Man on the Moon (3/9) Movie CLIP - Tony Clifton (1999) HD

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... Tony Clifton!
He's smoking. What's he doing?
"No wonder my happy heart sings
"Your love has given me wings
"I got the wings of a dove
"I got the wings
"I got the chicken wings from Kentucky Fried
"Whoop-de-doo, whoop-de-di
"Stick a needle in your eye! "
Let's get somethin' straight. I play the big showrooms in Vegas.
I need this place like I need a shotgun blast to the face.
Now let's go down and meet some of the audience.
How you all doin'?
Where you from? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Somebody's wearin' a lot of perfume around here.
Must be that time of the month.
I know all the tricks.
How you doin'?
You enjoyin' that pasta carbonara?
It appears as if you are!
Look out!
I think you sat in some cottage cheese.
Pardon me. That's your ass.
How you doin'? You enjoyin' the show?
What's your name?
Bob, Bob.
What's your last name, Up-and-down-in-the-water?
-That Polish? -Yeah.
You tryin' to do some Polish humor?
- No, that's... -Shut up!
That's just my name.
Shut up!
I do not appreciate racial slurs!
I think them dumb Polacks have been ridiculed enough!
I do a clean show here!
You wanna see some humor?
Here's some humor, right here. There's some humor, right there, okay!
You just sit down and enjoy that, okay?
And you! Shapiro!
I'll see you backstage, baldy.