Aruba Holidays 2012

Uploaded by kenwoodtravel on 25.04.2012

Bon bini Aruba, home to stunning coastlines, incredible landscapes, and year round perfect
weather. Here it is all about the beaches, with endless
white sands stretching as far as the eye can see.
But a holiday in Aruba is not complete without a trip underwater. Beneath the gentle waves
you will find a hidden world, rife with tropical fish, vibrant coral reefs, and intriguing
shipwrecks, enough to excite even the most seasoned diver.
…and if you tire of the underwater treasures come up to the surface and enjoy the adreneline
rush of the many waterspouts on offer. From surfing to wind-sailing and even kite
boarding The trade winds here and the ever predictable sunny climate make aruba the perfect
place to catch a wave . Back on dry land you can explore for days.
Treck on horseback through Ariko national park and once you have worked up an appetite
you can take your pick from the gorgeous seafood on offer
This is the island for celebration and the perfect romantic holiday-from weddings to
honeymoons-at Kenwood travel we have the experience to plan your perfect day…..
From fine dining to a night out at one of Aruba's many casinos, when the sun goes down
on this island there is plenty still to do. Let Kenwood Travel whisk you away to this
dream caribbean destination.