[Real 2PM] Mr.Pizza CF making film Part. 3

Uploaded by 2pm on 13.03.2012

Look at this. Chansung hit me and made me like this
Ah, he is really bad, Hwang Chansung
How can you hit your brother like that?
I am really disappointed
Coming in, now he is coming in
Ay, really~
Can’t you see we are playing a conte now?
You are playing childish
This conte is not worth for Harry Porter to show up
He put spit on me
You shouldn’t strangle me
You are so childish
Again and again, I am saying brother, brother
Let’s make the order. I will go like this
It is flying around
It is not dead yet
As expected, lobster,
That is a lie
I have someone to introduce
He is not my style
I will introduce him to you
This way
What is this place?
Please introduce us
What is this place?
It is a Pizza house
It is Wooyeong’s style
He knows how to speak
Ah, it is true?
He really speaks well
Kim Junsu
It is my fault. I didn’t do it
It is my fault
It is my fault
Ok Let’s go
Welcome to Real 2pm.
Everyone, is it real 2pm or re-al 2pm?
Real 2PM. Real
Re-al 2PM, Re-al
It’s real
It is not for eating
No, it is not
We decided to give one more chance to Wooyg
Something funny,
Ah, they really are playing a conte in front of me
They do not know it is the end
Hello, customer, it has been a while
Ah, is there anything to buy? I also have something entrusted to you
Wait, what?
What are you saying, anything to buy, and something entrusted
I will go again
I have something entrusted to you, ah, hello?
I have something hidden in there for the fans
Me, too
I will show you
Come here together
We have prepared this for the hottest
Come here closer
Come in, everyone
I have been preparing this for the hottest for really a long time
I you enter here,
There is a heart for you!
Yes, well done!
Wooyeong played together
You shouldn’t just go. You shall give to the fans
Make it
Hello, it is Zzing-chik
Nickhun found
4, 3, 2, 1, 0
A strong guy
An incredible guy
Everyone, I am really sorry
For you,
We tried to prepare something
Is there Mr. Nickhun?
Mr. Nickhun?
Is there Mr. Nickhun?
Nickhun is not here
I waited to see Nickhun