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Previously on survivor...
Coming up tonight...
Tinium - day 8
- i have to say it feels really nice and calm now
- i wonder why... - when they'll be back is won't be like this
[itay t] in a normal situation, losing an immunity task creates tention
and uncertainty, this time it is very clear in Tinium that
there's a consensus - we can't see inbal here anymore.
she's going home.
- after we'll be done removing the people we don't like at a personal level
- we'll be able to start playing with strategy
- and the first one going should be Azam
[itay] Azam will vote the way I tell him, I need to make sure Michal will do the same
and we'll be five united to vote Inbal out
- it was clear the 3 of us were together, a friendship turned into alliance
- this alliance has two main values. - yes
- we are a family and we don't screw eachother
- so may i ask to join your strong alliance?
- you may ask, but let's wait a day
- we've been togheter for 10 days, i can't let you into our alliance so quickly
- for now i'm not shaking your hand, we'll wait after we'll send Inbal home.
[michal] in tinium, all the roads leads to the 3some, they'll decide my faith.
i dont like it, you need me, you need my vote
it's only okay for the tribal but not for the alliance? i was hurt.
i didn't come here to be a puppet.
[guy] welcome to the duel. inbal and azam, iris's and harel's 'life' is in your hands.
- have you tried a whip before? - i have
- where azam? - in prison
[azam] i know it well, it was used on my in Egypt
- that brings memories - did it hurt?
- of course, you can't sleep on your back for few days
[iris] a whip can be hurtful or can cause pleasure
- iris how about you? - in my area a whip is used in sadomasochism
[guy] on the stand in front of you there will be a different fruit each time
from large to small. you have to drop the fruit using the whip.
first to drop the fruit gets a point
first to reach 3 points, wins.
the loser will cause the one who selected him to leave the game.
the winner gets a clue to the location of the hidden idol.
- a clue again.... - this time keep it to yourself...
- what's wrong with a clue?
- the last clue causes me a huge problem in the tribe.
- okay, just remember that in your island there is one of those idols.
[inbal] i know that if i don't have immunity, im going in the next tribal.
so, i must have this clue.
[guy] ok, lets begin.
ready? go!
azam first to drop the fruit. 1 point to azam.
[inbal] azam knew the whip from prison, while i've never seen one, i'm whipping with my tongue
- 2nd fruit, pineapple - it's a shame to waste it..
[harel] i felt every whip lash by azam brings me close to victory.
Azam has 2 points.
[iris] azam was using the whip like crazy, like he is trying to kill the pineapple.
- it reminds me stuff - you enjoy it... pay them back...
[azam] first time i hold a whip, and i had some anger to let out.
next fruit, the pomelo. shorter and heavier.
this may be the deciding round, azam leads 2-0.
- inbal, think about all those you "love" ..
azam wins the duel
- i didn't stand a chance, you saw that.
[harel] i knew i can trust azam, not only cause he is strong
but also cause he felt bad about what happened.
- azam you are the winner, you gave Harel the chance to return to the game.
- can I have some pineapple...?
- here is another clue, use it wisely.
- iris, you proved to be a real survivor
- but for you, the game is over.
[iris] i was disappointed to leave the game, i wanted to get to know more people.
when people came to my island, we could get to know eachother. it's over.
inbal and azam, you're going back to tinium. i'll see you in the personal immunity task.
harel, you are going back to hope island.
this pineapple can help your stay there sweeter
- can I take some food? -how is it on your tribe...?
- no, sorry moshe, this is the day Michal wasn't eating...
- did you add 'victory pride' to the food? - of course...
- moshe, when we're done, make sure to clean everything...
[moshe] i feel that Itay is exaggerating, he jokes but,
my family watching at home may be bothered by it
i play along, but it made me feel a little angry.
- we're glad you're here, but we have an hierarchy
- you're now my bitch.. - why? - cause i like it.
[moshe] itays goes on and on, i don't want to say anything
cause it may hurt our relationship, i hope we'll find a balance, stop it a bit.
- didn't you bring any food? - we had some pineapple
[inbal] azam and I returned from the duel, and now it's time to start working
michal is here, and the game had opened up.
tinium - night 8
- until today i was certain i was going home
- but now you've changed everything - why me? i'm not cut out for this
- it's up to you, you're also in danger.
- we have itay, ana and anat, a strong alliance
i'll vote itay out, you and azam should do the same
we need the immunity idol and we need to get the immunity necklace
[michal] since itay wasn't too welcoming to me, I undersood
that Inbal's idea wasn't a bad one.
