Baava (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 5

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Your set up is good.
Nothing like that, it's raining outside.
Rain stopped long back. - Stopped?
You wait, l'll check.
What will you check?
Stopped so quickly!
lt hasn't stopped, it's pouring down.
Pouring down? - Yes. - l'll check.
Yes, he's right, where's my umbrella? Umbrella...
Remember me? - l don't remember anything.
You remember the sweet and the old man selling it,
don't you remember anything else?
Why are you troubling me?
l'm asking don't you remember anything from your childhood days?
Bank of Godavari, tree on the bank,
school near the tree.
School near the tree...
Still don't remember it?
Age of twelve years... moonlight hearts...
Those days are unforgettable memories...
Happy days... even fights are sweet...
Every one is close to heart...
Even if those cherished memories come back again...
You'll appear there as kids again...
Everything is wonder in time's tales...
Are there sorrows in those love oozing eyes?
The cool breeze hit like a swarm of bees...
lt goaded me to take the sweet honey all to myself...
Remember me now?
Are you here sister?
Ramana has won the cycle race again, come sister.
lf you remember those days, come to our old school tomorrow. Okay?
Ramana has won the cup consecutively fifth time.
Will she come or not?
Swimming in the lakes... writing on sand...
Playing in the festivals...
Plays in the temple... chasing dragon flies...
Life's play taught in the school...
You wait!
Friendship of childhood...
Hold nose and say yes.
Your nose.
lt'll grow to become thrills of today...
Those festivities of toy marriages...
Tie the knot!
How many thrills this toy is experiencing!
Do you know you can't hold yourself from it?
Thank God! The same Babu is Veerababu.
How did you recognise me?
The day you came from hostel, l knew it was you.
You never recognized me. l too didn't tell you.
l tried in different methods to make you fall for me.
But you never fell for it. l too didn't get rejected.
lnfact l was happy.
When you bought sweets from the old man, l knew you still remember the old days.
Mad boy! You may have forgotten at times,
l can never forget those golden days in my life.
These are... still keeping it with you?
Like those memories l can never forget it.
Varam, go back.
What for this mud?
This isn't just mud, but mud with life.
lt has brought back the memories back with your feet touching it,
l've packed it with memories, so it doesn't get washed away in rains.
You can her my heart beat from it.
Hear it.
A new day of first love has dawned...
Your love is drenching me with moonbeam...
ls it really me? Am l really seeing you?
ls it true? l can't believe it...
lt's me... you're really seeing me...
Your childhood love is before you...
0lt's fun and frolic everyday hereafter...
lt's cool rain in hot summer. .
My heart is touching the sky...
My heart is swinging with happiness...
My heart has developed wings after meeting you...
l've tasted just now sweet that's sweeter that the sweetest...
My heart is flying and walking with you...
Love is blooming like a rainbow on the horizon...
l heard about happiness till now...
Today l've tasted what it is like...
Sea has condensed into a droplet and got impounded in fist...
Sky has turned into a petal and got caught in hand...
When l close my eyes with hands, it's you in the darkness...
lt's a wonder you're calling me...
Till now l never had any aim in life...
You're my destination... my journey is to reach you...
When l see in mirror, l see you there...
l always hear your name whenever anyone calls me...
You've become my world and l've become void...
My life has merged with your life...
So many cars before your home?
l think my aunt has come. Let's meet tomorrow.
l brought this sari for Varalakshmi. Here she comes.
Are you talking about me?
We were arguing l said this will suit you and she says no.
You tell me.
How can l if you hold it? l'll know if l wear it, right?
Just a minute.
lt's better if we decide about dowry also. - Dowry? How much you've made?
You're groom's side, you may have expectations,
let me see if we can match it.
Another twist in this?
Mine is fixed rate, no rebate, no discount.
Can we test the quality of the goods?
Twist again! Thank God, didn't say test drive it.
Forget it, brother-in-law.
Brother, why not ask Varalakshmi's opinion about this marriage?
Do we ask girl's opinion in our homes?
How do l look? - Very beautiful.
Come sit here.
The sari is very good on you.
l just wanted to see daughter-in-law is new sari, l know her very well.
Though we know her, she looks new today as bride.
Don't let us down in honour because we are not asking dowry.
Mother, l'm having headache. - Okay, go.
Evil eyes have been cast on her.
What brings you here Varalakshmi? - Where is Veerababu?
Feeding people in village...
Veerababu, come here. l need to talk to you.
Wait, l'll serve them also.
Hold this.
What's it?
What happened?
What happened?
Ramana came to my home with his parents.
So what? - He came with all his relatives.
To meet me as bride!
My people too accepted it happily.
They are discussing about marriage.
l'm scared, Veerababu. Please do...
Just came to see as bride, right?
lt's not marriage, right?
Why are you so scared? Marriages get stopped at the altar.
lf situation demands, entire village will come for me.
They'll come seeking your hand in marriage for me.
How can they ask?
Your people couldn't unite Seetha with Rama for 14 years,
it's that difficult for you to marry me.
How is that connected to this?
l'm telling you, l'll make your father accept this.
You don't know about my father.
He speaks very sweetly with us,
if we are not his family, he'll not even speak to us.
He gets furious on the mention of this village's name.
There's no way he'll agree to our marriage.
l'm confused.
l'm going mad hearing their discussion.
lf anything like that happens, l'll kill myself, Veerababu.
l'll die.