Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 4 - No One Likes a Bully - Todrick Hall Recap

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Hey, everybody.
This is Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back again to another week of
Dance Moms recap.
This week's episode of Dance Moms was crazy.
OK, first of all, Chloe was at the top of the pyramid for the
first time ever.
Yay, Chloe!
Yay, Chloe.
OK, so Abby surprised everyone at the beginning of the
episode and decided to bring in a new girl, Payton.
She's like eight feet taller than everybody else.
This week, Maddie's doing a solo.
Chloe's doing a solo, obviously.
And then there's a trio, which is Maddie, Chloe-- and instead
of putting in Paige, they decided to put in Kendall.
So in this week's group number, Abby decides to do a
number about bullying.
But she decides to make Nia the bully.
Of course, Holly flips out about it.
And basically, she's like, I don't want my daughter to
portray a bully because she's not a mean person.
What she was really trying to say is, why the black girl
gotta be the bully?
Also, this week, I don't know what was going
on with Abby's voice.
She sounded crazy.
Everybody is going to have to really step it up this week.
It was like she drank a whole keg of helium.
This week was really dramatic just because Leslie came in.
And Leslie is Payton, the new girl's mom.
Leslie started so much drama.
And Leslie is kind of a haus.
Like, she lets everybody know how she feels all the time.
In the end, Payton shot herself in the foot because
she came off the stage and basically said, in front of
all the girls, that she thought she was the best
person of the night on the routine, when she
obviously was not.
I mean, anytime Maddie is a part of the group, you're not
the best person on.
This was not a good week for everybody.
The girls went out there and did some
crazy number in "Oops!
I Did It Again" costumes.
And they looked like prosti-tots.
They didn't even place.
Of course, Maddie brought home the gold.
She is gonna be at the top of the pyramid, where she
belonged anyway.
I really miss the fact that Cathy wasn't in the episode.
But hopefully she and the Candy Apples will
be back next week.
I can't wait to see what happens.
Thank you so much for tuning in.
And you're watching FYI.