- so, I'm with you. - yes.
[inbal] michal understood, she is with me. now i have to 'lock' azam in.
we must break those three if we want to make it far.
- azam wake up, lets go look for the idol
[inbal] azam was hurt by the other tribe members, i don't think he trusts them.
- morning... -"up the road, after the well"
- could be this road or that one. - if i'll find it, i'm giving it to you.
[azam] inbal gave me her word that if she finds the idol she gives it to me.
she proved i can trust her, so i'm willing to trust her.
tinium - day 9
[inbal] azam and I tried hard, but the jungle wasn't our friend, we didn't find it.
but, its important that i talk him into joining michal and myself.
- i know what you went through, and you are a real fighter
- i'm also a fighter. now the tribe is clearly divided .
- if it stays like that, it's me going first, you next. we'll meet at hope island..
- i'm saying we can change the game. michal agreed to join us
- now its is all up to you. - i want itay to go home first.
- hmm, ill see what... - just remember what ive said. - okay.
[inbal] azam, michal and me, this is going to be an alliance.
(a minute of the least funny "banter" ever) (great time for a toilet break...)
- I got to ask you something, why are we so distant, we suppose to be friends?
- you can't say everyday "lets be friends" and "it doesn't work"
- it's just important to me that we'll be close.
- up to now you've been secured with Buki and michal
- i just want to interact with you some more - why? cause you lost michal?
- one reason is cause of michal, but also cause i've tried it from day one.
- you lost me in some places along the way
- and for me there is no turning back
- i can not be your friend - what did i do to "lose you"?
- don't laugh at my face.. - oh never mind
- i knew you wont be able to take criticism, this is how kids act
- so, i'm a little girl... - don't talk back to me.
[yulia] i didn't expect such a harsh reaction from Natalie
she stabs me in the back? she doesn't listen?
how did i end up in this situation?
- you came to talk, so listen to what i have to say
- i came to talk about all sort of stuff, not to listen to criticism
[natalie] I've stopped contacting people i knew longer than i know her
cause i've lost trust with them, so i don't see a point to try here
- you woke up and felt we are distant cause you lost michal?
- no, we are distant every morning
- if im not crying it doesn't mean im not hurt by you
- everyday i try to get closer to you natalie
- now stay out of it, im talking to him - don't talk to me this way
- i'll talk to you however I like - here come out the thug in you
- girls, enough. - i knew you'll be like this before I knew you
- yeah, your instincts are amazing, i'm happy for you...
[oshri] girls its a very cute thing... but if you'll do an experiment
take 2 girls, mix up and leave for a while, it creates an explosion...
- we are all puppets in natalie's game - you are an actress...
- yeah, im an actress on stage, on movies, on TV and I'm a great actress
- because im sensitive, I undertand people, unlike you.
- i applaud you yulia... you're the best... - thank you very much.
- you have the face of the good girl, with the nice smile and lovely eyes,
- but it doesn't work on me. - why? cause i'm telling the truth?
- our friendship is over.
[yulia] i understood that she wanted to make me the smaller person
but i didn't let her do it. i'm not going to be natalie's punching bag.
- i'm with her! but give me a hug... - go to her.
- if this is what the game brings out of me, vote me out.
- yulia, can I come over? yulia?
[buki] im very upset. I see yulia, which i feel like her father,
i see how natalie "beats" her and humiliate her
i'm her shoulder, i support her emotionally.
e-mail... island mail: "be strong , be brave"
"to look, to identify without touching" "use your experience or guess"
"many types and many brands" "you have to know where they belong"
"not everything coming from the sea" "is always nice and tasty"
- yack, this is going to be gross...
- im not eating anything i don't know ts name and its taste
[inbal] the mail was bad news for me, no way i can get the necklace in this type of task
- im done, today im going home - why, you won't eat? - correct.
- she wants to survive more than anyone. - all this acting, she ruins the game for me
- she keep reminding me im in a game -shhh, she'll hear you - i don't care.
[itay t] i cant stand this type of talking, this meddling in anything,
trying to control every conversation. we all united to get Inbal out.
- i'll try my hardest today - i'll even eat a terrorist's kidney...
[azam] since we want to change the game, itay must not win.
[anat] we can't have inbal win immunity again, she must go.
[guy] welcome to the personal immunity challenge.
