Keyword Research for YouTube Video Tags

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A primary way people can find your videos on YouTube is by searching for them.
A lot of people don't know this, but YouTube is actually the second largest
search engine
right after Google
and with something like ta bajillion videos uploaded a day, a little keyword
research before making a video
can help keep you out of the zero views club.
It's important to note that people search differently on YouTube than the do on
Well, yeah for example type microwave into Google
and you might get suggestions like potatoes
eggs and microwave ovens
but search for microwave on YouTube
and you'll see when you get suggestions like pizza cake
so as you can see just suggestions to help guide and on the right path
but here's the other ways to uncover video keyword starting with
keyword tool or the whitey katie making a comeback
doesn't matter
awe-struck by entering a keyword like microwave
and click gatekeeper to get ideas of a keyword nature cannot every team label
development like fred nice was sandeep alot unlike awake and just because
something says namath data
doesn't necessarily mean axially
yes ago point you'd you'd probably has the data there has not shown
start again
you can also be keyword ideas from by entering the you are out here
height to be your alot this video of a breaking point
c_c_ connelly grades online looking
dean's beans in my mind man
actually according to the keywords from this video people are calling that plans
not but dancing like
well it's not a great keeper
according to the entertainment
i suppose i am but i do like the words shop at sears
once you have secured ideas thought the search for those keywords on utube
full competitive research va
last week
units not that's me
i'd just like to see who's writing well already and see what kind of language
they're using in their title description tax secret gives me any other keyword
ideas heads na
at least
you can also check out the fiesta tastings a cooking and phil gramm
tickets in the paint
i don't see the sevilla ble four particular video it was probably
disabled by the video upload coming because they can at least
dating me units
nasscom out that's not always true
sometimes probably yes
either way to get the check she received the videos getting traffic from a search
term you haven't font we receive searched playing a role
we've looked at some ways to research keywords before uploading the video but
don't forget about the videotape already uploaded
that's right if you wanna do you feel about you every six you're gonna love
you too analytics
that that's really efforts utube analytics provides information on how
where y who was doing your videos
including what keywords they used to find your videos you'd like to learn
more about you'd you'd analytics
just like this before
you can access analytics from your video manager then drill down to the video you
taking the time here
unidade these report on the left you one of the companies
this will show you how people are finding your video and hopefully you to
search is one of those ways
if you don't see any you can search traffic for your videos
ice just to check out our tutorial on video optimization here to make sure you
have the basics
if you are getting traficant research you can actually clicked on the section
this exact keywords that's gotten views
cities the keywords that people found
one of ideas for
point to look at what keywords are already driving traffic
because they may including keyword ideas you didn't think of before or show you
that your optimization efforts are working to drive morgan's eighty
thousand the keywords you art using issue having to use tags description
guest title and see how impacts the number of using the internet and video
keyword research isn't just for videos
make sure you do channel is optimized with your most valuable keyboards
to learn more about editing your duty channel
technical assistance
into areas tonight sateesh a subscriber chan electrical
the eleven mailto the
what's ur friend did you get
animated feature activity thanks for watching
will see you