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It's Nik & Jay. We're still your boys.
the past four years
We've probably only had vacation for 3 weeks in the past four years, even though we said we would "take a break" and all that kind of stuff.
The third album came out and then-I don't remember the exact order, but we put Xtra out where there was some extra material on and then there's the greatest hits where there are some singles from...
We kept going with Morten Breum where we made a track called Domestic, we made another track, we made a third track, we made Burhan's album with him.
We've of course been working with Joey. Deliberately, we've kept in the background but still, if you look at the charts, we've been present in those four years, in some way.
And then, of course, we have been out performing. That said, there was a time where we said we needed some time where we weren't "Nik & Jay" at all.
Where we didn't take any calls from a booker, where we didn't answer any mails from our agent, we didn't want to talk to our record label
We wanted to talk to each other, our boys you know, our families, but we were trying not to live in this.
We had our different reasons and those things are, among others, some of the stuff we talk about on this album and in interviews.
But it was just, you know.. it wasn't like we went out and said "hey, we're not going to make anymore albums"
It's been misunderstood completely, and suddenly there were fifteen different articles about Nik & Jay splitting up.
It wasn't like that. It was just hey, we're taking a few weeks off, where we're not talking about Nik & Jay, talking about music, but of course it got blown up a bit.
But you just need to do that sometimes.
As we've said before, if you sit down here in the studio everyday and if you're doing this everyday there's nothing to write about in the end. You have to be out there and experience some other things too.
If we hadn't done what we did at that time, even though I think we could have taken a longer "break", it would've been some really worn out boys in Nik & Jay to this day, right.
Because, we were done. We've been working since the year 2000, every single day. Just working and working. And we have still not cancelled a job to this day.
So, if we hadn't listened to ourselves, then there wouldn't have been an album- nothing at all. We would've been a vague shadow of ourselves.
And then the album title only would've been "Demons"
End of story...
to find the way back to the music
Hmm, to find our way back to the music has for us been about that time when you.. when it's all good and you're making a lot of music, like we did back then.
You get caught up in it because suddenly you find out that first of all you're able to live off of music,
which is pretty exciting when you're coming from a student budget to actually having money in your bank account
stuff like that. And you get paid to play, where in the beginning you got a bottle and maybe a table if you were lucky - so that's a really great thing
that got us into a period of time where we were inspired by P. Diddy and people like that, where we thought "hey man, we shouldn't just make music.
We have to make sunglasses, we have to make all kind of stuff"
which we don't regret - it's been an exciting adventure for us, but one thing lead to another and then suddenly.. we've always had this thing, which for us is both good and bad,
but we have always had an incredible ability to just throw ourselves into everything. Like, we want to be a part of everything. There were those who we.. we didn't trust anybody.
It was like, hey, we have to have control over everything.
We almost cut our own videos. And for us it has been about being able to put some of those things aside and say "okay, these people know how to do this", and we know how to make music.
We have, time after time, been coming back to what we're best at, and what it is that makes us sit here today, and that's only the music, even though we've been into all sorts of things
from fucking t-shirts designs to buildings to sunglasses to cars to all kinds of shit.
I don't even know what we're into. We're hobby-people. We find something and then we suddenly throw ourselves at it. Suddenly you have ten different things around you,
you look at your watch and it's been two days since you were in the studio because you've been busy with everything else, and it's just's not what we're best at.
We're good at making music - and that has taken us ten years to figure out.
We've always had confidence, and we've always been aware of the fact that we can do some stuff, but now we know that - okay, we're artists,
we are freaking good at writing, some of the best in the world, we know how to do this shit and we don't know how to do anything else.
We've just realized that we've gotten a gift. We're here because of the music, but we can write ourselves out of this too.
So the music is both the thing that gets you to think that "oh man, I'm done", but it's also the music that lifts you up again.
angels or demons
We knew the title shouldn't be "number 4", "Nik & Jay, 4". We knew it shouldn't be "Nik & Jay's adventures in America" or something like that.
So it had to have some title that was a bit different, and of course there is the Dan Brown reference because he made this bestseller which is titled "Angels AND Demons",
but we wanted something that's easy to understand but at the same time showed a bit of what we stand for which is either ying or yang, black or white or..
you know, that there's a balance between it, which we thought is totally super duper easy but at the same time really different from what we've done before.
There's a reason for it not to be titled "Angels AND Demons" and that's because it's either everything or nothing.
It's where you're either down in the deep, feeling low, and moving up to the light, mixed with just being dope at rhyming and a happy boy at the club.