- inbal, how are you this morning? - everything is cool
- everything is quiet? - yes, but i can't reveal everything here, can i?
- you won the last time, are you ready today?
- like i'm in any task, i want to win, i need to win
[ana] at this point in the game, winning immunity means not
allowing the wrong person winning the necklace.
- this necklace is worth fighting for, the one who wins is safe at tribal.
- each one has a large bowl with fish in various sizes
- barracuda, tuna and squid
first to move the first, by type, from the large bowl to the 3 small bowls
wins immunity.
one more thing, your hands will be tied behind your back, so you must use your mouth.
[anat] gross, gross, gross...
- i can't even do it with my hands...
[ana] when you prepared for cockroaches, seeing a fish makes you feel so good...
coming up...
- it smells...
[michal] the squids were the most disgusting thing is the bowl.
- all its intestines were out...
- Anat, you like the fish? - I want to bury myself in the sand here...
[guy] ready? go!
- what's wrong inbal? - i can't do it.
[inbal] physically, mentally, i couldn't perform this task.
[ana] you can't do nothing and watch others play the game. why are you here?
[michal] it can't be that one time your hands go numb, the next time you find it gross
[itay] either she wants to go home, or maybe it's a move to trick us
- azam in the lead - 10 squids, 8 barracudas and 6 tuna fish is the goal.
[itay] the smell made me want to puke...
- why are you laughing...?
[inbal] i enjoyed seeing them struggle...
- inbal, take example form Anat, it's hard for her but she is doing it.
- i am not talking an example from anyone here.
[anat] there is no doubt. she is next to go.
- azam in the lead over turgi and ana
[inbal to azam] you're in the lead, take some squids at once
- everything is still open
- azam has 4 squids left - turgi close 2nd
[azam] i keep hoping turgi won't win, i want him gone.
[guy] we have a winner! Turgi (itay t)
[azam] i only had one left.
turgi, you're the winner the immunity necklace is yours
turgi, this tuna is for you...
- inbal, you decided to quit the task - i know it can cost me, but i couldn't do it.
- i have a 'gag instinct', maybe my most developed instinct.
- tinium, i'll see you tonight.
[itay] i was happy coming back from the task with the necklace and the fish..
no matter what, we're going to eat fish, the only question is in which style to prepare it...
- it will take me forever to cut it - you want me to try?
- how you'll try if you can't even touch it...
- there's a difference between this and the mouth, do it yourself darling...
[ana] inbal annoys me so much that i'm willing to shot her...
- very strange how inbal acts, sitting out today, she may have the hidden idol.
- she wants to stay, no way she'll give up like this
- she would have eaten live snakes if it would keep her in the game
- even if it took me to the final i wouldn't have done it.
- dont believe you - so, what do you think?
- i think you have the idol - fine.
[inbal] itay alllowed himself to tell me those things to my face, as if i care... come on...
- i'm letting you know, i'm done with this tribe, i'm sorry i didn't do it earlier.
- me too.... - i'm sure you're too.
- it ruins the game for everyone - why should i stay if it sucks for me here?
- so go already, it's my dream for you to leave!
- good. i swear to you , i do not have the idol, so today your dream will come true.
- if you don't have it, than it will. - fine, lets eat now and enjoy my last hours here.
[inbal] itay T is a disgusting person. it's dog eat dog, and itay is a sh**y dog...
so I may use some ugly moves i've learned from politicians, and itay will be shocked.
- so you clear how you vote today? - i don't know the people well enough yet
- you undersrand that us not having your vote puts you in alot of danger?
[michal] yesterday he wouldn't shake my hand and welcome me to their alliance
but now he wants my vote.
- i'm not going to tribal with an uncertainty, if we don't have your vote,
- we may vote you out.
- well, of course i'll vote her out if the other option is you all voting against me...
- okay - so we all voting Inbal. - done.
[azam] itay, ana and anat think I'm with them 100% and also that michal is with them
- what was decided is 'signed' and this what will be.
[azam] they don't see that me, michal and inbal are preparing a surprise for them.
- we've decided, it's final. - i don't have the idol, so quiet...
- when you spoke over there i heard everything. - i know you've heard.
- good. we are voting for Ana, if there's a tie we'll have a challenge.
- you going to win any challenge Guy would give you. - sure.
- we can't let itay feel that he is the president, I've also had enough with him.
[azam] i won't be a 'spare' here, and won't be lead by a child.
he has something i don't like, his behavior, i don't know.
