Grozovye Vorota (2-4)

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"Hi, Mom. I'm in the Caucasus. Do not worry much
not so bad as it looks.
We put the saddle called "storm door".
Here, of course, no spa, and no specific conditions, but sometimes he was just happy.
You know, I made friends with a guy who Kolja called and he was very simple
and a good guy from the village, but we quickly find common ground.
We hold firmly, so that no one touches us.
And our commander, Lieutenant Doronin, normal man,
in general, such, that we must be a real officer.
In our country, groups and prisjedinjena Scouts Major Egorova,
He is a very serious man, and for me a pure mystery.
Yes, Mom, we have to do, from morning until even dig trenches, carry stones...
But, everything is feasible. Mama, do not worry about me I'll cry.
I will be back home as a real man. That is it, Mom, kiss. Hello.
Grozovye vorota
Grozovye vorota Episode 2
Yes, Habiba they will not forgive us.
What ivanuska no joy? Lush head broke?
That's him, your butcher, you are retaliated against.
I have been obliged to kill him.
Attention everyone! Body wear with him as evidence.
We will wear on the shift.
Golovnjak, following the old route! Go!
I understand!
Petrakov header field! All are back! March!
It is a difficult, bastard!
I understand, with you is their custom, but these we now say as a human:
would you be easier you've killed it you?
Dead you can not go back...
Easier for me never be.
That is true.
Please: watch out! Please!
It's just a sports injury. And what is war injury?
My God, what's in your head from that Egorova? Also for me, hero!
What is the festival?
In the eleven.
Oh, then I succeeded Managed.
So, are we going?
Dad, leave me alone! Run, Dad! Play! Play!
The doctor said that I walk and not to ride in the car!
Yesterday I almost got, and today I come!
Even if we wait, High-speed!
Wait here.
Asked them to go!
Two follow me! Other departure!
Topaz, Topaz, here Berkut-1!
Comrade Lieutenant? Berkut's calling!
Topaz, around the square "36-80" I hear a thick fire.
I repeat: I hear a thick fire, there is ongoing struggle. How do you understand me? Reception!
Do I understand you, Berkut. Stay tuned.
Connect me with Egorov! I understand!
Sergeant Golikova with me! Quick! I understand!
Basalt, take your troops the firing position!
And what happened?
Carry out orders! I understand!
Topaz, shooting stopped!
I understand you Berkut. Stay tuned. I understand!
These two men I saw last year The gang Tajmuraza Kostoloma.
Kostoloma? Great!
Group, race!
Faster! Run! Run!
How many are there? Seven.
I recognized two of them.
A Kostolomova band, ate big?
Last year, about a thousand.
Opa! At the time we left. At the time.
I go, I will drag them out of here.
Be careful.
I will be back, Valera. I.
We will see to, the Shah.
Thanks, guys.
Lots of questions and answers any.
What will they do?
They do not know that we are attacked Habibovu band.
E is not the issue. Unless they have a connection...
...with Habib.
Topaz online. Topaz, Topaz, here Bars. Reception.
I hear you, Bars.
Mark: We are in the box 18-12, Sector-2.
I understand that.
Me is a burden: two out of two hundred, one three hundred.
Who is 200?
One of my.
Who is second?
Habib? Very good...
Topaz, I Berkut-1! Minute, Bars, calls me Berkut.
Topaz, Topaz, again I hear shooting.
Not so intense, the south and closer to us. How do you understand me? Reception.
I understand. Continue observation.
I understand!
What about the fire in the mountains, Baras?
Our friend who draws guests is full of mountains.
In the region of 17-84 Sector -7. Through the passage down the band,
we are counted...
...Three hundred head. Prepare position, will soon begin.
Already prepared.
Then for four hours on two kilometers from the "storm door. "
Need help. send ten man to meet. How do you understand?
All I understood, Bars.
To the meeting. End connections.
I'm at home!
Hello, Sas!
Hello, people! Why are you here?
Oh it's bad.
I went, Alina.
Meeting, greeting.
Good luck.
What's the matter, Alin? What about you?
Go eat there you Ljudka prepared.
So what happened? Maybe should call the doctor?
Everything is fine. I told you, I got tired a bit from the road.
Until tonight, I'll be like new.
You are also ready to obrijaj we will have a guest tonight.