So it moves around in all those things. But it's also because it has those new sides to it. It has the demons.
I think it's the first time we tell people about those sides. We've had a few songs that's been about a broken heart or a story about a girl where it went wrong, you know,
but here we talk about some of the things we've been through the past four years that have been bugging us, and there's a lot of that on the record.
So there are some demons and we've chosen to face them and therefore put them on the record.
We need to recognize that if you look retrospectively at the songs that we've made, just because want to make them and because we can't help it - there's just something sinister shit on.
There are some elements that we don't want to ignore because these things come for a reason.
Well, now it sounds like it's a very gloomy album and it's all. There are tracks like "Mod Solnedgangen" - the first single.
It's not gloomy, but it touches some things that we wouldn't have done earlier.
But maybe it's the result of us not just going down writing when we're kind of tipsy or all excited about winning an award or have been out clubbing for three days straight
and thinking it's been sick, and then write about that.
We've also, you know, gone down in the studio on a Monday and you maybe think this Monday has been shit, that this Monday has been some fucking shit, and then you've gone down
and got it out of your system, gotten all the words out of your body and down on a... into the computer instead.
You can see that, you can hear that on the album, in some way. Some of the songs are written in different situations.
Some of them have perhaps been written on a cold winter night where you've been walking around in the snow and everything has just been looking bleak.
But there are of course songs that have been written while we were out traveling where the sun has been shining from a cloudless sky and then of course you can hear that too.
Some of the songs have just been created on a different background than usual.
the working process
We come down here and then Jay just sits with his head buried with a production playing in the background, and if it's on iTunes-
sometimes when we get a production we just put it on iTunes and it shows the number of plays, and it's not rare that it's played over a hundred times.
Sometimes we record it ourselves, if it's just Nik and I in the studio. Nik gets into the booth and presses record.
Just quickly get it down without assessing how it sounds. We make the chorus. We make a C-section if there's one needed.
We lay down both the verses and then go home. You come back the next day, press play and hopefully you're like "Damn, this works. This works really well." Or you're like...
Or you just mark all as shit and delete it..
Or you just put it over in the folder of tracks that will be released one day when someone finds it. There are so much stuff... most of it is... we usually always get something that we can use,
whether it's two verses, a chorus or the entire song.
What happens when we've chosen-when we've said thumbs up to the skeleton we've laid down, we take it further and record it in the right way so it sounds super sharp.
What happens other times is that we find out that the stuff we spent two minutes on that one night has something- it has a soul and it ends up on the record as it is.
That's the case with "Mod Solnedgangen" - it was just like "hey, no need to rerecord this" it is what it is.
It's just one track.
Yeah, just one track with rap, a chorus, Nik is singing, I sing "Oooh ooh" in the background. Get a mixer to check it over so it sounds all sharp and then put the shit out.
Other times we sit for two days and record vocal harmonies and everything else. It changes, but usually when we make a song we get it down in five minutes
and then we listen to it the day after and see if it works.
english tracks
Music is just something with words. We carry it around. I keep it in my body everyday. At some point I have to get it out, like so much other stuff, and for me it's sometimes not always enough.
Sometimes I just get it on the computer and that's enough. But sometimes it's so good you know, that it has to get out of there too, before I can sleep well at night.
We've been working on the English stuff for so many years, we've written for other people in English. Every time we've been different places in the world we've written with people,
we've worked on our own songs-we make so much music.
Everybody that know us, everybody around us knows that we make SO many songs, and there are of course a lot of songs that people never get to hear,
which results in the fact that we don't feel completely satisfied in only writing in Danish.
That's why it's very natural for us to write in English. There are some other opportunities, it sounds different.
So throughout the years we've built up a lot of English songs and it has taken a really long time to make songs that are as strong as the Danish ones,
because we know how to do something special in Danish. But now we finally made some tracks that are...
Really banging. People have always been like "hey, release all of that. Put it out."
We've been really happy about it, but it has to be like we really can put it out where people can say, just like with the Danish songs, whatever the fuck they want because we know how real it is.
We love these songs as much as the Danish ones and that's why, instead of first releasing them in Ireland or whatever, we decided that it's our audience here at home that gets to hear it first.
Also, if anyone is critical about this, it must be the Danes. Especially when Danes that have made music in Danish suddenly are making music in English,
then there will be someone who's ready to either love it or maybe go like "that is just not at good as the Danish music, what do you think this is?"
So we're testing it here at home, we put it out, cause it's some cool tracks so they have to get out.
Subtitles by Noelle Newton 2011