Dance Moms Miami - Season 1 Episode 7 - No One Likes a Quitter - Full Episode Recap - Todrick Hall

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TODRICK: What's up, everybody?
It's your boy, Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to another week of Dance
Moms Recap.
I called lots of people.
I called Rihanna I called Katy Perry.
I called Chris Brown.
I called Justin Bieber.
I even called Antoine Dodson.
And the best I could get for a guest this week was my friend,
Scott, who's already been here twice.
So without further ado, welcome back, Scott.
This week at the top of the list was Jessi.
TODRICK: So this week, they're going to Starbound Competition
in San Antonio, Texas.
This week Jessi and Kimmy are doing a duet.
Lucas is doing a solo.
Hannah is doing a solo, and then Sammy only gets to be a
part of the group.
I was so excited that Hannah got a solo because I am just
happy that she's getting a chance to prove herself week
after week that she does deserve to be on the team.
SCOTT: Kind of like me, yeah, from Season 1.
TODRICK: Exactly.
OK, so halfway through learning the dances, Sammy
just has a breakdown because she's upset because she's at
the bottom of the list.
Which I don't think it's fair that she's at bottom of the
list because of something that her mom did.
OK, I'm so glad that you're here actually because I want
to ask you your opinion on this.
TODRICK: OK, so Mayra is Victor's mom, the dance owner.
And she goes and talks to Debbie, who is Hannah's mom,
about Hannah's weight.
Because when you are a dancer, it is a fact that it is
important what you look like.
The studio owners feel that Debbie is accountable for
Hannah's weight, and she's letting her eat
too much junk food.
But Debbie is just like, my child is happy, and I want her
to be happy.
What do you think about that?
And what do you think?
SCOTT: Well, I think that she should start teaching her
habits of eating healthy at a young age.
So that way, she grows up doing that.
I feel like if she is feeding her all this junk food at a
young age, she's getting in the habit and will always want
to eat junk food.
TODRICK: OK, so while the kids are in the room practicing,
the parents decide to like--
I don't know, like have a unified
coming together moment.
SCOTT [SINGING]: Come together right now.
TODRICK: One major thing that happened--
SCOTT: Really super major thing.
TODRICK: Is that Angel announced to everyone that he
would not be going San Antonio, Texas, and that
Victor was going to be the only person there from Stars.
SCOTT: What?
TODRICK: Everyone was freaking out.
Mayra came in and taught a dance class, a ballet class.
And all the kids couldn't take it seriously.
It was really funny because they just weren't expecting
her to actually be good.
But she was kind of actually on it.
She had them doing frappes and frappuccinos.
SCOTT: And macchiatos.
TODRICK: Yes, so anyway we came back.
We go to the competition.
Lucas did a great, amazing job on his dance.
Hannah did a phenomenal job on her dance as well.
Jessi and Kimmy did their duet, but they were doing this
like tilt thing.
And Jessi's hands touched the ground, so I thought they
weren't going to do very well when it came time for awards.
But then it came time for the group number.
And the group number was like--
I wish you could have seen it.
It was the most epic thing.
But it was a really, really good number.
And Sammy was in it, and she was featured even though she
didn't have a solo.
And she was just turning for days.
And it was just like the most epic number that they've had.
And for the first time, you could tell when you're
watching it, and all the parents were like, this is the
reason why we're dancing.
And it doesn't need to be about this drama.
So I'm not going to lie.
It was like one of the only moments that made me tear up.
I was like--
Don't cry out loud.
So any way, it came time for awards.
And I'm going to let you present the awards.
SCOTT: In second place was Hannah.
Go Hannah.
SCOTT: First place, Lucas.
TODRICK: Go Lucas.
SCOTT: Duet, first place.
TODRICK: The duet got first place even though Jessi
touched the ground.
So that let's you know just how fierce they were.
And tell them about the group.
SCOTT: And then the group got tenth place--
first place.
TODRICK: The group got first place, and it was just, like,
such a perfect moment because that number was so good.
Anyway, thank you so much for watching The Recap.
I'm Todrick.
SCOTT: And I'm Scott.
TODRICK AND SCOTT [SINGING]: And you're watching FYI.

SCOTT [SINGING]: Oh, yeah.