SH: You wanna eat this?
(door bell rings) Who is it?
SH: ??He's here!
CD: Hurry! Finish it up (writing)! Joon papa is here!
Mir: Let's give this Leo
You have to give this to LJ daddy.
SH: Don't forget.
While Joon comes up (most Korean apartment has elevators) the daddies leave.
DY: (Where are they going?)
CD: Lee Joon Daddy will come. We will be back soon. Ask him to play with you.
Lauren: Bye. Come visit us next time.
GO: you have to give that to LJ daddy. Have fun.
Leo: How can they punish LJ daddy?
GO: I thought we should give Joon a chance.
SH: This is more like a present than a secret camera. (*Secret camera is a special event where you hide a camera and play prank on somebody.)
Our house, baby house.
We are watching you. (up stairs)
All the staffs even left and only some cameras are there.
Will Joon papa do everything well alone?
LJ: Wow.. Long time no see.
The kids feel a little awkward because they haven't met for awhile.
LJ: Of course I was worried.
LJ: They might not remember me.
LJ: I was worried that they might have forgotten me.
LJ: Hi.
It became a little awkward saying hi.
LJ: Why can't you talk?
Leo just completes his mission.
Leo: (Daddies) Wrote you a letter. right here.
LJ: You wrote this?
LJ: Hey, you did not write this. But Joon is not really interested in the letter.
LJ: You didn't write this, right?
LJ: Do you remember me?
LJ: Do you remember me? Who am I?
DY: Lee Joon daddy.
LJ: DY you are so good at memorizing!
Leo: Lee Joon daddy.
LJ: You too?? Lauren!
Lauren hides behind the curtains
LJ: You became a lady
Lauren: It was good to see Joon daddy again.
After saying hi to everyone, Joon starts reading the mission letter
Just laughing
LJ: What? Who wrote this?
LJ: DY, where did all the other daddies go?
DY: I don't know.
LJ: Who saw the other daddies? Where did everyone go?
They are watching all this from next door (just asked the neighbors if they could stay)
Mir: He's going to cry.
LJ: Who saw the other daddies? Where did everyone go?
Leo: They just disappeared. They just left.
LJ: They left?
DY: No they didn't!
LJ: They didn't leave?
Lauren: They just...just.. left.
LJ: They left?
DY: I just heard GO daddy's voice
LJ: You heard? DY No!!
LJ: Who is telling me the truth? DY cannot lie, Lauren is always confused
Lauren: Outside...?? something)
Unable to Interpret
LJ: I brought you guys a house for you guys. (LJ gave up figuring out where they are and brags about the toys he brought)
GO: (upset) Why does he not care about the fact that we are not there?
SH: He rather looks relieved.
LJ: I thought they were gonna come out from the room in a minute.
LJ: I thought they were preparing for something
LJ: but they never showed up.
GO: Oh, I think he is happy because he is getting all the cameras (one shot)
They don't like it even he does things well by himself.
DY: It looks like a Pororo ring?
LJ: Yeah it is!
Leo: Give me that
LJ: You want it? Okay, you have it.
Q: Why were you wearing a Pororo ring? LJ: I am a man who has kids
LJ: I was wearing it the whole day while I was shooting other programs
LJ: because I wanted the kids to see it.
LJ: Maybe other people might think it's weird.
LJ: But my kids is going to like that. "oh my daddy is wearing my best character ring!"
LJ: And they can smile while watching it.
The power of Po-President (Pororo is called children's president in Korea)
LJ: DY, you want it too? DY: I have a ring.
DY is talking a lot & Leo lost his mind
Leo: I don't have a ring.
Leo: I don't have a Pororo ring!
DY: I have a Pororo ring and kitty ring that my mom bought me.
LJ: You also have kitty ring?
DY: Yes
LJ: Can you give me one?
Lauren: (poor) Me too. I don't have one
LJ: You want it? Leo: I don't have it either
LJ: You have it right here
What is going on?
DY: I have a Pororo ring.
LJ: Why are you guys suddenly so good at talking?
GO: Joon doesn't know that??
GO: that after the psychological treatment session, DY started talking very well.
Mir: Oh, Joon haven't seen the kid for a while.
Whatever~ Joon got adopted to the reality so fast~
LJ: Did you guys eat?