- he was too arrogant, he doesn't realize that others see him like i do
- i just want this game to turn over.
- michal, we voting Ana. - is this 100%?
- i swear on my grandkid. - i give my word, i don't swear.
- we'll get them one after the other...
coming up...
- good evening tinium, 2nd time in a row at tribal.
- this is day 9, and the game keep getting harder
- last tribal you were optimistic and spoke about a clean slate...
- ana, why are you smiling? - i gave it a try, i thought maybe i've misread inbal
- and i should give her a chance, but inbal let everyone know she doesn't want to be here
- that she suffers here, she doesn't compete in tasks, which is not sportsmanlike.
- so, i dont think there is a reason to help her and let her stay.
[guy] inbal,what do you think about this? - the number advantage in tinium,
- didn't leave me a choice but to either sit and wait for them to vote me out or
to join to break an existing alliance, which i didn't want.
- turgi, what do you think? - i had enough with inbal.
- other people are doing everything to come over the hard time here...
- i didn't make them talking about inbal, they are the ones rehashing it
- they are paranoid about how im playing or not playing the game.
- this is how I play, i don't owe them a report. same way they spend their time
creating an alliance. great, it is a game and hat off to them for leaving me no choice.
- we used the ideals and morality of the other tribe mates, not the numbers
- only the numbers - this is the wrong way of looking at it.
-michal, as a guest, how do you see what's going on in the tribe?
- i saw a strong 3 people alliance, and next to them another 2 strong, dominant people.
- one of them is hunted and another that is neither here not there
- I have a tendency to go with the weaker minority
- the majority already have power, they are three, they call the shots
-anat, does the tribe has a totalitarian regime? - i think it is a democracy, majority decides.
- in this case there is a tyranny by the majority
[guy] is that true? inbal says it's a tyranny. - so Inbal says... I can't discuss Inbal anymore...
- she's two faced and untrustworthy. I don't believe a word she is saying.
- everyone will make their own decisions. - stop talking like we're in the parliament...
- in the first day he says how laid back and cool he is and than started yelling at Harel for making alliances
- and you're "clean" you're no playing - i didn't make an alliance, i made friends.
- i have "enlightened values" - yeah, right. - yeah, i've made friends and didn't.
- there's a reason for that, it is not race, gender or religion, the reason is what type of person are you.
- the fact is you are not in the group and we are. and it's easy to call us 'alliance' or "tyrants" or "power",
- which power, we are the nicest people here. - that's the reason why...
- "power"... look at how you keep interrupting, look at the way you talk.
- ... the reason why the more i knew people the more i liked dogs.
- Azam, you also felt this tyranny?
- sadly, i'm now talking to itay, ana and anat, only after moshe left to the other tribe,
- it hurt me personally, first time im saying that, hurt me that i was a the "4th spare tire".
- 5th... - if not the 5th, youre right. I'd like to be first or second.
- him feeling at the bottom doesn't mean he was at the side bottom.
- azam, up until 3-4 days ago, was secured in the game as far as our 3 person alliance.
- he was clearly with us, cause we love and respect him.
- we didn't even want to "soil" him with strategy talk. ive just asked him to prepare coconuts...
- that is it mr. itay, i'm not 'coconuts man', im a man of strategy and power.
- so the moment we let him in... - i'm not here just to open coconuts and feed you and her and her...
- fine, enough already... i also open coconuts.. and you are not the strongest in challanges..
- so far I've beaten you in all the tasks... so i dont need you for challenges or for coconuts..
- so who can be trusted? only mr itay? only you the supreme commander?
- ive only done good, i didn't hurt anyone. raise your hand if i've hurt you...
- did we hurt you? - let me finish, have respect.
- of course you've hurt me. i am still hurt. i know why you were scared
- cause i don't have an alliance with you, and not with inbal...
- what does it have to do with respect?
- you were againts me, after i've trusted you. - I was never against you, i was sure you were with me.
- i thought we were tight together. i give you nothing but respect.
- ask anyone, i didn't say a single bad word about you, only good.
- ive said you have a big heart, that you are an honest man, a good person. if that's not respect i don't know what is.
- i dont respect my father as much as i respect you
- maybe you can't see it from within, but you treated Azam and me as unwanted.
- what inbal just said is total BS ,and she's also going to azam and telling him that so he'll turn against us.
- why are you fighting now? the last 3 days you've done nothing and now you fight for azam, for you place...
- i fight... - hold on, let me talk now.