What guests? Well, look at you!
Alin, in what way you are to premorila? Where did you go?
Dreams, why are you so stubborn? Where, why...
Go eat, I tell you!
I will poležati a little and then I'll come out.
Is this true?
What's the matter, are you crazy? Keep your hands!
Why did you do? Early abortion? Is this true?
Dreams, children are like stars the strap, get it?
You have to zaslužiš.
Here, become a major, go to Academy Study, only then...
You are the major needs children or from me?
Lord, where he went to the majors, Sanj? Those from lieutenant you can not come out!
Pankratov is three years younger than you, also Lt...
But I'm still at the wedding said: I am with you to the barracks I move I will not.
Or will you become a man, or...
Wait, wait!
Vetrov! Gorshkow!
I! I!
Accept litter! Quick! I understand!
For the body is gone squad SRL.
With them will be a scout fire divisions,
medical services, additional funds ties, food and ammunition.
Reloading them with you. Yet, if there are any changes?
Give me Barca!
Bars online.
Well, what do you think, given the situation serious?
Yes, otherwise why would so much power collected? Certainly not for walking!
They will break the plateau. There is only one way: with us,
gule or more two hundred miles around.
Probably will not like fleas jump the saddle?
Relax there, humorist! Upon your coordinates, I said aviaciju,
soon will.
Shah stayed in the mountains?
Concealed my departure.
Sadly, if you die. Cold, wait results of air reconnaissance,
and then make a decision. To do!
To do!
So, tomorrow will be made reconnaissance,
and then to solve, what to do with us.
Why did not you say that in the mountains more than a thousand paramilitary?
Why do you and Doronin have not reported on this?
My answer: according to Shah squad Kostoloma last year
had around a thousand heads.
I am now counted no more than three hundred. Or you have different information?
Well, what's the difference, how many? We need help, do not you understand?
Who will be here to fight if it is more than counting?
Your suggestions?
Primary: immediately call reinforcements, air strikes,
Support Artillery Battalion.
Well, all right, so everything will be.
This must be done immediately, and if no, neobhodno to go from here.
I did not understand, how to go? Without an order?
Or, maybe you should order? Maybe your dad will in Moscow to zovneš?
He will write a special order?
And to your question, who will be here to fight, answer: you, me, Doronin,
Anyone who is present here! Is that clear? Any questions?
No questions.
Dreams, protect me from their gunjđanja subordinates.
It is about whom?
That I of you. Clear saliva, get it? And the better I'm not mad!
You have been told: survey will be committed.
Survey, recommendations bombing But wait, your mother, you!
Greeted with when you head izodsecaju! Why leave here to head?
For the fucking Aul? Anyway, they will with our heads to play football!
Pankratov! Go soldier!
What do you mean it? You're a hero mean?
Would mean risking his own head! And this neiskusnoj children here?
I do not get bravery junačiš! Anyway, you will quickly remove from the army!
What! Valera, calm down!
Go here soldier!
That you go! Fucking heroes!
Oh, and he loves you! Really, I do not know why.
Na, swallows.
And for the inexperienced guys right.
Oh, listen! The video is on all of us in the coffin!
For anything he does not care, except for your own skin!
Will you drink?
And you?
What happened to him?
That's all, Sanj, go home sleep. Tomorrow we'll talk. If you ispratim?
Can I, without crutches.
Come on, bitch!
Doronin, are you crazy?
Come, come, bitch!
Just to let you Dovatora!
Come come!
Doronin! What are you doing?
Odgovaraćešfor it! I promise you!
Come here, freak!
What is it? What is it? I'll kill you!
What! I'll kill you!
What is the patient?
Come here!
Pijanico! I'll kill you!
Well, calm down both of you! Enough!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you, bitch!
You're a witness, Enokejev!
I have not seen anything!
You're eating with Doronin pilaf in my house!
Go for a walk. I see.
Akif, sorry, do you have something to drink?
NZ, the rest is very little.
Come on, come on, the older you act orders.
Go to, you know where? The older the act...
Akif! Akif, please my heart will burst.
E- e!
What bre this smoke?
Smoke, the same as everyone.
Wait, give a second! Come on, come on!
Who was shot?
I do not know, Comrade Lieutenant.
Perhaps, I shot up?
How uđavola I? Painted up!
Means this: do not lift up and do not lift your head!
