Andy Milonakis - "Wack MC Delight"

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on Oct 31, 2007


You want to start?

People want to fight me.
I guess it's cuz they don't like me.
It's OK.
Cuz I still keep it tight, G. Yo, under the seat at night.
I make that-- ah, fuck.
It's OK if you mess up.
Don't get too stressed up.
Cuz we could rewind it.
We don't have to play this one.
But we will.
Because we like Keblunder.
And I like to bring the thunder and the lightning.
I got Crest Whitening.
But I don't use it cuz it hurts my gums.
Acid reflux, I got mad Tums in my tummy.
My style's kind of bummy.
I don't give a fuck.
I like to be slummy.
Cuz I'm from New York.
And I don't eat pork.
Cuz I'm from the village that doesn't like pigs.
Check it out I don't got a wig.
It's real hair.
Gonna get you real scared.
I don't need a mic when I'm rippin' this shit.
Throw confetti in the air.
This is the celebration, kid.
I'm walking down the street, doing a little march.
My throat.
It's kind of parched.
Pass me some water, cuz I heard it's fat free.
I like to take ecstasy.
I give it to girls and feel them all over.
Went to Colorado and I saw a big boulder.
It fell from the sky.
My name's big Bri.
I got that ill flow.
I like to push weight like dikes push dildos.
Get on your stilettos and get to your knees.
Blow me like the breeze.
This ain't Belize.
But you got a nice booty.
I want to stick it in a coochie.
Oh, my god.
I'm about to spit a loogie.
When you said boulder in Colorado, it
was a double entendre.
I like to drink tomato juice.
I want to put my dick in your couscous.
Cuz I like fuckin' gay ass food.
And I'm real rude, like a rude dude.
But that's kind of from an old flow.
I'm an old ho.
And I got crazy glasses.
My rhyme is slow like molasses when I want it to be.
But then I speed it up.
I'll fuckin' suck your dick in a pickup truck for $10.
I don't give a fuck about ring around the collar.
Cuz I like dirty clothes.
And I like dirty hos.
But when they're clean, it's better.
I want to rock a Beretter or a Beretta with a Cosby sweater.
Yo, I used that in an old one too.
But I want to put my dick in your poo poo and your pee pee.
You can't see me.
I'm out of frame.
I'm so insane.
My name is Jane.
My name is main.
Yeah, you could call me that.
You could call me fat.
I don't give a fuck about you internet haters.
See you now.
But I won't see you later.
I'm at the top and you're at the bottom.
So suck my dick.
And I'll be like a scrottum or scrotum.
BRIAN DROLET: Speaking of a scrotum, I'm
going to hold 'em.
I'm going to rap and I'm going to fuckin' play Texas hold'em
and win a lot of money.
It's kind of funny that people dress kind of bummy.
A hole in the jeans is pop culture.
Well guess what?
I'm a fuckin' hit you off your fuckin' pedestal.
It's hysterical.
It's a miracle.
I'ma get so lyrical.
Oh, my god.
I'm ahead of you.
Matter of fact, you're the prey.
I'm the predator.
I'm ahead of ya.
I'm a better competita.
I make chedda.
When I'm in this business, I'm like a fuckin' whiz kid.
I wear lipstick.
Cuz I'm crazy.
I might amaze thee.
I gotta rewind the beat.
And I got to bring more heat to you bitches, you fuckin'
little snitches.
You're a coward.
You need to take a coward shower.
That means you're frightened when the water hits you.
Check it out.
I just kissed you.
Lyrically, I'm the mouth.
I don't give a fuck.
And we'll go down south.
And I'll speak with a twang.
Yo, I speak with a twang.
And I'll drink some Tang on the moon.
I gotta go soon, cuz there's so many craters.
I don't want to fall in.
Check it out, yo.
I like to win.
But I play to lose.
And you're just a little flooz--
The e is at the end.
I speak with a twang when I go to Big Wang's.
I like to eat wings when they all red hot.
Actually, I really like them mild and whatnot.
I got shot like Tupac.
I got tube socks for two cocks.
Yo, chick.
I don't need your digits cuz I ain't gonna call you.
Just got stiff dick.
Yo, I'm a baller.
Ask Jason Wahler.
Ain't gonna call you the next day.
I'm Brian Drolet.
I make them hos say, OK, OK.
Yo, yo, yo, Andy.
I got four eyes.
And I still can't see.
I'm a little G from NYC.
And I get busy on the mic.
I'll get dizzy on a dike.
I don't give a fuck.
I give you what you like if what you
like is Mike n' Ike's.
Cuz that's my favorite candy.
Gonna win a Grammy.
Yo, I want to get moons over my hammy.
That's from the Waffle House.
I mean IHOP.
I'm just kidding.
I just copped two ounces of OG cush to put in my pretty
little lungs.
I don't give a fuck.
I'll get the pretty dizzy strum on my dick real, real
quick, like Slick Rick.
He got an eye patch over this one.
I don't give a fuck about this song.
That didn't make sense.
BRIAN DROLET: I put rap words together.
Then I sever every body part and limb and make you swim in
your own fuckin' bloody body.
Yo, past John Gotti.
I hear them when it's shoddy.
I like to fuckin' listen to paparazzi take pictures of
fucking super-celebrities.
Uh, yo.
I ripped this verse.
I ripped this verse.
And I put you in the hearse.
Take you to the fuckin' cemetery.
It's so evident that I'm better than
anybody in the world.
I fucking twirl my hair like a girl because I'm gay.
I'm Brian Drolet.
And I say these words.
And I spray through my mouth bigger than proverbs, bigger
than blurbs in a newspaper.
It's like a caper.
Andy, why don't you take some?

ANDY MILONAKIS: Now I got three pair.
I already talked about my hair.
I don't use Nair.
But I want to stew a little snare with a drum kick.
I'm like dumb shit.
I don't give a fuck, yo, if I come quick.
Cuz then I send 'em home and I call a new one.
Check it out, yo.
I got the new shit, son.
ANDY MILONAKIS: Yo, I rhyme when the beat's off.
My shit's not soft.
I don't give a fuck.
I'll kick it a capella.
I just fuckin' want to join Rockafella.
And then I'll take Jay-Z off the map, cuz he's crap.
Just kidding.
He's the h-o-v. Yo, that shit sucks.
BRIAN DROLET: Yo, drop that verse again.
Drop that line--
I mean, drop that beat.
I think we're over.
Peace, motherfuckas.