- 3 days all we could hear is "please let me go" - maybe that is my strategy, Ana?
- wow, amazing... inbal only show up in tribal where she takes all the space.
- I'm taking space? sure, maybe i'm the biggest ego here, and the strongest person here
- and the smartest and most intelligent... - you didn't hear what i've said.. but please...
- i sat aside, let all those egos fill the camp. - if that is your strategy, it's even worse
- it is like someone playing backgammon and as soon as he's about to lose, he turns over the board so the game won't count.
- its annoys you? - it does. - so be annoyed... - fine...
- this is her attitude all the time. - i sometimes play and sometimes don't, it's my choice.
- itay, ana and anat have no say in it. they make their own decisions, so do i.
- i'm playing a solo game, you don't have to understand. - so she is saying it is all strategy.
- this is what ive said, her strategy of turning-over the backgammon board, is a sh**y strategy.
- Anat, im going to be evicted today, but being married to a soccer player, i know it is not over until the final whistle.
- come on, lets vote
- okay, i tend to listen to inbal. Itay do you want to give up your necklace?
- no, i'll keep it. - quick answer... i thought about it earlier...
- tinium, a lot was said, time to vote. itay you are first.
[ana votes inbal] i have nothing to say to you
[azam votes ana]
[michal] as you've said, it is a game, and i don't want to be the next one to go.
- you've done voting, lets read the results.
- if anyone has the hidden idol, this is the time to use it.
once i've read the votes the decision is final, the person with most votes will have to leave the island.
first vote, inbal.
Inbal. 2 votes inbal
inbal. 3 votes inbal
Ana. 3 votes inbal 1 ana
ana. 3 votes inbal, 2 ana
in case of a tie, we'll do a fire-starting challenge.
the fourth evictee of survivor vip...
... still unknown.
3 votes inbal, 3 votes ana.
fire represent life in this game and every survivor must know how to start a fire
before you are flint and wood. the first one to burn the rope and rip it stays in the game.
goodluck. go!
- inbal has fire
- ana still trying
- inbal fire is off
- what am i doing wrong...
- inbal got fire again
- it cant be it won't start
- inbal fire is out again
- ana finally has fire
- inbal, the 'hair' below and twigs above
- inbal in the lead
- how do you keep the fire?
- tell me how instead of being mad at me
- ana has a strong fire now
- inbal can't start the fire again
- both flames are burning intensely
coming up...
- Ana the first to burn the rope, and stays in the game.
- justice!
- that is not called strategy, it is called lying.
- respect everybody's way, like you want you way to be respected.
- great, great, what should have happened, did happen.
- ana are those tears of happiness or from the fire? - both.
- i was insulted. mainly by azam. - how did i insult you?
- i wouldn't do it to him. - how did i insult you, personally?
- you voted against her
- cause when i came to her and told her i want an alliance, she tells me she cant commit...
- I don't do such things, that is why i was insulted. that's all.
- ive' told anyone we have values in our alliance, we do not lie, when we shake on something, it is final.
- the three of you disrespected me. - you talk about respect all the time, you shook my hand...
- we do not do such things - it's not fair
- you want to lead everyone? - fine, azam, fine
- okay, enough, enough - you formed a strong 3some, well done...
- if you feel good about yourself... - i came out great..
- i want to say something, it's a game, the better player won the duel. Each one has their own way
- azam was not in my alliance, he was with you, but when michal came in the game, he read the situation
and tried to change the game.... - but azam...
- be quiet. - don't tell me to be quiet
- this is not tinium tribe... be quiet Ana - lets go...
- quiet! - don't shush me... - i do tell you to be quiet...
- ana, leave it, its not for your level... - finish talking and move on
- the person behind me is the most respected and honoured man i knew in the game
- there is one rule the humanity, since its creation, stuck by:
"kill or be killed" (act in self defense)
- inbal, take your torch and come to me
- half the tribe had spoken... and the fire duel decided.
you are going to hope island.
- tinium, a strong competitor was eliminated, who may have not said the last word.
- you should hope, she won't be back for revenge.
take your torches, good night.
next wednesday on survivor...
We tried, it didn't work. I'm disappointed with my tribemates.
- Us, the ones who played the game as clean as possible, came out 'dirty'
- i'm arriving to hope island in order to continue playing the game and win the money.
- the sky is the limit.
(Ana, Itay and Anat voted Inbal, Azam ,Inbal and Michal voted Ana)