DY: I ate
LJ: You did eat? Joon is trying to make a play house for the kids
LJ: What did you eat?
LJ: Wait, wait..
Even though they run around in circle, they stops at Joon's word.
Leo: It looks fun!
LJ: Yeah it looks fun
Leo: This is our house! Somehow the kids are too nice.
DY: Is this also a house?
LJ: Yeah, this is also a house. This is actually a prettier house.
LJ: A princess' house. (Are you really our babies?)
DY: A princess' house?
LJ: yeah it's a Princess' house.
LJ: This is Lauren and DY's house. (They can even communicate?)
Leo: No not this one. This is Leo's house!
The white tent is a prince's house and horse shape tent is a rincess' house.
DY: This is our house!
LJ: These are your rooms now.. that room is mine.
Their mental ages are all the same.
DY: This is me and Lauren's house. You live over there.
GO: It looks like they are more focused when there are only one dad.
GO: When you have five daddies, you wanna hit this daddy and he yells at the other kid and..
LJ: wow. look at this. (Tents are all built)
(Oh wow) they are all so happy
Is this really a secret camera?
Lauren: I was happy that Joon daddy made us a house
Leo: Lee Joon daddy is the best!
LJ: Now let's talk (The present were for something?)
LJ: We made the houses and where are they.. DY?
DY: I don't know.
Lauren: (good job) Daddies went home
LJ: Okay, then I'm gonna call them.
LJ: Because you guys are not telling me, (2nd idea. Calling the members)
LJ: I'm gonna call them.
GO: He called me. (The other daddies were watching the TV in comfortable positions)
They are surprised on Joon's unexpected call.
LJ: Hey! Hello?
LJ: Where are you!!!
They are talking quietly, not to bother the neighbors
GO: Joon, complete all the missions that we gave you.
LJ: Mission?
LJ: What the heck is the mission?
SH: Leo gave you the mission
LJ: but this is too much. How do I do all these for three kids? This is too much.
SH: (scary) Do you think you can just get away with it with building a single house?
Oh no! GO: hey, hey!
LJ: what? what?
SH papa made a mistake.
Is Joon going to figure it all out now?
LJ: You know how hard it was to build a single house?
What a stupid..
That was close.
LJ: Just come and help! Joon papa is just panicking on the fact that he is alone.
GO: If you don't complete the missions, today's shooting won't be over.
Ended the call
LJ: Okay okay. whatever. Just tell me where you.. wh..what the heck you just hung up? so rude.
What should I do with these kids.
(scary) Do you think you can just get away with it with building a single house?
(scary) Do you think you can just get away with it with building a single house?
LJ: They are watching me
You are not totally dumb aren't you?
LJ: They are watching me from somewhere. (Feels betrayed)
LJ: DY, you know it right?
LJ: How did they know I made a house?
LJ: Seriously, how did they know?
LJ: Are there surveillance cameras over here?
Leo: Nope.
LJ: You bad daddies!
LJ: If you have something to say, just stand up and face me!
But they don't want to stand up and face him
Don't care
LJ: Okay, I will just finish the mission and..
Just accepts the situation
LJ: They are looking down on me.
LJ: I wanted to show them that I can complete this mission and revenge them
Playing with the kids 1. Talk using your body (playing with the toys) 2. Joon daddy is today's chef (make snacks) 3. Prince and Princeses (Role play activity)
Joon daddy is 100% ready to play with the kids
LJ: Look at this
LJ: Okay, now DY! Catch daddy's ball!
LJ: 1, 2, 3 get it!
It flew away
How's my swing (Scary)
LJ: okay we are trying it again (Leo and Joon playing baseball)
LJ: hit it!
LJ: good job!
Joon papa grabs Leo's heart by a single ball
LJ: Slowly, I'm throwing it again
LJ: Ah! that was so close
(So tired) Hey, I feel like this is my gym class.
The kids ran over to Joon to play
LJ: You have to hit this. 1, 2, 3..
Joon papa is actually pretty good
LJ: Home run!
GO: He looks like he learned how to play with the kids somewhere?
GO: How come he is he so good at this?
Mir: I think he lied to us that he has other schedules and went to learned it. (They are jealous of Joon's ability)
LJ: Here is the ball.
