New Crew Docks to Poisk Module

Uploaded by ReelNASA on 16.05.2012

[Commentator] Approaching 10 meters now.
Everything in perfect shape, good alignment.
Good rate of closure.
Now at about one-tenth of a meter per second.
[Translator] The vehicle is moving very,
very smoothly, very gradually.
The target is basically smack in the center.
[Speaking Russian]
[Translator] The target is very, very well.
Visible. The control target is also at the center.
Standing by for contact.
[Commentator] And as you heard, flight controllers now standing
by for contact and capture and the docking of the Soyuz TMA-04M
to the International Space Station.
[Translator] It's gorgeous, just beautiful.
[Speaking Russian]
[Translator] Gennady you have to have ice running through your veins.
[Speaking Russian]
[Translator] Contact.
[Translator] And capture.
[Translator] Congratulations to everyone.
[Translator] And we're also applauding just
in case you can't hear it.
[Commentator] A perfect automated approach.
Docking occurring over the Mongolian/Kazakh border
at 8:36 a.m. Moscow time, 11:36 p.m. Central time.
249 miles over the Earth three new residents have arrived
at the International Space Station on this,
the 45th birthday for Flight Engineer Joe Acaba.