From the greens for a sniper. Is that clear?
To battle! The second line of position! Bowed down!
Where he came from a shot? I do not know.
Comrade Major? A?
Lieutenant called you! Yeah.
Find it.
Listen, countryman! Take, smokes!
Where are you going?
Observed? Not yet.
And I have not seen. Among other things, and for you, mate!
Do you want to to pick up ašovče?
There is not sitting dope, and his optics is probably the Zeiss!
Eagle is on the line. With them is Shah.
Chess? Alive? Heroes!
Eagle? I'm Bars. How do you hear me? Reception.
I hear. Eagle-1 on admission. When we came Chess, with him were two strangers.
Check you gorge? That there is no tail behind?
We checked as much as possible. For now, we have not seen anyone.
Tell Shah, a wait. End connections.
Sanjay, Shah comes from forest What is a sniper?
My guys will see it and... Cut.
Eagle, Bars, give the link chess?
Listening, Bars.
As we see acts sniper. For 15 minutes, get out of the woods,
and on my mark zaležeš, can it?
That is, the bait? Can.
End connections.
Dreams, you go in protivavionaca: if my snipers do not arrive,
means the goal will mark a tracer, a protivavionci will be cut. Good?
Come on!
Listen, Sanjay! Yes?
Your lieutenant Pankratov said, you selected. Why?
No, if the krju not want, do not answer.
Do we have time?
Two minutes.
So generally, I've learned one mind scoundrels, but not by law but by the nose.
It's nothing, so we do it constantly.
And why they sent you here? This is not punitive Company!
Such an order came from one district Company to you, my was the best.
A... mean, sorry you did not office?
Well, thanks!
And why do not you drink vodka?
So I erred once.
Very many have erred. Even the drops I totally...
Well, time will not let us iznenadiš! The fact that you stopped, it is correct.
We need to talk.
Thus, Maratik, take your mom, go the kitchen, wait there.
Come on Marat, rushed into the kitchen!
Stay! Come on, come on!
About me, after all, but the whole area whispers.
And women more than others, right?
Even I do not know, what you, Sasha.
I do not know... There you go, the military friendship!
For friendship!
And of course you are my help Alink about things, when you left me.
And you, Ljudka, will you be shuffled Pankratova, that he drove to the station?
Fool you, Sasha!
Shut up, woman! Your day is the eighth in March.
And you're a fool!
Fool me, Ljudka! A fool, a weakling, drunk man with no future.
Alinka is probably about me Pankratov this essay, while he was driving, put together...
"I went to get married for the future of General Doronin and not the eternal Sasko Četnog!. "
Oh, stop, Sanj! To whom are you angry? On a woman? On Pankratova?
He is worse than women. Hademo the air, but you're all green!
Come on!
People! Please wait...
So your husband is also not general! And most important niikada and will not be!
What the devil is he gave you, eh? Go me!
Chess is ready.
Attention everyone! Chess is on the way!
And, you see a sniper?
I do not see.
Valera! I do not see!
Where are you, bitch?
That's all, can no longer!
Pick up chess!
Come on, come on! Faster! Faster!
Almost, compelled!
Valera, noticed?
In a tree.
Dreams, ready?
I give the exact location!
Real, just, true, old man!
In fact, maybe the aunt.
that's all. I'm going to ignition.
Ruslan, find Hamlet, say, that we now come.
As usual, two.
Boom! I'm a Bear! How do you hear me! Reception!
Bear, I hear you well. Reception!
Report on the situation, stick.
In the woods near the "storm door" I see
scattered groups of militants, the total number not more than one hundred people.
I repeat: the total number is greater than that people. How do you understand me? Reception!
I understand you, stick! Return in the database!
These are Afghans. And even in the squad the misunderstandings belosvetski scum.
I wondered where they went.
Cihan was ordered to check whether Russians at the exit of the gorge.
With them in the squad has three hundred men.
Everything is clear. There will be all more, and everything will be naprasniji.
Krasil'nikov! I!
Take these two! I view the term is not thine!
I understand!
If you start fighting, do not leave them in life.
What is the people, dreams, huh? We lived in harmony!
Why has the world gone mad? We meet embrace, hang out, love!
No, once warfare! Slot machine in hand and trata ta!
We are under Kandogarom fucked spirits as we wanted.