LJ is feeling tire after running just a little bit. (LJ daddy power goes down)
Beats up the monkey for no reason
This is a large accident
DY starts crying
LJ: Did I hurt her hard?
LJ: DY, I'm so sorry.
Lauren: (My daddy is a problem maker)
LJ daddy is very worried if DY is hurt
Other members are just watching SH: DY is crying!
SH: Joon hit her while he was playing
Mir: Yeah, Joon Hyung was doing it so well today.
SH: It was too smooth. (Members don't trust Joon at all)
LJ: (No!) Are really you gonna put this on air?
LJ: are you serious??
LJ: I make the kids cry in every single series.
LJ: DY I am really really sorry.
LJ: I didn't mean to do that.
LJ: I was really touched because I was telling DY to hit my face using her hand and I said "I'm a bad daddy"
But she didn't hit me
DY understands that it was his mistake
LJ: she even put all her strength in her hand so that I can't hit myself. She is so lovely.
DY: I don't hate LJ daddy.
LJ: I love you DY.
Mir: I think it's the first time someone ever made DY cry (a goldfish?) (* A goldfish is known to be stupid)
SH: What?
GO: No, you made her cry. You are the first person.
Mir: (ignoring) I have an eraser in my head
Playing with the kids 2. Joon daddy is today's chef (make snacks)
Joon prepares snacks for the kids
I want my kids to have the cleanest food LJ: It's so cold!
LJ: 10 secs. Just wait for 10 secs
Joon checks if the milk is warm enough.
CD: Why does DY like warm milk?
GO: When they first came over here,
GO: DY's mother wrote us a letter
Dear Mblaq Daddies
GO: She had an appendectomy surgery last year
Because of the appendectomy surgery, she cannot have cold foods
LJ: Let's have some snacks!
LJ: DY, I warmed up your milk.
You are such a nice guy
LJ: Strawberries and I will cut you some apples too.
LJ: How do I cut this?
Leo: Will he be okay?
Lauren: How do I cut this?
LJ: How do I cut this?
LJ: I'm really sorry.
Q: have you ever cut an apple before? LJ: I've done.. I've done it before..
LJ: but it was just once or twice in my entire life.
LJ: And I usually eat apples with skin
LJ: I was a little scared. The knife was so close to my finger
LJ: I didn't wanted to cut myself, because when I do cut my finger, I know that I won't wanna do anything more.
LJ: It's so scary!
DY: Why is it scary?
LJ: This is a knife. This hurts
Lj: It hurts! scary, scary
DY: (LJ daddy is a coward)
LJ: Did you guys behaved well while I was gone? I hope you weren't punished.
LJ: I'm sorry. I should have been here.
Lauren: You don't have to be here
LJ: (acts like he didn't hear it) I'm done!
XS size? The apple had an extreme diet.
DY: Why don't you just cut the skin?
The nice kids eats it deliciously
LJ: Does it taste good?
Lauren doesn't like something
LJ: Why are you frowning your face? you look scary.
Lauren: The apple looked ugly.
Lauren: But it tasted good
Leo: It tasted good but it looked weird.
LJ: Leo, the apple taste really good.
LJ: It has daddies dirts on it.
LJ: I'm so sorry
DY: I'm done with my milk.
LJ: Good job! I'll get you a sticker
LJ: Good girl.
LJ: Let's clean your mouth
GO: (not feeling good) He looks really nice.
CD: If you are alone you just become like that.
Playing with the kids 3. Prince and Princeses (Role play activity)
Joon daddy is feeling more tired.
LJ: What should I do?
The kids are so busy playing at Joon's hand made play house.
LJ: Hey kids
Lauren: this is princess' house
Lauren: Don't come in!
LJ: Don't come in?
LJ: I bought you this and you are kicking me out?
Lauren: this is princess' house
LJ: I am your servant princess
LJ: Princess? (The door is closed)
LJ: Please open the door.
LJ: Please open the door.
Leo grabs Joon's head?
Leo: Please open the door.
Leo was just trying to help
LJ: I am going to turn into a monster
Leo: You guys are surprised!
DY: Oh no! our house is burning!
