Top 100 - Things MW3 Players Say

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 31.10.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So this week I decided to make Top 100 Things Modern Warfare 3 Players Say.
Black Ops 2 is coming out soon and I thought this would be the perfect time to release
this video.
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Top 100 Things Modern Warfare 3 Players Say.
1) What are you, like twelve years old?
2) Is this guy really using the Riot Shield right now?
3) This lag is ridiculous though!
4) I feel like these graphics haven’t changed at all.
5) What type of spawn was that?
6) How do you go 2-27?
7) Were you just running into death?
8) How did I miss him? What the?
9) Boy, I am a beast with the MP-7. Ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts ts.
Silent death.
10) Man, this host has Wal-Mart connection.
11) Yes man, I am black. OK, I may not sound black. That doesn’t mean I’m not black.
12) I don’t have to prove myself to you. I don’t even know why I’m talking to you.
13) Mission is the best map.
14) I like Hardhat too. Hardhat is up there.
15) You guys suck. No, I’m being dead serious, you guys suck.
16) Mission, Hardhat, and Dome: those are my top 3.
17) DAHECK? I’m not going to accept your friend request you’re twelve years old and
you just went -14.
18) Quickscoping is for noobs.
19) Panic Knife.
20) Someone get my Care Package.
21) Battlefield sucks. What are you talking about?
22) Don’t get the Care Package. That’s my Care Package!
23) Go to the A base. I’m over here by myself.
24) Get DAHECK out of my way!
25) Stop rubbing up against me!
26) How DAHECK do they have an Osprey Gunner? We just started!
27) If you’re so good then 1 v 1 me.
28) Oh! Oh yeah! Mhmm. Come here. Take a seat sir. Please, please take a seat.
29) I am playing with amateurs right now. You guys are scrubs.
30) I bet all you do is play Team Deathmatch. Let me look this up. Mhmm.
31) Who DAHECK uses heartbeat sensors?
32) Somebody shoot down the helicopter!
33) I was one kill away!
34) So no one is going to shoot down the helicopter? No one is going to shoot down the helicopter?
35) Y’all need to lighten up a little bit. It’s just a game.
36) I’m not hacking you. You just suck.
37) Pfff. He rage quit.
38) Where is he sniping from?
39) Mom! Mom! Can you make me a sandwich please?
40) Come on! Mom!
41) Dang, new map pack already?
42) I just got good on the last maps.
43) This man knifed me from 50 feet away!
44) There are so many glitches in this game.
45) If I’m looking this way, you can’t be looking the same way.
46) What’s wrong with you? Have you played this game before?
47) Nobody die. I got a Pave Low on the way.
48) I need some batteries. Mom! Mom where are the batteries at? Mom. Mom!
49) What are you doing running out in the open like that? I just said nobody die.
50) It doesn’t matter how many kills you had last round. We’re playing Capture the
51) Why would you lie down in front of a doorway?
52) Why would you open that? You think they are going to intentionally throw a Care Package
right next to our whole team?
53) Did you guys seriously just up vote Downturn over Dome?
54) Y’all don’t have any common sense.
55) Look at my k-d. Look at my k-d.
56) My little sister was playing last round and not me. Did you know that? You let my
little sister kill you four times.
57) You’re not even good. All you did was camp the whole game.
58) How’s that even fun? How do you even live with yourself?
59) What DAHECK are you guys doing? Can you kill someone?
60) Are these guys really using a lag switch?
61) You can’t kill me and stay in the exact same place and not expect me to find you.
62) Hey guys, be careful. They got a guy running around with a shotgun. It’s golden too,
that’s how you know he’s a noob.
63) You need some more friends…one would be a start.
64) I shot him like twenty-seven times. Are you serious?
65) You are not a grown man. You’re like twelve years old. I bet you still live at
home with your parents. Is that her calling you?
66) Tell her I said hi. No, for real…I’m not playing. Tell her I said hi.
67) Hey mom. Hey mom. I’m busy right now; I’m going to have to call you back later,
OK? I’m just doing something…some homework and some stuff.
68) Man they got this guy using Akimbo FMGs. Why don’t you use a real gun.
69) Oh yeah, well I quickscoped your mom last night.
70) Why would you just take my kill like that? I was one kill away!
71) How did he not see me?
72) No scope headshot. Bam!
73) Last kill! Look at the kill cam. It’s so glorious…watch. Wait for it.
74) I hate Dead Man’s Hand.
75) Are you a girl or a guy? Be for real. I don’t know…I don’t know…that’s
why I’m asking. I don’t know!
76) Don’t run from your destiny.
77) If you’re on my team next round…just hide.
78) Noob.
79) Can you guys hear me? Can you…hello? You can hear me?
80) Man, you shut up!
81) This is my sixth time I got killed by a random grenade.
82) The Call of Duty servers are down? What DAHECK? Not again.
83) This game is garbage. Halo is definitely better…said no one ever.
84) Ok. I got something for this. I got something for this. Quickdraw! Mhmm, try to shoot me
first again. I bet it won’t happen! I…OK…so OK…so…OK. I didn’t see you that time.
85) What is wrong with this controller? It has to be the controller cause I know I shot
this man dead in his chest 47 times consecutively.
86) Aww HECK NO! There is no way he shot me first!
87) I have assassin. Can you not come near me please?
88) Type 95 is so overpowered in this game!
89) Of course I’m going to camp. I have a sniper!
90) Muted.
91) Auto-aim always messes me up!
92) Man, this game sucks!
93) They need to put Nuke Town in this game.
94) U Mad Bro?
95) I just prestiged, of course I’m going to suck.
96) This lag compensation was the worst idea ever.
97) Mom, I cannot pause this mom!
98) My bad guys.
99) Why’d they even bring back quickscoping?
100) Forget this game man! I can’t wait til Black Ops 2 comes out!
You can’t find the remote.
Twitter is over capacity.
Ran out of toilet paper.
You have nothing to eat at your house.
Your neighbor blocker their Wi-Fi. Ran out of milk. Really?
I’m a grown man.