ASL Tour of the NAD Conference Hotel

Uploaded by NADvlogs on 02.06.2010

Hello! We are here at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Philadelphia, PA. This hotel will
serve as the site for the upcoming 50th Biennial NAD Conference this summer, July 6 to July 10.
I'm getting excited! But first, I have to register.
You know that the NAD Conference will be held here this summer?
I'm impressed with the open deaf-space layout within the hotel. It's amazing!
I can't wait to enter my room with Marriott's awesome bed, pillows, towels, soap, and shower! They have everything!
Whoa! The bed is really soft!!
This bathroom is really nice as well - it has a huge shower head!
Now I'm curious what else the hotel has to offer! A pool? Gym?
Think positive! If I work out during the conference, I'll become ripped!
Now I'm sweating hard! I'm going for a dip in the pool.
The pool feels great! With the hot weather outside, the pool is refreshing!
Come join me!
As I've toured this hotel, I picture the upcoming NAD Conference to be
full of deaf people chatting and having great discussions!
Here on the fourth floor, everything is easily accessed!
There will be an exhibit hall, showcasing various booths and many workshops , meetings, and presenters!
If we go upstairs, we can see the Grand Ballroom where we can see the
Welcome and Closing Ceremonies, Miss Deaf America Finals, as well as the College Bowl!
That was an amazing view! There's a huge wall of glass dividing the hotel from busy downtown Philadelphia!
Here on the 5th floor, the Grand Ballroom will be host to many exciting events! Come see!
This is the biggest room in the whole hotel, with plenty of seating!
But as you can see, it's empty! We're waiting for you!
What a busy day, and I just arrived! Imagine what one week during the NAD Conference will be like!
Right now, I'm sitting at the Circ, a bar in the middle of the lobby. Right near me is the restaurant, '13'
and they serve a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And across from me is a Starbucks!
But wait! If you tire of the food and drink here, no worries!
There is a place just outside the hotel, the Reading Terminal Market
famous in Philadelphia with 80+ different restaurants and vendors!
I think I'm in the mood to go there now! See you there!
That ice cream was delicious! I'm sitting at Bassett, famous for their ice cream and milkshakes
Reading Terminal is awesome! Not only that but there's a metro station outside serving all of downtown Philadelphia!
Plus you can walk to many attractions here such as Independence Hall, Old City, Betsy Ross House, and Liberty Bell
The list goes on! Come see the city for yourself! See you soon!