After putting on fire, Joon's HP is lost
Lauren: He is a scary monster that screams
LJ: (so cute) I am going to eat you
Lauren: (role play) I'm sleeping right now
LJ: you are sleeping? okay hurry go to sleep
Sleeping beauty
DY: When a princess is sleeping then the prince should come and
DY: you say "your pretty" and do this
LJ: you are gonna sleep?
The evil monkey enters the scene
Leo, what are you doing?
General Leo is beating up the bad guy badly
Leo: I'm hitting him
LJ: It hurts. It hurts. Actor Joon is very busy today playing three character alone.
I will protect my princess myself.
Two princess were rescued by general Leo
Let's go home
We are going to the kindergarden
Throws away the monkey
Leo: I am going to fix the house while you are gone (the house was on fire)
LJ: Oh you are going to fix it?
LJ: Wow you are a repairman, Leo.
So noisy
The kids are having so much fun playing with Joon
LJ: Wow Loe our repairman!
LJ: Now would you please come out daddies!
LJ: This is so real (meaning the show is a reality show, not a script one)
LJ: Where are they coming out? (coming back home?)
LJ: You said you were gonna call me and what the heck is this?
DY: Oh there is a monster in our house
Leo: No it's not a monster. It's a dumb one.
Joon papa is so exhausted
LJ: DY, do you know when papas are coming back?
DY: I don't know
Finally, Joon papa lays down on the couch.
LJ: I was so tired, mentally.
Lauren: Lee Joon daddy you did a great job
Leo: Lee Joon daddy I love you
Leo: Eat it. This is an ice cream
Leo is giving him an ice cream for doing all these for them.
What did he just see?
The members walk in with a birthday cake
dear Lee Joon daddy
(The pitch goes way down) Happy birthday
LJ smiles like a dad
GO: It's LJ daddy's birthday
Everyone gathers around the birthday cake
LJ: (misunderstood) You guys were late because of this?
Leo: Happy birthday
(So simple) Joon's hater to his members is all gone by this cake
LJ: Wow this is an expensive cake
CD: I mean it's his birthday.. what else should we do?
LJ: I was so touched
LJ: Now, daddy wants a birthday present!
LJ: Kiss my cheek! Birthday present! Birthday present!
LJ: Kiss my cheek!
DY gives Joon the first kiss.
LJ: Lauren you too! Give daddy a kiss!
LJ: Now Leo!
I've completed all.
LJ: I felt so pure and clean
LJ: I felt like i was being purified like a water purifier
LJ: It was the most fresh kiss in the whole world.
CD: He didn't do anything, but he took so many things.
What kind of situation is this??
Mir's kiss shattered Joon's hope to purify his mind with the kids
Mir: That's my birthday present
Mir: He didn't seem very touched so I'm not gonna do that again.
LJ: After playing with the kids alone, I have confidence now.
GO: Really?
LJ: Let's try the popularity vote again
GO: All of us? LJ: Yes
GO: The kids like Mir a lot than before.
LJ: They do?
Mir: I'm pretty confident about it.
GO: Do you wanna try it? The other daddies also want to check the kids' minds too
LJ: Let's try it. You remember what you promised me a minute ago, Lauren?
LJ: you nodded. DY, you remember what I told you a minute ago, right?
LJ: Okay you nodded.
LJ: I lobbied the kids a lot
LJ: If we vote for anything, always pick me.
LJ: (So) I'm pretty confident about it
Show us your heart
The daddies call Leo CD: Leo come to me. SH: Go to your best loving dad
LJ: My son
Leo: (why are you calling daddy)
CD: Your best loving daddy
Mir: (impossible dreams) Leo, come here
Leo: (I'm not gonna go)
Leo, Leo~~~ Leo~~~
while Leo hesitates
Lauren: (I'm going first)
Who did Lauren pick?
The first runner, Lauren
Which dad did Lauren choose?
CD: Come to dad
Lauren suddenly turns around
Of course
CD: Lauren was coming to me
CD: She was looking at my eyes when she was running
SH: I think he is seriously misunderstanding something right now
SH: The first place and the second place is twice difference
Q: Why do you like SH daddy?
Lauren: his hair is pretty, his hands are pretty, and his feet are pretty.
The second runner, DY
The shortest path
LJ: seriously??