Now they want to fuck us.
We have to let them. You're right, Major, the world is reversed.
Just as we have turned ourselves.
So this way, gentlemen officers! If they break through our screen
and rush through a plateau, that no one will look a little.
Take up the locality, and after try them they cast out of here!
We will get the territory under control militants.
In short, with which we started, there and go.
Guys, here you can tell I'm old fashioned,
but can you explain to me, What is behind this nonsense?
Why is our command do not see a clear picture?
What? You know something I do not know Then, man, we say!
And, why so kipiš, Sanj? You are here our komaandir!
Well, you get in touch with the command, report on the situation...
Enlighten them, right?
Topaz, said bear! Oh, Sanj, should not be tied to anyone!
Topaz, said bear!
Bear, Topaz online.
Listen to me carefully! According to the report avioizviđanja
larger enemy forces in the area passes are not detected.
A small group of maximum 15-20 rifle pipe. How do you understand?
I understand you. Chess is the I brought two zarobnjenika.
He is alive? Well, thank God! Greet him from me!
What prisoners?
From the gang Rashid Khan. Hundred mercenaries. Plus Habiba gang.
Another hundred? And they are not lying?
Relaxed, do not lose heart! I look at you, you will not be alone!
I would like to believe it!
And you believe! And their subordinates satisfied!
Tomorrow at noon you arrive column PMD with ammunition, medicines,
and korigovaocem fire. Otposlaćešby them their prisoners.
And I'll soon pull aviaciju.
Yes! You will certainly be easier! Are you all understand?
Then end the connection.
Aviation, it is of course, well... But what will they see from above?
What is going to bomb? This is the essence!
Listen, do not dim, say what you really think.
I do not mean anything. Only our Command decided to catch a big fish.
And in order to capture, to what? It should be tempted, right?
And instead of bait are we?
And for what are we better or worse? Everything was flawless!
If they told us at least! And they are us cast as a blind kittens!
Well, first, we with you we are not blind, and second, not kittens.
I guarantee to you.
And what do you want? This is my brother, Chechnya! Here, outdoors, on a top kihneš,
and on the other you "cheers", they say.
Well-de. The decision commands are not discussed.
Let's better to name Filimonova. He was a good guy...
And today, you mean, nothing more will not happen?
So I do not mean anything. Being so be it.
Murat, you poured in, or what?
Popi with you.
Just a little.
"Today, in the first half of the day in the building of a hospital
a gang of armed mercenaries carried out the capture of hostages.
According to approximate estimates... "
Comrade Captain! So, what is?
Listen for yourself, not story.
"As noted above, in the building City Hospital is now
a group of mercenaries probably Arab nationality... "
Where is she?
They went for a walk? Today have no control...
They said that in these little changed...
Just not in the hospital! Have you heard, what they do there? Lord!
Fails me! My family is there!
A woman and child!
My family is there!
A beauty! A? Saska?
Come on get up!
Cimaj not be.
Berkut! Berkut!
Online! In our sector the enemy has passed the mine field.
Understood, Berkut!
We opened fire!
In their places!
In close cooperation with PMD No. 605
defend extra point separately from the forest in the gorge.
To do: do not miss the enemy towards Arhangala Džanhele.
Line of fire: right, a lonely tree landmark-3.
Left, hill, landmark-4.
The composition of the first motorized pešadijskee Company of the site!
And the devil!
Berkut, said Topaz! Berkut!
Dreams! Everything started. Notify Bear. And give me my channel connection.
Medved said Topaz!
Medved said Topaz! Topaz online!
Bear, online!
At 5:48 the enemy is brought attempt breakthrough. Power is not defined.
Density of fire is high, leading the fight in the ravine.
Possible by the arrival of the enemy with me.
We have taken measures for the attacks. That's all for now.
I understand that, Topaz! Any changes...
Bars called Koral! Reception! Reception!
Connect with Doe.
How many pipes are counted?
The two squads per hundred.
A little? Against them only companies and a group of Scouts!
Let the hold!
And that they nepredrže!
Listen to me carefully! In this region of a half thousand soldiers
As a minimum, we certainly know, and for that we are ready.
But if we now start primary power, more than half of them escape,
and then again we have to wait, where they will appear again! So to issue the command:
let the boys keep and not to panic.
Is the task clear?
What do you sit?
