Bob Roberts (7/10) Movie CLIP - Bob Is Shot (1992) HD

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Where's polly?
She stayed behind to watch the lobsters.
I'm sure she'll join us at the hotel later.
[crowd cheering]
Mr. Roberts!
Did you read my article, mr. Roberts?
Come on, go, go!
Call an ambulance!
Call the cops!
Get back!
Somebody call an ambulance!
We can't wait for the ambulance!
Let's go. Let's go.
Get it all clear?
It'll be all right!
Hold the wound!
Hang on, bob!
Listen to me, bob, you're going to be fine!
It's going to be all right!
Easy, easy, easy!
You're going to be all right!
Don't go on me, bob!
Get the door! Get the door!
Hang on!
Watch the steps!
Watch his head!
Easy! Easy, easy, easy!
Nigel, come on, hurry up!
Watch his head!
This is how it happened.
I was waiting for bob, when there were gunshots,
7 or 8 of them.
I found the main guy, disarmed him,
Knocked him unconscious.
Terry manchester?
Who wants to know?
Hey, don't get smart.
You terry manchester?
Were you filming?
We'd like to look at that footage.
It might provide some evidence.
I'll get it.
If he dies, I swear to god,
I'm going to fucking find that guy.
Please, jesus. Please, jesus. Please, jesus.
Save bob, save bob.