Lost his hope
GO: I believe that DY will always love me
LJ: If I didn't make her cry, she was 100% mine
Leo! LJ's abdominal breathing
Leo: (they are noisy)
Last chance! daddies making fake promises.
CD: Leo I will buy you some cookies
LJ: I will buy you a swimming pool
After hearing the swimming pool, Leo started to move.
Where is heading?
Mir kidnaps Leo
He seriously hates it
Mir: Why? It wasn't me?
Leo: Mir daddy is bad
Leo goes back to where he wanted to go.
CD: Yeah this is my pretty Leo
Mir: I didn't know he was gonna hate me so much
Mir: He was acting like he was held by a monster
similar looking father and son
Q: Leo where you planning to go to Mir daddy?
Leo: No. Mir daddy just caught me. So I felt really bad
LJ: If a person suddenly changes, they die.
LJ: They don't change
LJ: I don't think they will come in the future either
GO: It will never change
LJ: This is not fun at all. There should be some kind of change at least? It's so not dramatic.
LJ: Kids, this is a entertainment show! LJ papa tired to turn the kids' minds
Mir: How bout Joon and I sit down and other Hyungs hold the babies? Mir suggests a voting between the left overs.
LJ: Sure let's try it.
GO: The loser will have to do all the chores okay?
LJ: Please not..
LJ: What makes you so confident?
Mir: I'm close with the kids
CD: I think they will go to Joon Hyung
GO: I think Mir will get more votes
SH: Isn't it so obvious? it's Joon.
LJ: All three will come to me
Mir: At least DY will come to me.
Mir: DY told me she likes me, so.. I'm really waiting for her.
Battle of the left overs LJ VS Mir
You have pick between two of them.
LJ VS Mir This is the hardest decision to make for the kids.
GO: Leo, why don't you go first?
Leo: (Ladies first)
GO: You have to pick one of them
GO: Now, let's go!
is he making a calyx?
Mir: If you really have to pick one..
GO: Just one! You have to pick one from two
Leo only likes CD papa GO: No, no no. You have to pick one from those two
SH: Your best daddies stay here and
CD: Daddy will stay here and you have to pick your second daddy SH: you can just stand in front of him.
DY: (You mean I have to pick one of the left overs?)
Leo come on
Leo: (Okay)
Leo: (You!)
Mir: High five
Lost his hope
LJ: Seriously, I raised a baby tiger (meaning the tiger grows up and betrays him)
LJ: Even though you be so nice to them, nothing comes back to me.
LJ: It was just a one sided love
LJ: I'm so scared that it's gonna be a one sided love
Mir: I couldn't forget his facial expression when Leo picked me.
Mir: Leo was frowning his face and pointed me
Mir: and that was so lovely
Lauren goes second
Lauren doesn't even hesitates once.
LJ: I almost fainted because she was so lovely
DY: (the results will depend on my hand)
GO: They are the two people who made DY cry
Mir: I like you
LJ: We are gonna get married after you grew up
DY: (Daddy, that is a crime)
LJ: you have to marry me
DY goes third
DY starts walking
LJ: It's me, me
Daddies die laughing at the result
DY quietly picks LJ daddy
Leader SH cheers Mir up.
LJ: Thank you
Mir: Wait, I want to hear the reasons
LJ: DY is so pretty
Mir: I want to know the reasons
Mir: DY, why did you pick Joon daddy?
DY: Lee Joon daddy hold me when I was crying
Freaking out
Out of mind
LJ: How do you feel?
CD: Wow..the 4th place is asking 5th place, "how you feel?"
Mir: To be honest, I thought Lauren and DY was gonna come to me and Leo will go to you. Mir is surprised that the results are totally the opposite
CD: Me too.
SH: I think we can't control their thoughts
We have to give you an important mission
LJ: Hey, loser. Go get it.
Mir: What kind of mission is it?
Lauren: (What are they trying to make us do?)
Mir: I will open the cover
Mblaq papas and global babies, one-big-family project
Mir: The final mission you have to complete is
Mir: (His own wish) Go to Everland (amusement park in Korea)
Mir: and ride more than 4 of them
100% wills to complete the mission
CD: hey, that mission is really hard. How do we do that?
LJ: (I can't believe it)
LJ: The final mission you have to complete is
LJ: to create a multicultural musical
LJ: You have to creat your own script, dance, songs, and you have to invite the guests on your own.
