Mahabharat - Episode 82

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There are no cowards in Kurukshetra
Neither Arjun nor Duryodhan
For Duryodhan, treachery is ...
... more important than strategy
So, he lied to Sage Drona ...
... in the matter of capturing Yuddhistir
He also lied to Susharma
He knows Susharma will not live to remind him ...
... of his promise to free Yuddhistir
Hence, he could be promised anything
The point is Duryodhan has given a promise ...
... which he will not fulfil
This does not befit a warrior like Duryodhan
Why did you give such a promise?
There is no question of keeping it
Do you think Susharma will live to see it fulfilled?
His opponent is Arjun who will not let him live
My respects, Grandsire
May you live long!
What happened today?
Nothing else but war
However, the war will end tomorrow
How come?
Sage Drona will create the Wheel Trap
Both Krishna and Arjun know how to break it
They will not be there to break it
I have arranged to keep them at a distance
We will capture Yuddhistir before they return ...
... and the war will end
I came here to give you this good news
O God! Give him some sense
This is not good news
Go away! Leave me alone with my wounds
Which means you want me to lose
No! I don't want either you or Yuddhistir to lose
I want Hastinapur's safety
I want peace in Hastinapur
King Dhritirashtra is on his way
My respects!
Please sit!
Be happy!
Happiness cannot be bought or grown
How can I be happy, Brother?
If I knew where Happiness was, I would ...
... plead with it to return to Hastinapur
Why have you come here?
I had to come here because ...
... you probably wouldn't come on my calling you
Had you called me as a brother, I would have come
Had I called you as the King of Hastinapur?
You know the answer to that question
I have nothing to do with the King of Hastinapur
My respects
May your husband prosper
That is one blessing I can give ...
... to only a few women today
Once I had several daughters-in-law
Now I have a few daughters-in-law and ...
... many widows of my sons
It seems there will come a time ...
... when only the widows will be left
- Should I say something? - No
This is not within the realm of Ethics
It is an emotional problem ...
... the lament of a blind and good lather
Tell me if you can ...
... why do these eyes cy for ...
... those it cannot see
Did you not cy when you heard the news of ...
... the death of my sons?
Yes! I did cy
But more than that I was angry with you
Had you wanted they would be living today
More than your sons, you have insulted the throne
- What are you saying? - Let him speak
I want to listen to these bitter words
Speak Vidur!
Tell me Vidur :
Will you come to me to mourn the deaths ...
... of Duryodhan and Dushasan?
You may think what you want of me but ...
... I am both worried and sad for you
But what can I do?
Whenever I spoke up, you cut me off
Whenever I tried to help you ...
... you refused any such help
If you can still hear and understand me ...
... for God's sake go to Kurukshetra with Sanjay
I shall run after your chariot
There, plead with Lord Krishna for only he ...
... can stop this war
Those who are dead are dead but ...
... at least let the others live
No, Vidur!
I have left truce far behind me
I can no longer look behind
If I do that ...
... my dear Duryodhan will commit suicide
He committed suicide much before the war started
O Sage! Even Arjun's banner cannot be seen
There is no doubt now that Susharma ...
... has taken Arjun far away
There is no way Arjun can light now
I don't understand why Susharma ran away
Don't tax your brain
Let it be! He is my brother-in-law
What do we do now, O Sage?
Let Susharma go a little further away ...
... so there's no possibility of Arjun returning
Why are you all so scared of Arjun?
I am not scared of Arjun. I know him very well
I don't want him to know of the Wheel Trap
This is an injustice to the Pandavas
Who are we to think of injustice?
We are not men but war machines
Accepted as long as we work well
You are right
He's run away
Keep Arjun close to you, my lord
What has the Sage done?
If you are loyal to me open your eyes
The Wheel Trap!
I told you Susharma is not a warrior but ...
... a symbol of the Kaurava strategy
But Arjun didn't listen to me
Do not be angry
None of us knows how to break the Wheel Trap
Arjun knows but he has been taken away
Don't forget that Arjun's charioteer is Krishna
He must have followed Susharma intentionally
What's it my son? Why are you here?
Do not worry, Elder Father
If there is a reason, I must worry
The Wheel Trap worries you
So what if lather is not there
I, his son, am there
I know how to enter the Wheel Trap but ...
But what?
I don't know how to exit
Don't worry we will be behind you
We won't let the trap close behind you
O Sage! Are you waiting for Sunset?
That is Sage Drona's conch. The attack has begun
Go, my son! Be successful!
From where will you enter the trap?
Allow me to survey the trap
I'll reach the point from where we can enter
All right! We are with you
Commander! When Abhimanyu enters the trap ...
... enter with the other warriors
Go, my son! Be successful!
Let's go!
Beware O Sage!
Beware O King of Madra!
Beware O Sage!
Beware Karna !
Beware Ashwathama!
Beware Uncle Shakuni!
Beware Uncle!
I want the boy dead! Attack!
O Brahmin! O son of Bharadwaj
I am Abhimanyu, son of your disciple Arjun
I want to ask you
Have you forgotten the rules of war ...
... made by Grandsire Bhishma?
Wasn't one warrior supposed to light another?
Fight on, child!
Your death is certain. There's no way out
Brave warriors don't search for escape routes
If you are not cowards, duel with me
I, too, am Lord Krishna's disciple
Don't think I can't light you together
I will surely light
I don't want History ...
... to know you as cowards because ...
... one of you is my lather's teacher ...
... another a brother and a friend!
Abhimanyu is surrounded by the best warriors
Each one is an expert, equal to a hundred men!
How will I lace Arjun?
It is my misfortune that ...
... I shall die at the hands of cowards
Father! When you return at Sunset ...
... ask this land ...
... how your son fought ...
... against these cowards
O Sage!
Is this the Warrior Code that ...
... all warriors together ...
... should attack an unarmed warrior?
O Son of Bharadwaj! O disciple of Parshuram!
Is this the ethics of war?
O Uncle! O Brother!
Accept Abhimanyu's last respects!
O sweetheart! This letter of mine
By the time you get it
I may or may not be alive ...
... in this world. O sweetheart!
The brave warrior fought alone
With seven warriors at a time
He was vanquished and killed
Pride stood downcast