Koral, reception! Reception!
We are in the fight, did you understand?
Understood. Hold on, how many you can and then departed on a rock.
PMD will cover you! Reception!
Understood! End do!
That's all I'm empty!
Come quickly! Run! Run! Run!
Everything! Let's go! Quick!
Let's go! Drive faster!
Everything is fine!
Hello! So live?
Yes Behold the hero!
Berkut return and we still basking ass!
Listen, Kostjan! A?
Let's ask them? With them we will learn in six months
so much to us in civilian life, no stinker not to shout!
So there alone all bandits fear to keep!
These are ugovorci! What, you want to be a contractor?
So what?
Katya wait!
Oh, listen, and suddenly We almost do not recognize you!
What are you doing here?
I want to go with you! Where?
You know herself!
How do you know?
Katya, I do not understand, with this have secrets from me, huh?
Kostik, go home, sleep. In the morning we'll talk.
No, today and now!
Today and now I have time!
Yes, I know, another two hours!
What do you want?
I want to go with you!
Are you crazy? You do across the you can not you cross through a red light!
With you...
Or go with you or with you nothing at all has to happen!
What do you imagine, a little sucks?
Do you have money? Buy me coffee with the bun, I want to eat.
You see, Kostik, there are people that freedom is not needed.
And there are those who no matter how you give them, they will still be too little.
They are here to win for themselves, in millimeters per inch.
I like to sleep with you; but let's also limited to this, okay?
Go bre!
There is little that the amoeba, another is hysterical!
Kostjan, I remember that, as the sitting and I gave him a cigarette?
Do you know what he said?
They are here for a month receive five hundred dollars.
And they pay for each spirit additional table!
Well here in six months you so that you earn,
Calcutta in my village all the people for the year does not earn!
I bought it on you, Koljan!
Well, I bought. You know, I have no special desire to return to barracks.
What I forgot there? At night on the table dreždim
and I cry like a customer madhouse: "On duty troops, get out!"
They say that they had set Tajmuraza Kostoloma
Rashid Khan and the late Habib.
And they said that there Tajmuraz much more than a thousand people.
Every day we receive new determine, from 20-30 people.
What worked in the gorge?
They say, do not know. Ordered.
Let them water.
Fedor! I!
Bear, I Topaz!
Wash, feed and the Staff group.
But to wash carefully!
Topaz online!
On receipt from you, Topaz!
According to the testimony of new prisoners the gang Tajmuraz Kostoloma
against us in the valley are concentrated determine the total number
about a thousand.
So you, there certainly not panic! Hang on! End connections.
This morning you poranila?
I have a day off.
Relaxed, give him.
Today, no vodka.
How? I do not understand? What does not?
For you there.
And that's all, talk is over.
So, why do I kinjiš? Heaven, what is it?
And you look in the mirror! He was a man, and now...
Will you give me a vodka?
That's all, we have a list. The shop is closed.
Let's go.
Paradise! Normal?
Go, go! Paradise!
More do not you come with us! I will not sell vodka and Raji will not allow!
Who are you here? Why are you here general komanduješ?
Where do you create?
Where needed, I came from there! And in general, why are you with me talk to you?
In my opinion, we still We drank for friendship.
I'll drink with you! Can you at least to buy cigarettes?
Give me money, I'll bring. But the store still will not let.
What do you want?
Stronger domestic.
Domestic support manufacturers. Block bring...
Sun. It's great.
Sun that is good.
Ruslan! Ruslan, I need Hamlet.
Ruslan! Yes, this is urgent!
What does that convey?
Do not move!
Ritaj not be!
Transfer Hamlet, Ophelia came, and all of you brought flowers to the tomb.
Do you understand me?
Understand, fuck! The headquarters of the Shakespeare.
That is power!
Boom! Stick, I'm Bear! How do you hear me? Reception!
Bear, I hear you well. Reception.
Present situation, stick!
In the woods near the "storm door"
I see groups of fighters.
Scattered groups of numbers from 20 to 40 people each.
Do you understand me? Reception.
I understand you, stick! Departed!
Topaz, I'm Bear! How do you hear me? Reception!
I'm Topaz, I hear you well. Reception.
Nothing serious, even in the mountains, even in the forest were identified.
Do you understand me? Reception!
I understand you.
End connections.
End connections.