LJ: The whole process has to be done by yourselves.
LJ: and perform
Just laughing
Mir: What the heck? A musical?
Mir: With these kids?
CD shows off his musical knowledges
Mir: I'm not worried about us.
Mir: We have to do it together with these kids
LJ: OMG really.. What do we do?
Mir: SH Hyung, don't you have some knowledges on musicals? SH was a musical major
SH: I have this much knowledge in musical, but
SH: it's a really hard process.
LJ: This is just impossible. This doesn't make sense
SH: At the moment like this, we need to get some help from a professional
SH: This, we can't do it by ourselves
SH: There should be a children musical crew
Mir: Don't you have to dance?
SH: Yeah, you have to be flexible
SH: for that, I'm not worried because we have Joon who is a dance major
LJ: Yes, of course!
SH: and acting.. I think LJ can do all of them?
GO: Let's make Joon the main character and
GO: (actual thoughts) Now, this is gonna be my stage
GO: If I do it, the quality is gonna be so good
GO: The ticket prices will be rise about $1..
LJ: No no. We have to do this all together
LJ: (He is actually very happy) I will do my best.
CD: Let's make Joon the first main character and he be the second
CD: and rest of us will be extras
CD: (actual thoughts) I think I'm gonna be the main character
Mir: Let's make the kids a pair tree, an apple tree, and grass
Mir: I was thinking of staring about 10 mins but now I'm thinking about 8mins
LJ: Tree 1, 2 Mir: Stones, rocks
Hello baby's final mission, 50 days before
CD: Where is it?
They went to visit the children musical crew
This children musical crew is formed with elementary school students from first graders to 6th graders
What is this?
Lauren: Unni(sisters) and Oppa (brothers) were singing and dancing
SH: When I looked at them and looked at my kids
SH: I felt they were too young.
SH: They looked younger than I usually thought.
SH: I was just sighing.
Mir: I was scared.
GO: I'm so worried
Take me with you! (So cute)
Good! Good!
Mir: Hello
Woo, Seung Ju Leader of the children musical crew
Woo: What brought you here?
GO: I heard that you are very good at teaching children musicals.
GO: So we are hear to learn from you
SH: If you look at us, we are all multicultural family
SH: So we want to seem more like a family
SH: and more like a one community
SH: We want to show more that we are one, we are living in the same world
SH: Hope you can help us
Woo: As you just watched, a musical has three components,
Woo: a choreography, a song, and an acting part.
Woo: Those three components brings something called a musical
Mir: (question) Do you also rap at a musical?
Woo: Yes.
Woo: Because they are kids they love raps,
Woo: Sometimes, they do put 1 or 2 rap songs
Woo: I heard that Joon is very flexible, so do you want to compete with one of our members?
LJ: Sure, come over here!
First, flexibility test. 4th year musical crew VS Ex-dance major LJ
Woo: She was here with us for 4 years
SH: Yeah, and our Joon here is a retired dancer who has rested dancing for 4 years.
GO: He has rested for a long time
SH: I think he should step back but he has a chance to show off so..
GO: (making excuses) To be honest, girls have advantages over boys on these kind of stuffs
GO: But Lee Joon won't yield to her Joon, show your skills
Mir: Just lightly rip them off (meaning do a leg extension)
SH: Joon can do this
He can still do it! As expected~ Dance major Lee Joon
Joon are you okay?
DY: (Now, that's my daddy)
LJ: No i was just cold (he stood up right away)
LJ: I haven't danced (ballet) for 4 years..
LJ: Which means, I haven't stretched for 4 years
LJ: I'm actually impressed at myself that I can stretch that much.
(considering the age) I will think that I won
LJ: Cause I'm older than her
Woo: Let's see how good you are at singing
Second skill test, Vocal test
CD: Be careful. All those camera lenses might broke
GO: Yeah, all the glasses are gonna break What kind of confidence is that?
GO: If you're wearing contact lenses, take them off. Glasses too.
Are you guys really believing them?
CD: you might hurt your eyes
GO: From the lowest note.
LJ: Okay, I will start
Starting from LJ papa
(Can't sing in high pitches?) They seems like they are going to put all those notes deep inside their stomach
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Now it started coming out.
CD: Pa~~~~~~~~~~
SH's rock version "So"
I will go with the rock version too.
(CD screams) Can somebody.. stop him??;
Leo: (CD daddy is the best!)
GO: No more.
They seem more passionate about the vocal exercise than Paul Potts
Woo: great job
CD: Maybe we are good at this
CD: Of course, I'm gonna be the main character
Q: What kind of confidence is that?
CD: I just think I will do well
Woo: Now, let's test the acting skills
GO: Oh, acting skills.. yeah..
GO is good at acting?
GO: I really wanna try acting
GO: My natural instinct of acting is better than the famous actors
GO: Now it's gonna be my stage
Woo: He will be the king-ka (meaning is very handsome)
Woo: and you will be the Bomb-girl (meaning an ugly girl)
Woo: you guys met each other at a So-Gae-Ting (something like a first date, but they've never met before .)
Woo: Action!
GO: OMG, he is so handsome!
GO: What's your name?
SH: (what the heck..)
GO: You are SH that I was suppose to meet, right?
SH: Nope, that's not me.
GO: No, it is SH~!
DY: (interesting)
SH: Get your hands off me.
GO: What did I do wrong?
SH: Everything, from head to toe!
Runs away
GO: (was that too much?)
Lauren: (Oh my God)
Lauren: What should I do with GO daddy?
GO: sorry, I can't do it.
Woo: No, you did pretty well.
Mir: If you give me a theme
Mir wants to try
Mir: As you all know, Joon is the one who does all the acting among us.
Mir: I wanted his place.
Mir: So I am trying my best to stand out in those kinds of situation
Woo: (New theme) Mblaq is very popular in foreign countries, so let's say that you guys won the first place of the Billboard chart.
Woo: Ladies and gentlemen. Mblaq won the first place.
Mblaq #1 on Billboard
Acts frivolously
Mir daddy is funny
Mir: Thank you so much
Mir: (crying hardly) I believe you gave us this award not because we were great but you want us to do better in the future.
Mir: I will do my best!
Your acting is the best.
Mir: Thank you.
Lauren: (??) That was an act?
The problem is these three kids
Woo: can I see their acting kills?
GO: Let's start from Leo
Leo: (I don't wanna do it)
Shy boy Leo Pass. DY
SH: You just have to look at the camera and act
Mir: Angry face
GO: Happy face
GO: Sad face
DY: (I'm not sad)
GO: See.. She is so talented
Woo: I see you have so many expressions!
GO: yeah.. she just did this several times
LJ: you come over here!
What should we do with these kids
Woo: It's pretty obvious to act like this at this age
Mir: The kids are not very good at expressing their thoughts in front of people
I don't think so
Woo: because you have to do a musical with these kids
Woo: I guess we would have to bring their talents out
GO: Anyways, please help us out.
CD: Our son and daughters.. Their visuals are very good (meaning they are pretty)
Oh yeah. They are pretty
Woo: I am a little worried because they are too young
Woo: but what you are trying to do is very meaningful stuffs
Woo: So we decided to help you out
We made it!
Woo: then I will introduce our mentors who will help you
Three Mentors who will help the Hello family out
Park, Minjin (screenplay writer) Jo, JooYeon (choreographer) Park, Jungsun (executive producer)
CD: Hello, nice to meet you
Ex-pro: I think it's gonna be a tough process
Ex-pro: none of the performance is easy but
Ex-pro: We have to match the children's view like this daddy
Trying to match the children's view
Ex-pro: if we bring down the expectations on them, it's not impossible
Woo: We will all try our best to help you out
woo: to make a great performance
Thank you
CD: If we bring more attentions to the kids
CD: I think it will be a great performance even though it's not perfect
Mir: I think it will be very full with pride and sad at the same time when we're done with the musical
Mir: We, Mblaq will try very hard
Mir: and I hope the kids try their best too
Hello baby musical, Fighting!
Next story. We are looking for a mom!
Next week we are gonna go look for our a mom who will raise our lovely babies
GO: They need a mom! SNSD? Kara? Miss A? Who will be their mom?
Mir: Kara!
Hello~ Lauren: Nice to see you
GO: It's not hard to raise the kids
DY: 5 years old
Lauren: 5 years old
Mir: Please come... right now..